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Traits Men Hate in Women.

Updated on February 9, 2016

The Guys Have A Point

I want to first say that I love being a woman. I could just as easily write an article on the qualities and attributes of women, but that will have to wait. And I will definitely have to write an article on the annoying habits of boys too. Don't worry, they'll get theirs!

Anyway, I asked a few guys what they disliked most about women and these were the answers I got. I'm going to go ahead and throw my hands up and admit to being guilty to most of these. I'm really going to try and stop though, because the guys are right! These things are totally annoying!

Read My Mind!

I think all the guys would agree on this being number one. And girls, don't deny it! We often say the opposite of what we're feeling and expect our man to just know! Even over text when he can't see our face and mood. When we say that we're "fine", but we're really crying and ripping up pictures, we expect him to just know!

We could save a lot of conflicted time if we just cut to the chase, said what we were feeling, and got to working it out. But, instead we mope around and feel sorry for ourselves when he goes ahead and goes out with his friends and thinks we're truly "fine." This usually is build up to a much bigger fight later. A fight in which our line is "You should have known I was upset!"

We often expect men to read our minds about everything. What restaurant we want to go to when we say we don't care, what movie we want to watch when we tell him to pick, and even read our minds on when we want to be physical or not. Let's just say what we mean and mean what we say. That sounds like a better idea if we really want to be understood. Honest communication is key in every kind of relationship.

Scary Nail Claws!

I was disturbed to find out that there are a lot of things us women do to be attractive and in reality men actually hate it. This might not be across the board, but most of the guys I know agreed. Long nails are just plain scary. Yes, they used the word "scary".

Tell Me I'm Ugly!...And Then I'll Slap You.

Yes, this is a biggie. I don't even know why we do this. Guys hate, Hate, HATE, when women point out their flaws and say things like, " You can be honest with me. Does this blouse make me look fat?" or " I'm not as pretty as Selena Gomez and you know it!" We corner them and set them up to fail. If they're honest and that top isn't flattering, then we're hurt. If he smiles and says we look great in it, we're immediately like, LIAR!

Now You See Me...Now You Don't.

Hey, I love makeup! I have a long committed relationship with red lipstick. Makeup is great, but we shouldn't always overdo it. Many guys expressed that they love seeing their girl natural sometimes or with minimal makeup. Usually a little foundation, mascara, and lip-gloss is enough to keep you looking vibrant and awake, yet still fairly natural. Wearing eye shadow or eye-liner immediately makes you look done up.

Just Be You.

Ultimately, nobody is perfect. There's always room for improvement, but don't get to down on yourself. And hey, if rocking lots of makeup and long nails make you happy, then go for it!....just don't say I didn't warn you when the boys scream and run! ;)


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