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Turn your love light on

Updated on January 12, 2013

Turn your love light on

Ladies, 2013 is here and now is the time to claim the love life that you want

Make peace with the decisions and mistakes of your past

Learn from them but do not let them change you in a negative way

Give people a chance to reveal who they are and decide if you are interested or not

Do not lower your standards for you will always get less than what you settled for

It starts with a conversation

No one has the right or the importance in your life to reject your entire essence

Remember that

It starts with a conversation

Moving forward it can be a date

The questions you might ask yourself……

Do I like what this person represents? Do I agree with his beliefs/values/morals? Do I enjoy this persons company? Do I want to get to know more about this person? Do I want to spend more time with this person?

Pay attention to what people reveal about themselves to you but more importantly watch their actions

Make sure you are valued and valuable to the person who expresses interest in you

Wear dresses and skirts, there is power in your femininity

Don’t be afraid to say “no thank you” by declining dates/venues because it’s not what you want

Realize you can say no a million ways without being angry

Ask yourself when you are reluctant about someone or dating environment…Do I really want this?

Be honest with yourself and ask the question, “How do I feel when I am with this person?”

Be happy and be of good cheer, comfortable with yourself, and love yourself first above all others

Work on your individual goals

When you accomplish your personal goals you are a much happier person and the pride you have shows

Realize that you can't control love

It will appear at the right time

True love is never experienced through control and manipulation

Smile, it doesn’t mean that your slow, it means that you are somewhat happy with your life

Realize that no good man wants an angry, bitter, controlling, mean-spirited person – Would you?

Be the person you expect others to be - do not be filled with contradictions

A bad spirit will not attract a loving soul – remember that

Turn your love light on and give love to everyone

Give love volunteering your time, clothing, or sharing your unique gift

Say please and thank you to those who help you

Compliment others; it does not take away from you

Be kind to others

Watch comedy, listen to comedy on the radio, and go to comedy shows….it’s important to laugh

Do not be defined by worrying about a timeline for events to occur

Trust that things will be done on HIS time for you and stop worrying about everything

Be thankful for everyday and live like it’s your last, within reason, because it might just be

Be thankful for the love of family and friends

Make sure that those around you love you, support you, and want the best for you

Turn your love light on

You will be surprised how much your life will change


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