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Toxic People

Updated on October 10, 2015

I have one or two toxic friends, and I sometimes wonder why i put up with them. Is it because I have gotten used to them, and maybe don't feel that I can do any better.

Do we put up with toxic friends because we understand we have some toxic ways of our own, and almost all of us have something toxic about us, if we are honest with ourselves. It may be the little white lies we tell or the little tricks we play to get out of situations. Maybe we even ask too many questions, and some of the questions may be considered inane, silly, or insane...

Do we stay in toxic relations because of perceived benefits, i.e. companionship, sex, or comfort things like electricity, water, and food? What have been your own personal relationships with toxic people? Did they push you to the brim, and maybe even to an emotional outburst? Did they force you to go more inward?

Would love to hear what people have learned about toxic people in their lives?


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    • bluesradio profile image

      Marc Lee 2 years ago from Durham, NC

      Yes the mind and Heart are often at war with each other when it comes to Toxic People, or just people in general...

    • Pathway22 profile image

      Kealah 2 years ago from Maryland

      I defiantly agree with previous comments. Outside of work normally these type of people seem to dwindle out of our lives. I can understand your attachment to them though because sometime we still care about a person or were so used to having them in our lives. They key to that is also trying to find some solace alone. No one should live a lonely life void of friends but the more comfortable we become with ourselves the more dispensable others can be. Almost like " Your not here because I need you but because I want you." On that same fence mind and emotions work differently. You mind can say no and your heart yes because of the attachment.

    • bluesradio profile image

      Marc Lee 2 years ago from Durham, NC

      Yes,Toxic people often get us when we are at our weakest..Maybe, we have been in a previous bad situation, but I agree that as we get older, their appeal wears even thinner on a regular basis...

    • letstalkabouteduc profile image

      McKenna Meyers 2 years ago from Bend, OR

      Toxic people were fascinating to me when I was younger. I was attracted to them because I was weak, and they were attracted to me because I was weak. As I got older, however, I found them destructive and draining. Several were narcissists who just needed someone to listen. It didn't matter if it was me, just anyone with ears would do.

    • bluesradio profile image

      Marc Lee 2 years ago from Durham, NC

      Yes, it is even harder to deal with at work, since often these are the people who are the ones that handle your check and your livelihood.....At least in relationships, you can let them go...

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 2 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I cannot talk about toxic people in relationships outside the workplace, but I've had words with people who think they should have their way simply because I'm primarily involved in service. Service has its limits, too, and I have made that point so that departments don't think that anything goes. I've also been involved in toxic work situations where I keep a low profile because I've had supervisors say how little they thought of my work. I also had one boss who repeatedly threaten to fire me because he believed every negative remark any customer ever said about me. Thankfully, I've had better superiors lately, and see the kind of worker I am. Everyone has toxic relationships which must be persevered in some way or another. Each situation requires a different answer.