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Answers To Questions On Religion, Spirituality And Others

Updated on December 25, 2014

What Is Spirituality

Spirituality is man's/woman's effort to find the truth about what exists, who we are fundamentally, and our place in the greater scheme of life and the universe. We have done this by critically examining every belief and assumptions in the quest for meaning, unity and serenity.

Cognitively speaking, spirituality examines the inherent features of established beliefs and assumptions to confirm whether, or not they are in accordance with facts or reality, with the aim of finding a meaning of life that bends us toward a spiritual union with God, for the purpose of attaining serenity and happiness.

There can be no deception in spirituality, since goals are set that must be achieved. When these goals are not being achieved, practitioners can be sure that something has gone wrong. And often what has gone wrong is that practitioners fail the test on, "treating others as they would want to be treated".

In practice, spirituality takes many forms depending on the tradition and culture of practitioners. Activities like singing, dancing, chanting, meditation, ceremonies and rituals involving candles and incense burning, eating, drinking and ingesting certain foods, drinks and drugs are blended into the practice of spirituality in different parts of the world.

However, it's important to know that these activities only create an atmosphere believed to be conducive to invocation. They do not in themselves bring about the spiritual union between God and man/woman. The only known means, and this is known by revelation and personal experience, by which man/woman come into a spiritual union with God is by, "treating others as you would want to be treated".

When you think about it, it makes sense. Every spiritual help we receive from God, in one form or another, comes to us through another person. When we gravitate toward others with an attitude of goodwill, willing to help when we can, and treat others as we would want to be treated, we spiritually open the floodgates of God's benevolence into our lives, thus fulfilling the purpose of spirituality, which is to connect man/woman with God in spirit.

Organized Religion
Organized Religion

What Is Religion

On the other hand, religion is a collection of institutions, organized and managed for the purpose of disseminating dogmas and doctrines to promote a particular world view of human conduct, the universe, and our relationship with God. The system is held in place by rules, prohibitions and punishment, as demonstrated by the chilling effect of the threat of excommunication against practitioners who got out of line.

While organized religion has been the vanguard of education, healthcare, and charity to the poor dating from medieval times, the evolution of the human mind has brought us to a time when questions are been raised, rather loudly, about the veracity of certain dogmas and doctrines, which worked well in medieval times to guide folks toward the good life, but are now seen as misfits, in conflict with the intellectual fervor of today's men and women.

If you would allow me to digress for a moment, my sister told me a story about a pastor, whose denomination would remain unnamed. The pastor had a 17 years old son who contracted an incurable disease. The pastor fasted and prayed day and night. Knowing all the spiritual tools available to solicit God's mercy and power, the pastor besought God to spare the life of his only son, but to no avail. Within a year his son died.

The pastor was distraught. In his disillusionment he renounced God, and utterly rejected what he had believed all his life as the truth. His reasoning was that if God couldn't help him, a pastor who had devoted his adult life to spreading the word, and winning souls for God, the only explanation was that God did not exist.

Hundreds, if not thousands of stories like the one referenced are influencing the views of today's men and women about the relevance of God in their lives. The burden is upon religious leaders and apologists to answer this question, "What is the nature of God?" Are there things God can do, and others he cannot do, even for devout believers? Why does God refuse to help believers who fall on their knees for help, when it's within his power to help? Are believers doing something wrong?

For today's men and women who are looking for practical solutions to the problems of life, the admonition to confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, has very little resonance if at all. And that's where spirituality comes in with practical tools to improve your relationship with God, and receive divine wisdom and power to create the conditions in which what you pray for become yours in material form.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

How To Prove That God Exists

I agree with my atheist friends that the existence of God should be proven, otherwise it cannot be generally accepted as the truth. Having found agreement here, I would hope my friends would agree with me that when answering a question, first we should identify the fundamental nature, or inherent features of the question, and not be deterred from pursuing the inquiry, regardless where it may take us.

As a case study, if you were asked to, "prove the validity of Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity", you would first identify the inherent features of the question, which are E=mc2. When put in words, "E" stands for energy, "m" for matter, and "c2" for the speed of light to the second power. These are physical variables that can be measured, counted and weighed, and by their nature the theory they gave birth to lends itself to been proven by physical tools and machines.

With the question, "Does God exist?", similarly you would want to identify the inherent features of the question, which is that God is a spirit, with no physical attributes that can be measured, counted or weighed. This being true, you cannot prove the existence of God by physical tools and machines because by their nature these are incongruous with the nature of God who is spirit.

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.

— Albert Einstein

As you can see, when we identify the inherent features of a question, we are able to determine the modality best suited for answering it. With Einstein's E=mc2, which are physical variables, the modality best suited for proving it are physical tools and machines, confirming the adage that "better results are always assured when you compare apples with apples, and oranges with oranges".

That said, and knowing that God is a spirit, in finding proof of the existence of God, we are obliged to use spiritual tools because by their nature they are congruent with the nature of God. This may come as a surprise to you, but you would find the proof of God's existence by no other means than through revelation and personal experience. To start the ball rolling, you would have to orient your soul for a spiritual connection with God.

I know I am going into areas where I may lose you, but if you bear with me, you would recall that we are comparing apples with apples, and God being a spirit we are using spiritual tools to prove the validity of his existence. When the spiritual connection with God is done, your soul would receive revelations which would be translated into personal experiences in your life. These personal experiences of real events in your life would be your proof that God exists. You would need nobody to interpret them for you. You would know them when you experience them.

One more thing before wrapping up. I mentioned that you should orient your soul toward God to start the ball rolling. You can do this by, "treating others as you would want to be treated". More than anything in our spiritual lives, faithfully doing this elevates you from the physical to the spiritual where connecting with God becomes your reality, and finding proof of God's existence becomes possible.

Why Is Everything Going Wrong In Your Life

When you ask this question, a lot has already gone wrong in your life, still it's the best question you would have ever stumble upon. This question makes you aware of the limitation of you physical ability to change everything in your life. It forces you to stop, and think about issues you have not given much thought to before. While in contemplation, the question, "Who am I?" would come up.

You are two persons in one body. You are a human person, and a spiritual person. Your human person has demands and responsibilities you have to take care of all your life, as does your spiritual person. Because of our physical nature we are able to meet the demands, and fulfill the responsibilities of our human persons more readily than we do for our spiritual persons, and that is where the problems begin.

A good education or training would get you a good job, and if you can hold onto it, would bring you a decent income to meet all the demands and responsibilities of your human person. If we were just physical beings, all we would need for inner peace and happiness would be a good job and a decent income, but it turns out in real life that is not so. Often something seems missing in our lives.

And what is missing in our lives is analogous to going out for a walk in the winter with one leg clothed, and the other leg exposed to the cold. Certainly, the pleasure you hoped for from your walk would not be achieved. Similarly, when we meet the demands of our physical persons, but don't do the same for our spiritual persons, we can be sure we would not get the inner peace and happiness, made possible when both our bodies and souls are given the care and attention they deserve..

You only have to do very few things right in your life, so long as you don't do too many things wrong.

— Warren Buffett

We know the demands and responsibilities of our bodies, but more often then not, we have no knowledge of the demands and responsibilities of our souls. Our souls demand that we, "treat others as we would want to treated". The goodwill that we have for others as a result, allows our souls to fulfill their responsibilities, and that is to connect us spiritually with God. The reward for doing this is that we would begin receiving divine wisdom and power to create in our lives the conditions in which the inner peace and happiness we desire become ours.

If you would allow me to digress for a moment, I once met a fellow, we would called him Willie, who had previously been out of a job for 2 years. At last he found an employer who offered him a cleaning job. While unemployed, Willie undertook a thorough examination of his life, and concluded that henceforth he would stop doing only what is good for him, and start doing what is good for others.

With the attitude of doing what is good for others, Willie began his new job as a janitor. He worked as if he owned the company, doing every task within the scope of his duties diligently and without complain. He was at work on time everyday, properly attired and ready to work. Within 3 years he was moved from cleaning floors to the loading dock where he became the supervisor responsible for all incoming and outgoing merchandise, and a decent income as well.

Willie was neither a fool nor a day dreamer. He figured out during the period of his unemployment, and the harsh life he endured that by doing the best job he could for others, he was at the same time doing the best job he could do for himself, and it turned out to be true.

If yours are not financial problems, but a desire for inner peace and happiness you would need the patience and diligence Willie demonstrated, in order to get what you desire. First, you should make a commitment to, "treat others as you would want to be treated", starting at home with your spouse, children, siblings and friends. You may think you are already doing this, if so the condition of your life would have been different.

Meantime, get a pen and a piece of paper and write down how you would want to be treated by others. Make the list as thorough as you can. When you are satisfied you have done so, turn the table around and begin treating others as you would want them to treat you. It will be a challenge, but if you persevere, and don't become discouraged by the lukewarm response of others, which may occur, you would find the inner peace and happiness you seek. For more detail should you need it contact me at


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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      What a wonderful though-provoking hub you have written here. Finding this hub was like finding a diamond in the rough; a true treasure. I consider myself a spiritual person although I attend church regularly. I see the rules, regulations and legalism of religion that keeps God in a box. Someone I know attends church regularly, however, you wouldn't know it because nothing has changed about their behavior. They are not opened to the spirit of God, wouldn't feed a homeless person even if they had food to spare. I'm thinking to myself ' what part of the bible are you reading to not understand we are to love our fellow man as we love ourselves. Love if the fulfillment of the law. Voted up, interesting and useful.


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