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True Liberation of Women

Updated on July 21, 2015

Persuasive analysis of Indira Gandhi’s speech “True Liberation of Women”

According to the Indira Gandhi’s speech “True Liberation of Women”, around the world, the major problems are inequalities and injustices between affluent and developing countries, domination of expression by armament race and amplification of human rapacity and exploitation. However, all conscious individual should protest those things together, still Indian women are discriminated against in terms of human rights. Women are still not paid the same compensation of their work at home or at office. In this circumstance, the speech of “True Liberation of Women” provoked people to think that why women are important in this challenging world. Indira Gandhi used rational appeal, repetition techniques on her speech “True Liberation of Women” to prove that Indian women are required more activeness to protest these world challenges as well as men should help and inspire women to evolve their spirit to reach the human goal.

In this twenty first century, where women has been proven their eminence and strength but still women are under-privileged and they are discriminated against social customs, lows and all over the places. This under-previligation of women trails behind the growth of world’s development and they don’t give any effort to protest the world’s inequalities. Indira Gandhi said that women need to be more active and alive to prevent the world’s numerous injustices, inequalities and different challenges. Indira Gandhi explained on her speech that women do “comprise half of the human race” (speech ‘True Liberation of women’) which proves that women are important component of the human race. Furthermore, she clarified that Indian women have “genius of synthesis, to adopt and absorb” that “gives them resilience to face suffering and meet upheavals with a degree of calm, to change constantly and yet remain changeless”. Her clarification of Indian women’s instinct character emphasize that Indian women also have extra strength which essential to prevent the world’s challenges. On the other hand, Indira Gandhi proves that men are decreasing their growth of development by dominating women only to prove their superiority. Consequently, Indira Gandhi wanted to convince her audience that Indian women should conscious about their strength and need to be active to give effort in world’s challenges, and men need to encourage and help them.

Indira Gandhi used rational appeal in her speech, ‘True Liberation of Women’, to prove her audience that woman are important to solve the world’s challenges and she also explain logically how a women could get their strength. She put in the picture that, “To be liberated, woman must feel free to be herself, not in rivalry to man but in the context of her own capacity and her personality.”(‘True Liberation of Women’) This argument proves her audience that women are not dominating element of man, they also have their own personality and own freedom which is not depends on man. She explained that women need to be more “Interesting”, ‘alive” and “active” because they comprise half of the population of human race. Here she used another rational appeal to prove her audience that women are important because they comprise half of the population and their importance will be shown by their aliveness and activeness; therefore they could prove their strength in the challenging world. From her rational appeal audience can easily realize that why women need to be active any what the true liberation of a woman is.

Indira Gandhi used repetition technique in her speech to demonstrate that man needs to help and inspire women evolving their spirit in the world for increasing the growth of human development. Throughout her speech, she attacks men for their so-called domination over and discrimination against women. Men take all pressure for the betterment of the world where they are half of the population of the world. If men minimize their work and pressure with women, that would be easier for them to lead a happy and progressive life. Indira Gandhi clearly said to the man with a strong voice that “Hence, by excluding women, men are depriving themselves of a fuller emancipation or growth for themselves.” In this section she prove that when men are lagging behind the women they unconsciously lagging behind themselves. She repeats this thing in different words to convince her audience that man need to inspire women to be active.

In the challenging world, the effort has to be universal and everyone should contribute for the prevention of inequalities and injustices through the world, and world challenges. Therefore, Indira Gandhi’s speech “True Liberation of Women” is highly appreciable for her strong clarification about the importance of women.


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