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True Love: The Myth, The Power, and The Destruction Of A Human Being

Updated on July 28, 2014

Man, woman, teen, child, no matter the age, race, religion, or situation, we all grow up with our own opinions and fantasies of true love. For most it derives itself from movies or books that the media feeds us from a very early age. The meet cute moment, you see a person across the room, your eyes lock, you smile, they smile back, your heart floods with emotions and as you dance in the moonlight and fall desperately in love your old life becomes but a distant memory. Recognize the plot? Ya we all do. The truth is, very very few of us actually find someone that we love with great abandon, some die alone in search of that truly special person, some throw themselves into other ventures, but the majority just end up settling for someone that fits a specific criteria on their proverbial list. Sad? Without a doubt, but its true. Ask yourself, have you ever dated someone where your best overall description of the relationship was “meh its okay”. We all have, maybe it stems from our genetic distain for being alone, who really knows. For the 95 percent of people that fit that group, maybe it explains why divorce rates sit consistently at or above half of all marriages, or worse you “stay together for the kids” in which case you just but a black stain on relationships for them in the future. It may sound like i oppose relationships, or the institution of marriage, but the truth is i’m in love with love, not the false love that most people cling to, but the absolutely magical, breathtaking love that will ultimately either raise you to a whole other state of consciousness or in my case absolutely destroy you. Here’s the problem, that one love that everyone dreams of just has awful timing, for me it was my first year of college, and as most guys will attest to, its not the ideal time for a man to start a relationship, so i did what i do best, i dropped an atom bomb on the relationship.Now to explain how i felt in the time that i was with this woman, well, thats tough, it was basically just incredible, when i was with her, it was as if the world stopped turning and everything other than her was just white noise, she was all that mattered. when we were apart all i could think of was her, and when and where we would be brought together again, and repeat. It was powerful, surreal, intoxicating, synonyms galore. Now you may pull out the old cliche “better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all” but the sad truth is NO! That love has ruined me, i may never find a love like that again, and judging by the vast majority of settling human beings around the globe, probability is not on my side. If i could go back in time knowing what i know now, i would never let that girl go, i would tell her how beautiful and amazing she was every single day, and make sure she never went another day without knowing how truly loved she is. Hindsight plagues us every day, we all make mistakes in every facet of our lives, that if given a second opportunity we would do things differently. But the one that truly haunts us, can destroy us and send us down dark paths are those forged at the hand of true love. To love with great abandon is a feeling all onto itself. Now i can honestly say that after countless relationships with really great women that i won’t settle, i have no intention of reverting back to something that doesn’t blow me away, i’ve had the real thing and everything else is just mundane and listless, I will spend the rest of my life in pursuit of that girl. I remember every single second of that day, I managed to break two hearts with one blow. And it hurt from second i did it. I would pay any price for her forgiveness, nothing would be to great to have her back in my life. And all i can do is hope that one day the same forces that brought us together in the first place, find a way to make us collide once again. And knowing what i know now, it will only make that love all the more powerful. Aristotle said it best “ True love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”. Need it be more complicated?



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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great write from you. I so enjoyed reading. Thank you for following me.

    • profile image

      Richard Kent Matthews 3 years ago

      Welcome aboard. And thanks for the follow...

    • profile image

      meghan 3 years ago

      So sweet....i really hope you get another chance :)

    • profile image

      Victoria 3 years ago

      Amazing!!!!! soo elegantly said, i am so happy someone sent this to me, i cannot wait to read more............i really hope this girl gives you another chance.

    • profile image

      Kaitlyn 3 years ago

      Soooooooooooo beautiful!! it takes a lot to admit your mistakes. I really hope you get another chance, I sincerely look forward to a follow up article. Thanks for this, it really brightened up my day :)

    • profile image

      Ashley Freeman 3 years ago

      Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!!! so great to see a man stand up and say what he truly feels, so refreshing. I truly hope you get another chance. please let us all know how it goes! continue writing.

    • profile image

      Amanda 3 years ago

      Soo beautiful, i hope she finds you one day, women all over the world are cheering you on, Love is soo special and deserves to be fought for, thank you for this, great read, keep writing!!!!

    • profile image

      Jenny 3 years ago

      Great article!! so inspiring, i really hope there will be more to this story! keep writing and best of luck with your love :)

    • profile image

      Maggie 3 years ago

      Love is soooooo hard to find, i really hope you two collide again!

    • profile image

      kelly 3 years ago

      Truly beautiful, i hope you get another chance :)


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