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Truth on flirting

Updated on July 16, 2016
Hmm. eye candy.
Hmm. eye candy.

There are many people in the world who have different definitions of flirting. To some it can be an innocent smile, easy conversation & hint of lust in their look. It can be the way you move your body, the way you dance with another but most of all it is the way you behave & respond that is defined as flirting. No matter what interpretation you believe it to be. It all comes down to this. It is a natural human behavior. It’s the animal instinct in us. You can’t control what you feel when someone is making you feel good; mentally or physically. You do have the choice on how you respond to it.

Some people hate to admit the fact that they enjoy flirting especially when they’re in a relationship or married. So many friends have gone into arguments because of that simple fact. You have one friend say to another “I can’t believe you’re actually allowing this.” All the while you will have another friend encouraging the behavior. Of course this argument is much more enforced among men than it is with women. If a man is unavailable yet finds himself flirting with another female, his friends cheer him on & actually applaud him for doing so. Now when it’s a married woman who is doing or allowing the flirting her friends judge her, criticize her & argue with her. WHY? This we will never understand because it always comes down to the “double standard” between men and women. (A whole different story)

So, when either person is flirting when they really shouldn’t be there is only one thing to understand. There is nothing wrong with it because it’s a natural instinct in us. I’m not supporting it nor am I condemning it. I am giving you views from both sides.

Whatever the reason is for the flirting, who knows, could be lack of attention from their significant other, boredom, too much to drink or even a bet. The list can go on & on. In the end it all comes down to the reality of it. IT JUST FEELS DAM GOOD!

There is no greater feeling than another human being telling you how beautiful or handsome you are. How desired you are at those moments. There is something about the feeling that stirs up the spark inside of one’s mind & of course body.

So do I believe in flirting? Yes. Do I support it when you’re already in a relationship or marriage no. However it does happen & yes it does feel awesome but is it worth jeopardizing your relationship/marriage for? That is a question only you could answer.

Flirting is & can be fun; but you should always remember those same feelings and apply them to the person you’re in a relationship or married to.


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