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Touch Someone

Updated on February 25, 2011

Planting Seeds of Happy

Everything that we do is a seed that is being planted. Every act and deed that we perform in our lives is an opportunity to plant seed in the ground for a future harvest. The question you should ask yourself is "What kind of seed do I want to plant?"

It's simple really, plant happy you get happy. Plant sad, you get sad. Plant mean you get.....ok ok you get it right? I know I do too. So here is what is the most important thing to remember in life. Each and every last one of us was born for a purpose. We all have a destiny and the one thing you must remember is that in one way or another we are all connected to each other.

Even though you may not be the person that discovers the cure for cancer, you may the be very person that touches the life of a person who follows their destiny to find the cure because of something you did. My goodness doesn't that change the way you look at life? It should make you think that in your mind everything you do, everything you say and think affects everyone around you.

We are not islands living alone we are all connected by invisible strings called relationships that we build over years or for a brief second. We cannot be selfish in this life because of this connection that we have to everything and everyone. Our responsibility is to make sure that we are pure in our actions and unselfishly giving to others whose lives we cross.

This can be done with just a smile or a kind word. We don't have to always be rude and self centered in everything we do. Now what this doesn't mean is giving so much of ourselves that we lose who we really are. What this means is learning the balance of the wire that can either make you a slave to your kindness and planting those seeds of happy or a motivator who comes in to do their job and leave instructions for the student.

How To Touch

So here comes the fun part. Right now I would like to show you how to touch people and influence others. It is simple really and doesn't take much effort on our part to make happen or do.

There will be plenty of opportunity out there as you go about your daily lives. For instance you may find someone who lives in your own house who may need a hug, a smile or word of encouragement. That's planting what I like to call a seed of happy. You may find that when you go to get your coffee or even at work you will find someone who just needs to hear "Good morning, how are you?"

If you are very intuitive you will catch what people are saying on a deeper level during conversation or an email. This may be the time to speak a kind word or offer to help someone out of a situation especially when you know what it will take. Showing them the way out and guiding them through their situation. Notice that you are not carrying them, only showing them their options.

You can let someone know you were thinking of them, offer a smile, offer kind words and random acts of kindness. Think of how great that feels to just keep doing good right where you are. In turn you will find that people will be willing to do the same for you and even to others.

In the end we all win with the act of making sure that we touch someone. The connection becomes and infectious and really we all end up winning.


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    • Wrlddiva profile image

      Ya Gurl Paulette 6 years ago

      Thank you so much. Hope you have been inspired.


    • profile image

      David99999 6 years ago

      Awesome hub!