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Trust...handle with care

Updated on December 11, 2014

Trust, so strong and fragile.

Now there are several of us out there that have been cheated, betrayed. Some couples survive this devestating obstacle and some don't. Now the person who got betrayed is left with wounds and scars from this terrible incident which demands a lot of understanding for the person at fault. At the sametime the person who got cheated on has to seek why his/her spouse was led to cross the line.

The following applies to a couple, who is willing to save their relationship.

We've seen examples with a piece of paper, how trust can be unwrinkled but never perfect. True it will never be perfect but it can still be alive and it will need extreme precaution for several years.

Now I am going to ask readers to see understanding, communication, and a listening ear (not just hearing ear) as books and trust as the piece of paper.

Once unwrinkled the trust must not be played with and should be put underneath a pile of books, you can put as many books as you want on top of it, but make sure you have a solid base and that you don't just build a tall tower of books than watch it crumble down. Now if this is done properly we can get really close to new piece of paper within a shorter amount of time than expected, although the piece of paper every now and than might have to go back under a few books for a while, most likely for shorter periods after the couple has dug out of the pit.

Unfortunately not all couples survive this incident. For the person who's trust got wrinkled it is hard to give that trust to someone new. Now here's a way to view things which might help you move on. It is'nt fair for someone who has'nt cheated to have to deal with scars and wounds.

Now as I wrote above: It is hard to give that trust. That is where we can either use our old beat up trust or give a brand new trust to our new loved one. This is'nt easy but taking a piece of paper and writing: ''Trust in ex-spouse's name'' and calmly crumble it up and throw it away. Followed by taking a brand new piece of paper and writing ''trust in new loved one'' and cherish it and keep somewhere you can see it every now and than to remind you that this is'nt something old but a new beginning.

We give trust once, we are capable of reproducing a pure and unharmed trust. Trick is not use old trust with people who deserve to work with at least new recycled paper.


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