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Traditional wedding jewellery in India

Updated on August 14, 2011

India is a country with different states and religions. Every state has its own culture and tradition. If we see, we'll find a lot of difference in their traditions. Marriage is a ceremony which everybody loves to see. In Indian marriages, we can see colourful designer and traditional sarees, sparkling jewellery, good food and many more. There are many rituals in these marriages. wedding jewellery is one of the important section in bridal makeup. In this hub, I will show you pictures of some wedding jewellery.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

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Traditional Gujarathi Bride

Kerala Bride

Rajasthani Bride

Telugu Bride

Tamil Nadu Bride

Bengali Bride

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures !


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    • mickaa2001 profile image

      mickaa2001 6 years ago from currently milton fl

      The Brides are beautiful.So much color and jewelry. thank you for the hub and the insight into your culture. vote up