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Tribute to the guy who taught me the meaning of love

Updated on July 4, 2013

Its been two years since I started going out with this guy and whoa what a journey it has been! Thought I would express my gratitude to the man who changed my life by writing a little something but what can i say about him which I haven't said already? To sum it all up i guess there is just one word- AMAZING!!!

A Simple, down-to-earth guy who fights with me over a game of UNO but tries to shield me away from the slightest hint of danger and mind you danger in his vocabulary refers to anything from tiny specks of dust to bad weather conditions (Yeah thats right you can roll your eyes!). He turns a shade of purple over a skipped meal but remains calm and poised even in the middle of a calamity. He goes on & on about how stubborn I am & how I need to learn to compromise a little yet every time (which is not very often) I give in, he seems to double check if I am alright...Phew!

A mature guy who faces responsibilities with a smile and yet has the heart and innocence of a child. A guy who can make even Lord Voldemort feel guilty for committing all those hideous crimes. When he smiles at you, you can't resist but smile back in return even if you are in one of the grumpiest of moods and thats just how infectious his smile is. When in the middle of a heated argument, you can definitely count on him to say something really funny which would make you forget the argument and burst out in laughter. He is one of those people that you can't help but end up liking immensely. The greatest thing is this Simple, Innocent and Dangerously Charming guy is all MINE!

Even though we are world's apart, what with my loud, pompous, short-tempered nature and his Sweet, easy going & Patient temperament, we seem to balance each other out perfectly. Although I must add it definitely hasn't been a smooth ride but I guess no relationship ever is! We have our set of differences and arguments but at the end of the day neither of us can live without the other & I guess thats what matters the most. Being with him has taught me that Love is not about being able to see eye to eye with eachother all the time but its rather about not being able to live without seeing the other. He has taught me that Love is not about walking happily into the sunset but its about being able to see the sunrise even after a disagreement. Being with him has taught me that love is about having enough faith that the weather will change again and the storm would pass eventually! Being with him has taught me alot of things but the most important of all is holding on that matters the most and not letting go....

© Copyright Hajira Ehsan


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Sounds like you have found a wonderful person to love. It is true holding on, even when it is rough, is what makes a great relationship.

    • profile image

      Lily 4 years ago

      Miss Hajira,

      I must say you have me wishing I had someone just as incredible as this guy u ve described :( Having said that I truly believe you are just as wonderful as your partner is or else a catch like that would not have settled for nething less ;-)

      Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness

      take care