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Steps to fix a DATE with girl or boy: Psychological trick to Create Love

Updated on January 15, 2016

We all experience a feeling of love when we see a hot girl or boy. We just want to go for adate with her/him but how to do this ? Is there any simple trick to make him/her fall in love wth you ?

yes,Here we wll tell you how you can impress a boy / girl to fix a date with him/her Check it out

1. Become his/her good friend first.

Now first you need to become a just good friend because friendship converts in Love.

2. Give complement about his/her looks and Nature

Everyone like complement and its a psychological fact that when we give a complement to someone then he/she forms a positive image about us in his/her mind.You can praise his looks,hair and behavior.

3.Start being Close to him/her

Now become close to him/her.You can share your personal feeling about other topic and can also talk on close matters.

4.Give sympathy on sad situtation

Find the situation when he / she feels sad and upset,now this is the time to give him/her sympathy and come much closer to him/her.

5.Start spending maximum time with him /her

Now you can join any club or class so that you both can meet daily and also can spend golden time.

6.Give gifts and flowers regularly

Giving gift and flowers associate your good memory of you with that gift .whenever he or she will see this gift then your memory will come out in her/his mind.

7.Purpose her/him

Now ask her or him to come on romantic place and then purpose her/him with flower or Ring.

If you follow these ways then you can fix a date with anyone you want.


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