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Twenty of the best break-up songs

Updated on March 22, 2012

I am twenty-two years old and already have been through so much in life; men, ridiculous jobs, figuring out the “who am I” puzzle. (Still haven’t, and anyone at my age who says they have are lying to themselves, and that’s never good.) Although I can say that I have a pretty amazing boyfriend, with the cutest little French accent and the most beautiful soul. He has exactly what I look for in a man, and thankfully the only flaw in our relationship, is the long distance, for now. It took me a while to get back in the dating ring. Having gotten knocked down a couple of times, I stayed away. I guess a year of being single helped me cleanse myself of all the bad dates and boyfriends.

I dated the jerks who wouldn’t call in the morning, the ones who would string you along making you think that there’s something there then you find out a month later that he’s in a relationship ON FACEBOOK! The guy who’s obsessed with his sister, and always looks at her instead of you (Frankly that was the weirdest one yet,) well you get the picture. I find that my only cure for these late summer heartbreaks (usually happens to me around the end of august, early september) always resides in a good heartfelt song. This is a list of songs that has gotten me through the worst possible times of my young adult life. But as my father always tells me "Never be afraid to face the future, it does hold treasures beyond your imagination." Thanks papi, i am doing just that!

1. “You’ll think of me” by Keith Urban

2. “Better in time” by Leona Lewis

3. “Don’t hold your breath” by Nicole Scherzinger

4. “Almost doesn’t count” by Brandy

5. “I remember me” By Jennifer Hudson

6. “Someone like you” by Adele

7. “Strong enough” by Cher

8. “Moon River” By Henry Mancini ( Not a typical break-up song, but I find the melody soothing, and comforting)

9. “Free of me” by Joshua Radin

10. “ The best I never had” by Beyoncé

11. “Best you never had” Leona Lewis

12. “Stepping Stone” by Duffy

13.“That’s it I quit, I’m moving on” by Sam cooke

14.“Hit the road Jack” by Ray Charles

15. “Irreplaceable “ by Beyonce

16.“I’m over it” by Katherine Mcphee

17.“Don’t call me baby” by Kreesha Turner

18.“Cry for you” by September

19.“Hush Hush, I will survive remix” by Pussycat dolls

20.“ I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor


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