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The Scorn of Jodi Arias

Updated on October 3, 2016
Travis Alexander
Travis Alexander

Narrative of a Crime: Love and Hate of a Fem Fatal

A young woman at the age of 26, Jodi Arias, met a successful man in Las Vegas, Nevada, Travis Alexander, in September of 2006. Travis was three years older and although they both were single, Jodi was in a relationship for four years.

Travis enjoyed dating and being flirtatious in a lighthearted manner, but at that time he was nearing the age of thirty and began to view dating more seriously. He was dating with the hope of finding a compatible woman to share his life and start a family.

A co-worker gave Jodi promotional materials about a company that sold legal insurance named Prepaid Legal. It was a company magazine and a CD. She viewed the materials a month or two later and decided she was interested. She went online and signed up as a member associate with a regional manager. Jodi attended her first meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the latter part of September, 2006.

After the meeting, Travis Alexander introduced himself to Jodi and they walked about and struck up a good rapport. Travis was a director executive in the company and also a motivational speaker who was very adept at helping new associates get started in the business. After several hours and an exchange of phone numbers, they went their separate ways..

A Rough Childhood

Travis and his brothers and sisters experienced difficult times during the early years of growing up. Their basic needs were not attended to well because their parents had drug addictions. After his paternal grandparents eventually caught on to how bleak their home lives were, they had Travis and his siblings move in to live with them.

Their lives took a drastic turn for the better. They attended Mormon services along with their grandparents and became members of the church. A church located in Mesa, Arizona appealed to Travis and at about the age of 25, he moved to Mesa, bought a home and was elected into the priesthood of the Mormon church.


Travis worked from home and when he wasn't traveling for business, he enjoyed having people over for events and socializing. Jodi visited him in his hometown and became a member of his church shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. She decided to be baptized into the Mormon faith by Travis and he helped teach her about the beliefs and precepts.

He had a book about 1,000 places to visit before you die which he planned to experience as part of his goals in life. She also enjoyed traveling and was an aspiring photographer. Jodi took photos of various sights they visited including Mormon temples and Prepaid Legal events.

A Breakup

Jodi and her boyfriend were together for four years and shared a home and expenses in Yreka, California. Each paid $1,000 for the mortgage every month and half the utility costs. She claims to have broken up with her boyfriend, Darryl, shortly after returning from the PPL event. She said she wanted children and that after four years, he wasn't ready to remarry nor have another child.

Although they continued to share living expenses, the newly converted Jodi claims she began sleeping in another bedroom of their home with intentions of saving herself for marriage. Mormons from her new church stopped by for bible studies and to review the precepts with her.

In the Spring of that year, Jodi undewent surgery for breasts enhancement.

Jodi's House Lapsed into Foreclosure

Darryl was much older than she and he also had a son who was five at the time. He and the mother of his son shared joint custody. When she relocated to a distant town, he too would soon have to move in order to continue to see his son on a regular basis.

Darryl was moved by mid-December and made his half of the payments for only several more months, while Jodi had begun to come up short on her half. Expenses for his new home plus half of the mortgage on the house in Yreka was not within his budget. Jodi may have wanted to sell the house, but the real estate market was hitting an all time low, and renting to room mates didn't work out.

Preoccupied with new interests, her jobs fell by the wayside. Jodi got in a bind and needed to move. The Ventanna Inn hired her back as a server for the Spring and Summer of 2007. Fortunately, the resort offers cabins for the employees to live in. To her dismay, she wasn't able to keep up with the mortgage payments and the house fell into foreclosure in May 2007.

How Jodi Met Darryl

The Ventanna Inn is where she and Darryl met in 2002 shortly after an ex-boyfriend broke up with her. She said she wanted to move out of the town they lived in for a change of scenery and fewer reminders of the relationship. She got hired on as a server at the resort by Darryl who was the hiring manager that interviewed her. The cabins were full, but they allowed employees to put up tents on the campgrounds.

Her ex was also in need of work and soon followed. They shared a tent as friends, but it wasn't long before they parted ways again. Jodi and Darryl began to date, and after three years in to the relationship, bought a house together. They shared the house for a little over a year before he had to relocate to live closer to his son.

A Budding Romance

Travis and Jodi were communicating on a daily basis. She visited him in Mesa, they met at halfway points and there was a time he surprised her at the house she shared with Darryl while in route elsewhere. She attended various business events held by PPL, and her and Travis called and texted back and forth to a sum of over 80,000 throughout the next year and a half.

The two were in an exclusive relationship for a duration of five months that began on February 2nd. Travis had a full life furthering his business, attending church and activities, keeping up his home and traveling. Jodi was compiling portfolios for her photography and art businesses and worked in restaurants. She had difficulty keeping jobs for very long and her businesses were in no way flourishing.

Not a Match Made in Heaven

Still involved with PPL services, Jodi won a trip to New York in June and invited Travis. While together on the trip, she snooped in his phone. Although Travis is known for being both humorous and a bit flirtatious, she jumped to the conclusion he was seeing other women.

She suspected he was seeing others and claims she broke up by phone shortly after she returned to the Ventanna Inn after the trip. This was around the time Travis won a free cruise for two to Cancun through PPL services scheduled for the following year, June 10, 2008.

By the end of June, Travis and Jodi had been a distant couple for five months. Travis had not yet proposed nor invited her to reside in his home in Mesa. He decided they were not compatible enough for marriage and chose instead to break up. It was said by friends of his that she used emotional blackmail by threatening to end her life if they did not get back together.

She was well aware Travis was dating with marriage in mind. They still communicated and she knew her seductive powers would be more effective in person. Jodi has a way with words and can turn on the charm in an instant. She also has a knack for portraying herself as the prey while behaving as the predator.

Jodi Moved to Mesa

With the house she and Darryl were buying lapsing into foreclosure, it would soon begin to reflect badly on her credit history. By the end of July, she found a place to live in Mesa with a co-associate of Prepaid Legal. The lady was engaged and was soon to marry, so Jodi understood that the living arrangement was temporary. The plan was to find employment, work on legal insurance sales and find another place as soon as possible.

Travis was not happy with the thought of Jodi moving to the town he resided in and did all he could to change her mind. She claims he told her about church events and all the people she would meet if she moved there, making it seem like a good idea. However, it may have been several months earlier that he told her about all the great things in Mesa, before they broke up.

Jodi had a car and brought belongings from her house with her to Mesa. She got a storage unit in Yreka and Travis offered his garage to store the boxes she brought. With her ten years experience as a server, she was soon hired by a restaurant.

A Suspicious Nature

A co-worker reported that Jodi spent a lot of time texting Travis while working. Jodi has a curious and very suspicious nature in that she expected to know where he was and what he was doing at all times. Having to accept rejection is difficult for many, but she has a very low tolerance for it. She may be severely lacking in the emotional capacity to cope without doing harm in some way.

Travis Met a Young Lady

Travis began dating a young lady, Lisa, who attended the same church as he. She testified they started seeing each other around July but she wasn't ready to settle down as she was much younger than he. She and Travis were a couple off and on for seven months, and with Jodi in the mist of it, trouble was always brewing.

Tires Slashed

There were two occasions when Travis's tires got slashed while he was at Lisa's. He stayed over that night as they both were quite startled. After new tires were installed the next day, it happened again. One evening while he and Lisa were together at his house, her tires were slashed. Shortly afterward, Lisa received a threatening email signed by John Doe telling her to stop her sinful ways.

On several occasions when they were together at Travis', Jodi let herself in unannounced and intruded on their privacy. Antics such as these were beginning to wear on his nerves and this was just the beginning. He didn't know how to effectively respond to her intrusive and over-bearing behavior.

A New Place

Jodi found a room to rent that just so happened to be located only seven minutes from Travis's house. She still had him emotionally blackmailed into thinking she may do herself in if they didn't get back together and kept acting as if they were dating. She also began attempts to assassinate his good character behind his back.

A Peek and a Glimpse

During a period when she was seeking employment, Jodi said she had to call Travis because she needed to stop by to get her social security card she had stored in a box there. It is likely, however, that she did not call him nor need to get her social security card.

She went to his house, walked to the door in the back where she sometimes entered and found that the door was locked. Peering in through the door window, and with only the TV as background lighting, she noticed a man and woman embracing.

The two caught glimpse of a shadow walking around outdoors. As Travis looked out to see who it was, he saw Jodi scurrying to her car and driving away.

Lisa Parted Ways

Jodi and Travis took a couple of trips together, as friends only, during the time Travis and Lisa were dating. Needless to say, this did not help matters for him in the love department. The occasional outings with Jodi resulted in Lisa breaking up for the final time in late February, 2008.

A Wild Imagination

Jodi claims she and Travis were quarreling on Sunday evening, the 27th of January 2008. She said it led to a fight in which he kicked at her and broke the ring finger on her left hand. Travis had never been known as one who was physically aggressive toward anyone. She never went to a doctor nor supplied proof with an x-ray.

She further elaborated on the account saying how apologetic he was and that he put a splint on the finger she claims he broke. There was no entry in her diary for several days except for one. Jodi wrote, "There is nothing noteworthy to write about."

Business as Usual

Early in March, Travis began dating another young lady he met at the singles group held on Monday evenings at his church. A yearly event in Oklahoma City for Prepaid Legal is held about this same time. Jodi wanted to attend the trip but since she was low on funds, Travis paid her way.

According to Jodi, the trip was the start of them making an attempt to rekindle their relationship. Travis, however, did not see it that way. Her part of the expenses were to be paid back to Travis. At this point in time, the two were nothing more than friends, or perhaps friends with benefits.

Travis taught associates how to sell Prepaid Legal services and was a motivational speaker at meetings and events. He also taught the Mormon faith. They visited the Mormon temple and a few other sights along the way.

Family Home Evenings

Travis was dating women in search of a compatible wife and Jodi was dating as well. The church has gatherings Monday nights for singles that are grouped by age. This is where he met Lisa and the lady he recently began to date, Mimi. Members who aren't married by the age of 31 would soon have to transfer to the older age group. Travis was 30 as of July 28, 2007.

Jodi claims she and Travis were opening up to each other in discussion one day in early April. He had his laptop and showed her a photo of Mimi. She claims he told her that he thought Mimi may be the one for him to marry.

Too Close for Comfort

Because of Jodi's temperament, the situation between them was wreaking havoc on Travis' nerves. Not only did she live near his home, she also cleaned his house twice a week to add to her income. Travis agreed to pay her $12.50 an hour for a total of $200 a month. There were times she would clean then fall asleep at his house.

On numerous times, he arrived home to find her there without having gotten permission first. This was another issue that sparked arguments between them. While at Travis', she read from his personal journals from which some pages were torn out. Jodi also somehow obtained passwords to his accounts, knew the code number to let herself in from the garage, and even knew the pin number to his bank account. Although she assured him she understood they were no more than friends, her behaviors were proving otherwise.

Jodi Returned to Yreka

Toward the end of March, Travis had a talk with Jodi mentioning how they would both be happier living further apart. When she testified, she said it was her who had the talk with Travis about her decision to return to Yreka. She claimed they were in his car at the time when he got upset and struck her on the side of her neck. She also said they had a mutual agreement that her moving back to California would be best for both.

Jodi's mother arrived by plane to assist her with the move. Jodi still claimed the only reason she stayed in Mesa for as long as she did was the lack of funds to move. She and her mother got in a heated argument, so her mother left her in Mesa and returned home.

Jodi had difficulty making the payments on her vehicle and it could be repossessed at any time. While Travis had thoughts of selling his BMW, her credit history reflected a foreclosure. They agreed she would buy it paying him $100 a month.

In the first week of April, Jodi made the first attempt to leave Mesa towing the BMW behind a U-haul. It was left in gear, and as she drove away, the car screeched against the pavement. She didn't get very far before realizing she had to turn around and return to Travis'. She dropped off the BMW and stayed over another night. On the following day, Jodi again left to return to her home town of Yreka in California and claimed they argued before she left.

A Distant Affair

Travis posted a blog entry that month stating that the year was going to be the best year of his life. He planned to earn more and learn, travel, serve, love, give and be more than all the other years of his life combined. While at a nightclub during one of his travels, he was feeling lonely and found himself reflecting on some of the good experiences they shared together.

Throughout the rest of April and May, they continued to call, text and email. They knew one another for a year and a half and June 29, 2008 would mark one year since the official breakup of their relationship that lasted for five months.

Rude Intrusions

Is there no end to Jodi's curiosity, stubbornness and suspicions? She hacked into Travis' email and social media pages, she was able to retrieve his phone text messages and a friend of his said she also hacked into Travis' bank account. According to how she tells it, they exchanged passwords and Travis also gave her the pin number to his bank account, which is highly unlikely.

Travis grew weary of her mixed messages and mixed bag of tricks. When she lived in Mesa she had a habit of intruding in his home without his knowledge, even entered through the doggy door when the doors were locked. Jodi stayed in Mesa through the first week of April since she stayed another week after her mother returned home without her.

This latest development of the relationship seemed to change her perspective toward Travis. The week may have provided her an opportunity to not only snoop while in his home, but to also steal from him. Travis had a diamond ring and a few journals that came up missing.

Beneath the Surface

Travis wanted his life back on track and in accordance to his faith. For the most part, Jodi responded in agreement, as if she accepted and understood his decision, but did she really take it all that lightly? Accepting failure and rejection does not come easy for Jodi.

She gave Travis the impression she was glad to be back in her home town and how much more relaxed she feels. As she was settling in to a routine back in Yreka, it appears that frustration and anger may be simmering just beneath the surface.

Her behavior in Mesa was similar to that of a stubborn and destructive loose cannon in the dark. Her reactions to his personal life and decisions were acted out from behind his back. Jodi can slash his tires one moment, and in the next, she's charming the birds from the trees.

Phone Calls Recorded

Although their communications were not as frequent, they continued to call and text. Jodi secretly recorded their conversation on May 10th after luring him in to a demeaning sexual conversation. Her intention for the recording is questionable and one can only presume or speculate. She may have planned to interfere in his dating life with hopes of destroying the relationships. Perhaps taint his image with his church affiliations, maybe even have the bishop listen to the recordings.

Last Blog Entries

She posted her last entry to her blog on May 10th about having an ever-present yearning that pulsed within to be fulfilled. Where she got that is anyone's guess since not much of anything she says is original. She has a need to integrate, to be recognized and she hates rejection. She may also have written it to get under his skin; to hit a nerve. He sent her a text that same day upset with her for having denied him his right to privacy countless times.

Travis posted his last blog entry on May 18th about adjusting his priorities, dating with marriage in mind and how that type of dating is difficult for him.

Outraged by Jodi

Travis knew he needed to be more discerning about who he dated and who he got involved with. Jodi intruded in his home, stole a diamond ring, stole a journal and pages from another journal, stalked him, slashed his tires two or three times, ruined the transmission on his BMW, which was or wasn't by accident, seduced him time and again, habitually called in the middle of the night, ruined his new relationships, read and hacked into his email and bank accounts, read his text messages, and told lies.

Travis sent Jodi a text on May 26 telling her he never met anyone who ruined his life so much. She said something very negative about Travis to one of his friends and he wanted her to tell him what it was that she said. If she didn't tell him, he would tell her family and friends about the antics she had pulled on him.

Among numerous derogatory terms, Travis also referred to her as a psychopathic sociopath and that she was evil. He said he never wanted to see her again and for her to stay out of his life.

What did Jodi think of the text message from Travis?

A Burglary

On May 28th, two days after Travis sent Jodi a phone text that extended to an instant message or PM over the internet full of criticisms and name-calling, her grandparent's house, where she was living at the time, was burglarized. The only things missing were a .25 caliber hand gun, a DVD player and she claimed 30 dollars from her bedroom was missing. The thief was never found and there was not any suspects.

Road Trip to Utah

Jodi called her ex-boyfriend, Darryl, to borrow gas cans for her road trip to Mesa. She claimed in her testimony she did not say she was going to Mesa, that she told Darryl she was going to Utah. Darryl testified she told him she was going to Mesa and also to Utah to attend Prepaid Legal meetings on June 4th and 5th.

She testified she wanted to conserve on the cost of gas by filling the cans in Nevada or Utah where gas was cheaper, however, she filled them in Pasadena, California.

I suppose she was able to take five days off from a job she had been at for less than a month. Jodi was attending a business event with a Prepaid Legal associate, Ryan, who was also a prospective new boyfriend. Along the way she planned to visit historical sights and take photos for her portfolio.

She considered the road trip as business, but returned home without any photos of the historical sights from which she testified was an important purpose of the trip. She also missed the event held on June 4th and, therefore, participated in only half of the business presentation. She arrived in Utah twelve hours later than her planned time of arrival.

Car Rental

Jodi's brother drove her to the Airport in Redding where she called ahead to rent a car for her trip. It was June 2nd at eight in the morning. She elected not to drive her car for the trip because she said it was in need of expensive repairs. She didn't want the red car the clerk had ready for her. She wanted a color that was less noticeable by officers. He had a white Ford Focus that was more acceptable to her liking.

The clerk inquired whether she wanted a GPS. According to her testimony she easily gets lost, it was clear Jodi was not interested in a GPS for this trip.She declined claiming it was due to the added expense. He asked where she planned to drive the rental, locally or out of town. She lied and said it was for local use only.

She and her brother returned to Yreka and stayed a few hours at their older half sister's house. Jodi was up all night and slept a while before leaving on her trip.

Hair Salon

Now in the rental car, she drove to Darryl's to pick up two gas cans, then to her birth town of Salinas in California. She went to a salon where she said she had her nails done, however, her hair color mysteriously changed from blond to auburn at that same time. It was proven by a photo she took of herself in her car at the parking lot at Walmart.

Gas Cans and a Remote Control

After her salon visit to have her hair died, Jodi made a stop at Walmart. The receipt obtained by the prosecutor, showed facial wash, sun screen and a gas can adding to the two cans she got from Darryl, her ex-ex-boyfriend. She then drove back to Darryl's to return a remote control she accidentally drove off with....(Might the remote have something to do with the stolen DVD player of her grandparents from the burglary?).. or was it the garage door opener? She said she couldn't remember.

Off to Utah or is it Mesa

Jodi went to visit an old boyfriend from her past and they met at Santa Cruz. She stayed the night at his home and left the next morning, June 3rd. She may now be driving with upside down license plates.

While in route, she pulled over to sleep, put gas in the car, called Ryan who she is visiting in Utah, ate and called Travis a few times. She claims it was at the end of the day when she decided to swing by to see Travis in Mesa. According to her, Travis said he would wait up for her.

Surprise Visit or Expected

Travis was extremely upset with her on May 26 as he expressed in a message to her. It is very doubtful he would have wanted her anywhere near him so soon afterward. They spoke a couple of times late on June 3rd and he knew she was on her way to Utah, but he may not have been aware Jodi was on her way to his house. I don't recall evidence showing proof that Travis knew she altered her course to visit him in Mesa. She said she got to Travis' at 4:00 in the morning on June 4th.

Upside Down License Plate

Skipping ahead to June 5th; while in Utah she got pulled over for upside down plates. The officer inquired as to why they were not right side up and she explained it away with a reply that one of her friends played a joke on her. This was the first time the decades-long officer ever came across a vehicle with upside down plates and did not give her a ticket. The incident is known only because she got pulled over after she met up with Ryan in Utah while following him to the presentation. Ryan testified about it during court proceedings.

Jodi offered an explanation of how her license plates may have gotten turned upside down. While walking back to her car from Starbucks, she noticed skaters who had been kneeling near her car and skated away. She got in and drove in reverse and noticed a reflection on something in front of her. She stopped and got out to see what it was and it happened to be a license plate similar to hers with bugs on it and everything. She thought it may be hers so she threw it in the car.

That is her explanation of why she drove without a front license plate and why the back plate was on upside down. It was the shenanigans of screwdriver toting skate boarders who must have had nothing better to do with their time.

Trip to Cancun

Travis won a free trip for two to Cancun of which Jodi's name was given but not confirmed to be put on the 2nd ticket. A couple of weeks before the trip, Travis had Mimi's name put on the 2nd ticket. She decided she would go as long as it was understood they were together as friends only and had separate cabins.

Mimi and Travis met at the Monday night group event at church and started dating at the beginning of March. They were scheduled to leave for the trip on Tuesday, June 10th along with several other couples.

Turned Off Her Phone

Jodi claimed to have misplaced her phone charger. Shortly before entering Arizona, she turned off her phone. According to her, she turned it off for the purpose of conserving on the battery in case of an emergency. She left it off until she was near Utah, and out of Arizona, early the next morning. That is when she claims to have finally found the charger under the passenger seat.

Sneaky in Mesa

Jodi claimed that Travis was waiting up for her in his downstairs office watching a humorous video on the computer. She said she crept in and surprised him. Computer forensics noted that the last activity on the computer was twelve hours earlier. That implies that Travis was not waiting up for her in the office as Jodi said he was.

According to her, their plan was to take nude photos of each other with a camera Travis got for the trip to Cancun and then delete them. Any videos taken were on her camera since neither of them knew how to use the video feature on the new one.

Photos Of Travis

She said she was tired and they went to bed. She woke up at one in the afternoon and said Travis woke up twenty minutes later. They had sex. Oh,... but before that, she said he brushed his teeth. They took pictures with his new camera that his roommate, a waiter and photographer, helped him pick out. The only time she saw it before June 4th was on his My Space page.

They got something to eat, he had oatmeal and she a banana. She took a shower and got dressed. He was probably under the impression she was leaving and it is possible she gave him that impression. One can only speculate.

In the Shower

While Travis was taking a leisurely shower, Jodi appeared in the bathroom to take photos of him. It remains questionable whether or not he agreed for her to take the photos. His bathroom was located in a very private niche down a hall within his bedroom on the upper level. After a few poses, Jodi had Travis sit down in the shower stall while she knelt a few feet away. He looked into the camera with an expression of mixed anger and fear.

Suddenly the camera angled upward taking a picture of the ceiling. It is presumed that this was when Jodi began attacking Travis with a knife. Where she suddenly came up with a knife remains a question. The camera fell to the floor as he fought against the attack. He made it to the sink where she continued to attack him at his upper back and to the back and side of his head.

Travis fell to flee from his assailant trying to make it down the hallway. He was losing blood fast becoming weaker by the second all the while being struck by the point of a knife a total of 28 times. The camera ended up in the hall facing upside down. When her foot knocked against it, it took a picture of her foot and the pants she was wearing. All of the photos were date and time-stamped.

The front side of his hands showed defense wounds from having gotten jabbed trying to defend himself. Her attack on Travis lasted for two minutes and Travis became deceased. Jodi drug his body back to the shower stall where after shooting him in the forehead, she rinsed him off. The water continued to run flowing down the hall washing away much of her DNA. She then took another photo.

The Stolen Gun

She brought the stolen gun that was her grandparents to Travis'. What gun she used was neither proven nor found, it is based on consequential evidence. Since she is one who likes to see her projects through to completion, along with a tendency to overdo, she seemed unable to refrain from using it to shoot him.

It appeared he already bled out before receiving the bullet wound over his right eye which lodged in his left cheek. That implies he was shot after she got him back to the shower already deceased. She more than likely held the gun in her left hand when she shot it. The shell landed on the floor on top of a pool of blood in front of the sink that is nearest to the door. The bullet shell setting on top of blood gives another clue that the gun was used last.

The Clean Up

After deleting all the photos, Jodi turned off the water and gathered up a towel and a few other things she threw in the washer and ran a cycle. Whether intentionally or not, the camera went into the washer along with the laundry and bleach. Her things were probably already in the car, so she needed only to bag a few items. It was nearing six in the evening and there was no spare time for Jodi to dally around. A roommate of Travis's could arrive home after work at any moment.

Travis' dog was penned inside his gate at the foot of the stairway. A roommate said he noticed the banister was damp as if someone had recently cleaned it. After a few days of not seeing Travis around the house, his roommates assumed he must have left on the trip to Mexico.

Was Evidence Found at the Scene

The camera contained evidence that proved Jodi was there. She must have been in a complete whirlwind deciding how to complete tasks and what to do before she left to never return again. She may have intended to take the camera with her and destroy, hide, bury, keep, or somehow ditch it in some way. The workings of the camera were new to her and may have required a bit of time to view and delete each photo one by one.

She may have had the camera in hand along with the laundry and forgot while loading the washer allowing it to drop in with the clothes and sheets. When the police found it in the washer, it still had the memory stick. Perhaps directly before leaving, she scurried about for the camera and had no idea where it was. In that case, she had no choice other than leave without it.

Maybe Jodi thought the washer cycle would completely destroy it making it impossible to retrieve any photos. Prior to 2008 that may have been true, however, technical forensics was able to obtain many of the photos complete with date and time stamps.

Another possible scenario is since the camera had a significant amount of blood splattered on it, she was anxious to get the blood washed off. The washer was by the exit door to the garage. She may have meant to retrieve it after it went through a bleach cycle when she was on her way out.

With so much on her mind and anxious to leave before the room mates came in, she might have forgotten it all together. If it occurred to her later, she could not return to Travis's and take the chance of being seen. It may have been an important detail she accidentally overlooked and left behind. Then again, leaving the camera behind could have been intentional, we can only speculate.

Hand Print and Hair

She is inclined to overlook important details. Jodi left her hand print with her blood on the wall of the hallway mixed with Travis's blood. A fresh hair set in his blood that still had the follicle attached with her DNA was another detail of evidence she left at the scene. The follicle attached to the hair proved it hadn't been there since April.

Staging the Scene

As soon as Jodi was out of Arizona her cell phone was recharged. She contacted Ryan to let him know she was running late because she got lost and would be there by 11am which would be June 5th. She called Travis's cell phone to leave a message acting as normal as ever to cover for her guilt. This act is referred to as staging the scene to give the impression she was no where near there at the time of the crime.

An Alibi

Ryan and the Prepaid Legal presentation in Utah served the purpose of her having an alibi. The gas cans served the purpose of her not having to stop for gas while in Arizona. She claimed her intentions for the gas cans was to save money on the price of gas by filling them in Nevada and Utah. However, she filled them in Pasadena, California where the price for gas was expensive.

When staying within a conservative budget one generally does not have their nails manicured at a salon. It is unlikely the salon keeps receipts for five years and therefore it could not be proven she had her hair died instead of a manicure.

The car rental clerk on June 2nd testified to the fact that her hair color was blond when she went in for the rental earlier that same day. Her hair color was brown in the picture she took shortly after her salon visit while in the parking lot at Walmart in Salinas.

Jodi's New Gun

Jodi left Travis Alexander dead in the shower stall of his bathroom and went about her business behaving as if nothing out of the ordinary happened during her trip. She was a day late returning the car rental, and returned to her job.

She bought a 9mm within two weeks of returning from her road trip to Utah. The reason she gave for buying a 9mm was because she was going camping with people from her job of whom she didn't know very well. On the day of her arrest, July 9th, she had it hidden in a car she newly rented.

The Search for Travis

The trip to Cancun was nearing and Travis's friends had been unable to reach him by phone. It was unusual for him to not return calls. After the Monday night gathering at church on June 9th, Mimi and a few others went to his house to check on him. They were scheduled to leave for Cancun the next day and he had not contacted her, or anyone else, for almost a week.

A light was on in a room upstairs and cars were parked in the driveway, but the doors were locked. One of them called a friend of Travis's to get the pass code to unlock the entrance door from the garage. They entered and slowly looked about and everything seemed in order except for a slight odor of something foul.

Although Travis's dog, Napoleon, has a doggy door, it was assumed the odor was from the dog. Upon finding Travis' bedroom doors were locked, a room mate came out of his room to see who was there.


They told him they were checking on Travis as they hadn't heard from him for almost a week. The room mate assumed he had already left on the cruise trip. He got the key to open the bedroom door and he and another went in to look around. The odor was stronger in Travis' bedroom and when they got to the bathroom, they found Travis.

Mimi, the woman who was to leave the next day for Cancun with Travis, called 911. The operator asked if they knew of any enemies he may have had, Mimi mentioned Jodi Arias straight away. Travis had told Mimi that Jodi was stalking him for months. He also told another friend of his that if he ended up dead, it would be Jodi that did it.

Drama, Pretense and Deception

After Jodi was called by a couple of people about his death, she called the detective and inquired about it while acting innocent and concerned. She also asked if they knew what weapon was used. This question almost implies she may have hid either the knife, or gun or both on the premises that evening before she left and had a concern they may have found them.

While on the stand, Jodi gave a couple of stories on what she did with the weapons. One was that she put the knife in his dishwasher before she ran out. She testifies to have been in a mental fog to explain why she doesn't remember much of the crime. She's simply not telling.

The mental fog is part of her and her attorney's defense strategy of claiming she had killed him in self defense. She said when she dropped the camera while taking photos of him in the shower, he then came after her. The reasoning implies that dropping a person's new camera is cause for the owner of it to lash out and physically attack the person who dropped it. Not only was he wet at the time, he was also nude.

Travis was neither large nor tall. Jodi was 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed 125 pounds in 2008 according to her driver's license.

Travis has never shown himself to anyone to be a hostile or physically aggressive type of person. Jodi, on the other hand, had shown herself as hostile and physically aggressive. It is highly unlikely that her having killed Travis was in self defense.


She was taken into custody in Yreka on her 28th birthday, July 9th, for questioning by the detective on the case from Mesa, Arizona, Mr. Flores. He interrogated her on several accounts of which she gave several different stories. Her first response was she wasn't there, that she was no where near Travis's. He told her there were photos that proved otherwise to allow her opportunity to confess and explain what happened that day on June 4th.

Jodi adamantly claimed to not have been there. Ryan was expecting her on June 4th but she did not show up until the 5th. She claims she was lost in the wilderness of the desert while on this road trip by herself.

During the second session Jodi said there were two intruders, a man and a woman, who entered the house and held them at gunpoint. She said her purse spilled out and the man noticed her address on her driver's registration and if she told anyone, they would go after her family. The reason she did not mention the incident to the police was out of fear for the safety of her family. She said she pushed him aside, ran out the door and never looked back.

After Jodi was shown some photos from the crime scene, she still came up with explanations to clear herself. Eventually she had no choice other than to confess. They transferred her to Arizona to await trial which did not begin until January 2, 2013. She chose to represent herself but later realized she was in over her head. Court proceedings took four and a half months to complete.

Jodi at Trial

She took the stand for eighteen days responding with elaborate details and many I-don't-remembers which is presumed to be defense strategy. She also claimed she was in a mental fog for almost the entire time she was committing the crime and, therefore, doesn't know the answers to the questions posed by the prosecutor when she chose to avoid the question.

Post Traumatic Stress or Borderline Personality Disorder

We can speculate that the amnesia and mental fog she claimed to be experiencing were her and her defense attorney's strategy to avoid answering the questions pertaining to the details of the actual attack. They elicited the assistance of a psychologist to question and test her of whom gave his testimony at the trial. He diagnosed her as having PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, along with amnesia.

They claimed it was caused by her fear of Travis about to attack her. The problem with his diagnosis is that the tests were administered while she was still holding to a false version of events. She had changed her story of what happened on June 4th, from two masked intruders who attacked Travis, to her having attacked him in self-defense for her life. Neither PTSD, nor any reason for cause of self defense was proven. The prosecutor's psychologist drew the conclusion she had BPD, borderline personality disorder, and not PTSD.

Her stating either she did not remember, or she didn't know because she was in a fog in response to various questions, particularly by the prosecutor, caused many questions to go unanswered. What did she do with the knife and gun and where did she get them to begin with? The responses were staged to follow their defense strategy of using PTSD with bouts of amnesia. Her excuse to be vague and to avoid answering many of the questions that had to do with the actual crime.

Truth vs Fiction

The jury saw through Jodi's lies and inconsistencies. Her attorneys tried proving she did not change her hair color, but the prosecutor's photo from her cell phone after her salon visit proved that she did. The defense tried to convince the jury that Travis hurt Jodi several times in the past to prove she was a victim of domestic violence. She may have stayed over a few nights and crept into his house numerous times, but they never lived together. The prosecutor proved to the jury that Travis was never hostile or violent toward Jodi.

The Verdict

The jury reached their verdict on May 9th, 2013. They found Jodi Arias guilty of premeditated first degree murder. Seven of the twelve also added a felony for remaining in his home after he would no longer want her there. The jury also found that Travis Alexander lost his life caused by extreme cruelty from Jodi Arias.

The jury was unable to reach an agreement on either life without parole or the death penalty. A new jury was selected for another shorter version of the trial. The retrial for the sentencing phase was in October, 2014 in Maricopa County, AZ. The defense attorneys motioned for a dark courtroom that excluded the presence of the media, television cameras and everyone except for the Alexander family. They stated it was for the protection of the defendant and their witnesses, so the judge agreed.

The media quickly took her decision to the supreme court of appeals to have it overturned. The trial went on in a dark court room while awaiting the court of appeals decision. Jodi got on the stand to explain her version beginning with her childhood. After a few days, the supreme court overturned the judges decision. The court room was again open to the public with the exception of tv cameras.

With the media and public present, Jodi refused to continue on the stand. After the witnesses were called and heard by the jury, they also were unable to agree on her sentence. A date was agreed on to hear Judge Steven's decision, court was adjourned and the jury dismissed.

Jodi Arias was finally sentenced to life without parole in Perryville prison.

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    Joan Cook 2 years ago

    I still question where Arias colored her hair. We can surmise that she did it so that none of Travis' neighbors would recognize her. We know she was blond when she rented the car, but the receipt for the 3rd gas can also shows she purchased sun screen (you know, just in case Travis changed his mind about taking her to Cancun) and 2 bottles of hair dye. Is it possible that she walked into a beauty shop and asked them to use the dye she had purchased? Possible, but doubtful. So just where did Arias change her hair color?