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Two High Profile Cases Of Divorce, Family Break Up And Misandry

Updated on April 1, 2014

I wanted to write an article regarding two international high profile cases on divorce that illustrates the hypocrisy and disdain with which we treat fatherhood and men in society. Both incidentally were covered by the Australian 60 Minutes program and whilst there are many examples of trashy journalism, it was good to see that some pockets of professionalism still exist in the media. Full credits to Tara Brown, Michael Usher and the 60 Minutes team! The first case concerns the four Italian girls that were abducted by their Australian mother and hidden away in Australia. The second case involves an Australian father in the US, who cannot send his son back to Australia because his jailed ex-wife who attempted to murder him, won’t sign the passport papers (and to which he bizarrely has to pay child support). I have provided a synopsis of each case in this article, but I have added the 60 minutes videos below (the two videos are in the first section and the other two are in the next section of this article) and strongly suggest people view them for themselves at their leisure and make up their own minds. Perhaps then go back to reading my views on the cases and see what you think. It made many men and women’s blood boil. Even looking at the cases alone without even contrasting them, we can tell that something is terribly amiss in our treatment of fatherhood and men in this deteriorating Western society of ours.


The Case Of The Italian Girls

On November 23rd 2012, Australian 60 minutes aired a story about the international abduction of four girls from Italy by their Australian mother. A young Australian woman met and feel in love with an Italian man whilst she was on student exchange in Italy. They had four daughters, but one miscarried. The miscarriage put strain on their relationship and the two became distant with one another. The father suffered depression, became hospitalised and lost his job. Eventually the relationship broke down and the mother allegedly had an affair (Which she said she quickly ended and tried to water down in the interview. Even making a poor attempt to deny it). According to the mother Laura, Tommaso (the father) became physically abusive. This compelled her to seek a divorce and eventually drove her to abduct her children. Now at the start of this interview, many people (including myself) had no opinion on the matter. I was on no ones side. It is a fact that some fathers are abusive and some mothers are as well.

However by the end of the interview it became impossible for any sane, rational or objective individual, to believe or support a single word of the mother’s story. Where to begin! Well let’s first start with the accusations of physical abuse, which Tommaso vehemently denies. According to Laura she contacted the Italian police and other government authorities about the alleged abuse. She explained that she had done this to the Australian embassy. The problem is that the Italian police and other government agencies she claimed she had spoken to, state that they were never contacted by Laura. The older female family members of Laura suggested in the interview that the authorities may have been bought off. If so that would mean a large group of people in the police force and welfare agencies were all bribed and conspiring against her. I would suggest the probability of multiple authorities acting in concert against her is reasonably low, but putting that aside there is even more reason to doubt her story. During the divorce she actually arranged and agreed to joint custody of the children. You have to seriously ask why a mother would allow an abusive father to be anywhere near the children, let alone have joint custody of them. It simply does not make any sense!

But there is so much more. She went to a female doctor and attempted to persuade her that she was being physically abused. Yet the doctor found no signs of physical abuse and resisted Laura’s attempt to persuade her into falsely diagnosing her (we know all of this occurred from the doctors account of what happened). One viewer (in one media blog) who claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse, posted that it is highly unlikely that she could not have gotten proof. The female viewer said that one photo from a mobile phone would have been enough and physical abuse almost always leaves signs of physical trauma (from something as simple as a bruise to damaged bones). Yet we have nothing, not a photo, not a bruise, not a scratch, nothing!

It really became apparent to every viewer though on who we were dealing with, when the grandmother and great grandmother spoke up. On multiple occasions they attempted to disrupt the interview, answer for Laura or talk over the top of the reporter (applause for Tara Brown for keeping her cool). The women were proven to have blackmailed the father. During the interview a recording was played back of a telephone conversation in which the father was told they would go to the media with allegations (which turned out to be fabricated) of sexual abuse if he did not back down. The older women were silent and Laura was visibly shocked herself when the recording was played back to them in the interview. They obviously were not prepared to face the truth! Then their lies unfolded on national TV. The older women then attempted to change their story on camera and Laura herself said that Tommasso was not capable of such a thing. We now know for certain that they attempted to blackmail Tommasso and fabricated allegations to do it. It is no secret that much of the Western media showed extreme bias toward the mother and gave little credence to balanced reporting in the lead up to this case. Fortunately Tommasso wisely recorded the threat made against him, to protect himself from the media and these evil manipulative women.

What is of grave concern though is the role of the Australian embassy in this case. Against Italian and international law, they proactively aided Laura in abducting her children from their home. The embassy relied completely on her word and assisted her financially and logistically to leave the country with the children. This was despite an understanding that such actions were illegal. In fact embassy staff even advised Laura she would probably need a legal advice when she arrived in Australia. According to Tommaso, Laura tricked him into signing the passports and said to him they were just going on a holiday (repeatedly reassuring him it was just a holiday). Upon arrival in Australia, the daughters were kept in isolation from society with the older women for an extended period of time (as they were hiding the children from police).

During this interview it becomes clear that the older women engaged in brainwashing and psychological manipulation of the young girls to make them fear and distrust their father. The great grandmother went on the run with the children, kept them isolated in a secret location and appears to have then tried to plant fear in them about their father. Fortunately police eventually found the children who had been put through an emotionally distressing ordeal. We can see these older women even had control over the mother in the interview. In fact in the lead up to the show, the older women refused to be go on air before changing their minds. Then after the show was produced in the week leading up to it being broadcasted, the older women attempted to have the show cancelled. They took 60 minutes to court and lost. The judge ruled that the show would still be allowed to air. Clearly they did not want the truth to be heard, but they fortunately did not get their way. With respect to the case, the Australian court ruled that the children be sent back to their father in Italy. According to the judge, he was struck by the bizarre behaviour of the older women. Apparently they had made comments to federal police about it all being made into a future film.

Abducted Epilogue

So to summarise, we know that Laura lied to embassy officials about speaking to Italian police and other government agencies. We know that the older women engaged in blackmail and fabricated allegations against Tommaso. It is also extremely likely Laura tricked Tommaso and lied to him about the passports and the fictional vacation (She refused to properly answer direct questions about it and her response strongly suggested she did whatever it took to get the passports signed). It appears that the older women have control over Laura and it is highly probable that they have engaged in psychological manipulation of the daughters to make them fear their father. Indeed on multiple occasions before the abduction, it was reported to the Italian court that the children loved their father. These children are between the ages of 9 and 14. They were put in an emotionally distressing situation, on the run from police and were cut off from the outside world for a long period of time. They were vulnerable to psychological manipulation, particularly the two girls aged only 9 and 10. These two girls were not even told what was going on by their mother! Now if you think all of that is bad, wait until you watch the epilogue (see adjacent video above) to this sad tale and learn how the daughters were manipulated and the pile of lies that have been exposed since the story originally aired in 2012. What I have written is just the tip of the iceberg. What has emerged since the original story aired will make your blood boil.

Unfortunately such stories have become far too common for many fathers. Which is probably why myself and many men are becoming more and more hesitant to marry and start a family. Why risk my future and my potential children’s future when the legal system can be abused in this way and there is no respect for fatherhood or men? Why should I take such a chance? All I will say is that the honesty and integrity level I need from women to start a family, just went up several notches. No sane man would react otherwise.

Part 1-A Fathers Fight!

Part 2-A Fathers Fight!

The Case Of The Australian Father In America

A couple of weeks before the story on the Italian girls aired, there was another story presented on the 2nd of November by Australian 60 minutes, about an Australian fathers fight for his son. Michael an Australian, met an American women online called Tracy. They got to know each other and eventually Michael traveled to America to meet her. Later they got married and had two children. One night Michael woke up because he could not breathe. His wife Tracy had drugged him, wrapped him in bed sheets and put a plastic bag over his head. Weeks earlier she had attempted to take out not one but four life insurance policies on her husband. Fortunately Michael escaped, called police and separated from his killer wife. During the custody battle, Tracy was given most of the assets and primary custody of the children. Fortunately Tracy was later jailed for attempted murder and is currently on a life sentence. Despite this, Tracy whilst in jail has won a court order to get owed child support from Michael and still has full custody of the children! Oh and by the way, Tracy has a sentence that will see her die in jail. If Michael can’t pay Tracy within a month, then he will go to jail as well.

But there is more to Tracy than meets the eye. Several years beforehand she had killed someone else who had learning difficulties in supposed self defence. The circumstances appear suspicious and the case is rightfully being re-investigated. In addition Tracy apparently had another child and was involved in a bitter custody battle when she met Michael. None of this was mentioned to Michael though. There is much more to this, so please watch the video.

Basically Michael now wants to return home with his two children. But their killer mother will not sign the passport papers. So does Michael attempt to abduct his children? Does he receive any support from the Australian embassy at all, let alone aid to abduct them? Does he attempt to trick his ex-wife into thinking they are just going on a holiday? No, no and no. Is he treated like a slave by the US legal system? Yes! Here we have a father who has a legitimate reason for keeping his children away from their mother and moving them to another country. However there is no support for him. Instead the laws in the US force him to pay child support (on threat of jail time) to an attempted murderer who tried to kill him and who has primary custody of his children even though she is in jail for life.

He receives no support from the Australian embassy and no media support other than from 60 minutes. Yet on the other side of the world we have these Australian women lying, engaging in blackmail, fabricating allegations and brainwashing four girls. These women were getting all the help and support they needed from the Australian embassy and most of the media. They even got aid from the Australian government no less, to break Italian and international law and engage in abduction of children. Something really stinks in my country and most Western countries where fathers are treated in this way! Frankly the future mother of my children, if I even have children now, better be as honest as a saint. The law treats men like slaves, so naturally I will protect myself and I urge other men to think carefully before starting a family! I am not signing myself up to be exploited.

Concluding remarks

I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank the Australian 60 minutes program, particularly Tara Brown and Michael Usher, for shining a light on this misandry. People need to know how fathers, men and their children are all too often mistreated by our legal system, governments and society. Aside from that, 60 minutes also shed light on the growing problem of false allegations of domestic violence (The Italian story was shown on the weekend for the White ribbon campaign). Every time a woman makes a false allegation of domestic violence she harms the chances of legitimate victims of domestic violence receiving justice and protection.


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    6 years ago

    It's crap like this that the U.S, government does that makes me ashmed to call myself an American. My father had a similar experience with my drug addict mother I was fortunate to get out of that house and go with my dad as I was 19 at the time but my brothers unfortunately were not so lucky they are still there but thankfully they are fine and my mom has settled down and supposedly stopped doing drugs. And separatist feminists say that women are fed misogynist lies and crap every day MY SWEAT LITTLE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE ASS those separatists are the worst they even say you can't trust men just because of some stupid stuff that a few men said and did.


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