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Top ten qualities that a woman expects from a man: A deep analysis of what women like in man?

Updated on June 14, 2012

Although it is a very well known fact that to understand a woman’s heart is like finding a pearl in the ocean but still there are certain tiny things which creeps in their heart in the form of expectations from their prince charming. No two women in this world can be similar but still there are certain qualities which every woman expects from her Mr. Perfect. The biggest difference between a male and female gender is that men always express their expectations but the same is not true for the ladies. You have to go deep inside their heart to understand what she expects from you?

Although I am a male but have the fortune to interact with lots of ladies and after a thorough research I have concluded following qualities which every woman wants in her male counterpart. The best thing is that these expectations are not as high as men think. Most of them are based on the pillars of emotions. So if you are a male and still confused about what your princess wants from you then you don’t have to worry as this hub is written just for you.

Honesty is the very first quality that a woman wants in men

I have placed honesty at number first position as it was the first quality every woman told from whom I asked. Always remember that women are very emotional creatures and they can tolerate everything except a lie. Most of the time men lie to a women in order to not to hurt her feelings. But trust me women always know the answer they just want to hear the true answer from you and that’s too in clear and loud tone.

Most of the guys complain that their ladies have a spy on them and checks their messages or mailbox. But have you ever tried to identify the cause behind this? I am sure none of us but the simplest reason behind this is that they don’t trust you. The reason behind this is that in past you had broken her trust with a lie. Always remember to be honest with your female partner and soon you will get the desired respect from her.

Always be protective and caring for your princess

With be protective I don’t mean that women can’t do it by their own, but it’s the “feeling safe in the arms of prince charming” which make them feel special. Just try to make her feel that you are always there in every situation with her and see how it works like a magic?

Along with protective you also have to go a one more step further. Just mix the tea spoon of caring in the coffee of protection and see how your romance will go for that extra mile? You don’t have to pluck the stars for your princess on the name of caring but it’s the small minute things which a girl expects from their men and which can really do wonders in your relation. I think helping her in the household works, switching of the lights when your girl is in big dreams or making a morning coffee for your lady is not a big deal in lieu of tons of love from the heart of your loving lady.

Deep voice with a thoughtful nature is the trait which a woman dies for

A deep baritone is the synonym for the masculinity in the women’s dictionary. Although quality of voice is lot depends on the genes but still it’s the soft pitched voice which is not like by most of women. It is a very well known fact that a deep voice always comes from a thoughtful heart. Here I am not asking you to be a philosopher but whatever you say must reflect that you have pondered your deep thoughts on the topic. Your woman can hear a man continuously such men without break if they have deep thoughts which are presented in a deep voice.

In simple words, you just have to outplay her thoughts with your own and you will see the growing respect in her eyes for you.

Romantic not essentially rich is the quality which a woman seeks in a man

To become a prince charming of your lady you have to bring out your romantic side from your heart in front of her. It’s the notion in the mind of the most of the men that girls chase materialistic men but in reality, just opposite the case. Women always seek a man who is romantic from his heart. Just bring a bouquet of flower for your lady on some odd day and you will yourself find the authentication of this statement. Women have a heart of wax which gets melted very easily with small affection and love.

Just spread the aroma of romance everywhere around your lady and you will find that she will get attracted towards you like a magnet. Always remember that it’s the jewelry of love which a woman loves to wear than the materialistic one.

Intelligence is the must have trait required in men by women

If you ask me the sexiest organ in the male for women then my answer will be simply the brain. God has created women with an ability to think more from their heart so they always expects that their male counterpart should have an intelligent mind to compliment them. Women always want their men smarter than themselves. They just want to be feel reassured that their men always there to show them right path with an intelligent guidance.

Being intelligent is the key to open the lock of the gate of heart of all the women.

Posses a great sense of humor to win the heart of your lady

Women always want that their men should have the ability to light up their moods in the tensed situations. Being emotional creatures women always get upset with little things and at these times they need the support of their male counterparts. Being serious at such situations can really make a big negative impact on the heart of your ladies.

Women love their smile most as it completes their feminine nature so more you will make them smile more close she will come to you. But be cautious to be original as artificial or juvenile jokes can really make the situation worst. So always be original in exposing humorous side of your personality.

It’s the punctuality which attracts most of the women

Women always hate to wait so if you have a habit of being late then better to change before situation goes out of control. Always being on time gives them a feeling that you really do care for them and make them feel special. Late guys are always considered juvenile by women and least attracted.

Just be with her every time at right and see how time will bring her more close to you. The simple rule for this is that “respect the time and she will respect you”.

Treat her like a friend first to become a lover

Women always seek a best friend in their male counterparts. It’s a well known saying that to win a women’s heart you have to be her best buddy first. Women always want to share their every minute thing with their men and to hear those things first you have to be her best friend on whom she can trust like a friend.

If you can’t be her best buddy then trust me you are really taking wrong dreams of having that lady. Always make her feel that you are always there holding her hands to share her feelings and to help her in every situation and surely she will fall in love with you once again.

Women always get attracted to a well mannered man

Funky dressing sense or rock star hairstyle can make school girls die for you but not the real ladies. Women always want a well dressed man who is soft spoken with no abusive language and in short who really behaves like a man. Being a well mannered person ensures then them that they will not feel embarrassed in public with you and can assuredly take you home to meet with her parents.

Just put a little effort on your dressing style and way of behaving in the public and definitely it will pay you high returns from your lady.

Loyalty is always desired by your lady in the relation

Trust me; nothing can hurt a woman except of feeling being cheated. It’s the commitment or loyality which is always desired in a man. Being fully committed to your partner always keeps the fire of love ignited in your princess. A flirt type of man is what woman hates most in this world. It makes them feeling insulted to be with such guys. Loyalty and commitment strengthens the pillar of trust in the heart of your loving princess.

Always remember that women always have a very soft heart inside them and it’s the responsibility of a man to keep it safe with shower of love and care. It’s this soft heart which dictates most of their deeds. So, once you reach this soft and lovely heart with above said qualities then it will not be too difficult to have your princess in your life.

I would like to hear from you also what else can be included in the above list of qualities that a woman can expect from a man. Feel free to jot down your comments I will feel elated to communicate with your thoughts.


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    • amanthkr01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aman Thakur 

      7 years ago from India

      Hello Marsprofane8,

      You very rightly mentioned the desirable qualities in a man. I do also agree that these qualities are indispensable for a healthy relationship.

      Thanks for standing by and rating this hub as awesome.

    • Marsprofane8 profile image


      7 years ago from Abuja

      The most important qualities to me are respect, love, kindness, understanding, friendship, spontaneous and adventurous. As long as he has these qualities, he can dress like The joker for all I care. Awesome hub!

    • amanthkr01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aman Thakur 

      7 years ago from India

      Hello miccheme,

      Man and women in this world in such a way that they do compliment each other most of the times. No one can deny the protection and care that you women offer to us. In this hub I was just tried to figure out that women also do have some expectations from their men in lieu of their unconditional love. Thanks for standing by and giving your valuable views.

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      7 years ago

      Women are much the same. We will treat our men like kings. Protecting them every step of the way.


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