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Two Sided Story : Living a Double Life Pt 2

Updated on February 11, 2016

Heavy is The Head that Wears The Crown...

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The final call and decision relies upon the Queen. It never really was intentional, the affair between my lover and I, it was just one of those things that happens when you’re beautiful, young, and miserable in your marriage. Ha! I think about that now. To be perfectly honest, my lover was the only reason I coped with my marriage. We had a mutual understanding, an unspoken agreement. I went to work every single day, took care of my house and home, tended to my business and did what I was supposed to do. No one could ever put me anywhere because I stayed to myself and kept my business…MY BUSINESS. It was so amazing to actually link up with him in real life. We had toiled for months, always seeming to miss each other by moments. It had come to be point where I was sick without his touch. That’s when I knew this affair would be more than just a fling. I wanted him in the worst way. I also knew because of our conflicting lives, we would never be able to be together. That was the only catch.

Jason ran an auto body shop in town and was out of the house most days and some nights. I worked at a distribution company as their head account specialist. Although both of our careers were rewarding monetarily, I still longed to follow my dreams of being a lawyer. I focused so much on making sure Jason had the accolades he needed, I literally forgot to get my own. I was tired of just existing, I wanted to do more and be more. Tyrese, my lover came just in time. Jason and I were going through a dry spell in our marriage and I felt very unattractive to him. He no longer kissed me hugged me or spent time with me. I am a sensual woman. I needed to feel the touch of my man. I needed to know that he wanted me just as bad as he did when he first met me 10 years ago. He ignored my requests, and often blamed me for being the reason he never do anything special for me. There was literally no point in being in the relationship besides keeping up a front for friends and family. I really didn’t care what anyone thought, but Jason was the one who I feared would be hurt the most. I knew he loved me, but he just didn’t know how to show me. I can not be blamed for how he was raised. If no one taught him how to treat a woman, his perception was jacked up to begin with. I settled. Jason had had multiple affairs during our marriage, and each time I forgave him and let him back in my heart. I was tired of the same old bull shit! I would be a fool to leave my marriage, but I’d also be a fool not to have a little “affair” of my own.

Tyrese was that ninja! We hit it off great in the beginning, and never really had a dull moment. Although we could never see each other all the time, we kept close contact and talked often. He was intrigued by my ambition I was intrigued by his appeal. He was the kind of guy who worked hard every day but was a bred thug by night. His outlook was a lot different than his peers, he actually wanted a way out of the game and get his life in order. He knew he’d always be affiliated, but he expressed to me he wanted to leave the game and begin his own career. I was proud of him. Some guys hold on to that street life and never see the other beautiful side of life in the working society. Tyrese became my heart very quickly. I fought back urges to love him deeply because I just knew in my heart we would never be together as one. I was married and so was he. Our significant others were our other piece. Tyrese and I rarely talked about his wife, and I never dragged anything out of him. I did not care about who she was or what she did. I had a thing for her husband, she was none of my concern.

After we linked up that night before, my fate had been sealed. I would burn in hell for eternity for being an adulterous wife. With that knowledge I decided I might as well let it burn. Tyrese called me later on that same evening, he knew Jason would be out of the house. I love when he calls my phone, I will literally shut down a conference meeting to hear his voice. He wanted to meet up again. Damn! Naturally I wanted to see him, but I also knew that Jason had made plans for us when he got home from work. Tyrese did not care about my plans with Jason, he wanted me again and he wanted me tonight. It’s something about a man who demands what he wants and knows he is going to get it. His wife was out of town with family, and he wanted to spend his time with me. This is where the dilemma came in. I had to make the decision to go on a dinner date with my husband or a rendezvous with my lover. Hmmmmm I’ll take rendezvous for 500 Alex! I agreed to meet Tyrese that night. He told me he loved me, I said I love you too then we hung up. I was going to have to stir the pot a little bit on this one. My mind raced as I thought of ways to get out of my dinner date with Jason. Thank heavens for big sisters. Shana! I’d call Shana and give her my spiel. She knew majority of what was going on in my life. I clung to her for, and she did me the same way. She would definitely pull one for me. I dialed my sister up and gave her the run down, she laughed at my audacity and said, I’m down. My plan was secure. I wouldn’t call Jason while he was at work. I’d just wait until he got home and would hurry out of the door with my sister. He was used to her cutting into our family time, and most times didn’t mind because he didn’t want to go out anyway. I only had about 2 hours to prepare dinner for him and make sure the house was as he would want it to relax. That’s the thing about me, I may do what I do but I always take care of home first. I still had to make sure Jason was oblivious to anything I had going on.

Just as planned, Shana came over for a few glasses of wine. We laughed and talked and caught up with life. Shana had two children and worked tirelessly to support them. I admired her strength. She helped me raise my own children and was a very active aunt in their life. I loved her. The plan was, Shana and I were going to step out to a local bar for drinks and dancing, she supposedly broke up with her boyfriend and just wanted to let loose. At least that’s what we were going to tell Jason. Everyone knew Shana couldn’t just be with one guy. She’d have a boyfriend for a few months and be done with him. She was ruthless like that. Jason arrived at home on time as scheduled and walked in to see us laughing and sipping our glasses of wine. Aw shit, he greeted us! Hey Jason, Shana cooed. She knew how to talk to people. Hey Shana, Jason with a grin on his face. Don’t tell me you trying to steal my wife tonight. Shana, a little bubbly off the moscato, replied, I’m not, but somebody else might! I looked at her wide eyes like she was crazy! If this bxtch didn’t shut up with the inside jokes! Aw, where ya’ll going? Jason asked oblivious to Shana's sly remark Shana filled his head about some new joint in town and explained her reasoning for wanting to take me. Jason was cool with it. I didn’t really have to say a word. I just sipped on my own glass and thought about the mere moments until I would be in Tyrese’s arms again. Jason turned his attention to me. Babe you alright? I snapped out of it quick. Yes, I’m good. Just lost in thought for a sec. Let me go find something to wear and pack me an overnight bag, cuz Shana will not be driving me home tonight under the influence. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him his dinner was in the microwave. Thanks Babe! You the best! He called out behind me. Yes…I really am, I thought to myself as I went upstairs to find me something to wear. Shana stayed downstairs and kept Jason company while I went to put myself together.

Tyrese and I had our own set of lingerie. He refused to touch anything that my husband had seen me in so he constantly bought me lingerie and perfumes. The ones Tyrese bought me I kept hidden from Jason. I leafed through my selection, I wanted something with a little color, something that said ‘Tasty’. I settled on a pink and pistachio green one piece. It had a leopard print and was see through. It was short enough for easy access, but long enough to cover my ass. Tyrese loved my ass. I made my choice and wrapped it in a bath towel just in case Jason walked in on me while I packed my overnight bag. I would go out with Shana as planned, but there I would meet up with Tyrese and spend my night with him. Shana had one of her male friends meeting her at the same spot. This was the first time in my life I had ever done anything of this nature. It was exciting and risky all at the same time. I loved the rush I got from talking to Tyrese even though I knew it was wrong. I owed it to myself for my own portion of happiness. Tyrese was it. I chose my outfit for the night and put that in my overnight bag too. I’d get dressed at Shana’s and we’d hit the town from there. I owed her major for getting me out this jam. ‘Id surprise her and buy a piece of jewelry from Pandora. Everyone wins.

Perched on a bar stool at a table with a drink in hand, I scanned the room for Tyrese. Shana was off dancing with some guy who had bought her a drink. A dance for a drink? That’s my sis! I hoped she frisked his pockets while they were bumping and grinding on the dance floor. See what them pockets looking like sis, I thought to myself. Amused by watching my sister and her dance partner, I could feel a presence walk up behind me. From his scent I knew it was Tyrese. I sat up a little straighter, and flipped my hair how girls do when they know someone is watching. He slid his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. He spoke into my ear, Hey baby I missed you. I melted. He hadn’t even seen my face yet. I smiled and snuggled into his embrace. He spun my stool chair around to face him. My goodness was this man every bit of fine. His eyes, his smile, the shape of his head, the waves on his scalp, his lips, those pearly whites…everything! He used his hands to spread my legs, thank goodness I had opted out for Jeans otherwise whoever was looking would notice I didn’t have any panties on. I didn’t care who was looking and neither did he. With my legs spread heels hooked on to the base of the stool it gave Tyrese entrance to come closer and let me feel him. His manhood was brick hard. It was time to go. I looked him in his eye, and gave him that look. We kissed right there. His hands were all over my body squeezing my breast and kissing me fervently. Our encounter was subtle yet ground shaking. No one in the room was paying attention to us. It was jammed packed, the Dj and the mixologist had everybody rocking in that joint. Ugh get a room Shana yelled over the base as she approached the table. We turned our attention to her and laughed. I introduced him to my sister, who had heard so much about and she finally got the chance to see my lover in the flesh. She approved because she said out loud, Girl, he is fine ya’ll need to get out of here with all that! She was right. I gave her the rest of the script and would see her in the morning. Tyrese would drop me off.

Once we got into his truck we were all over each other. His hand between my legs mine rubbing on his chest and manhood. It was fire in our eyes and depth in our touch. We craved each other, desired one another, and wasted no minute each other showing how much. I loved that his desire for me was just as high as mine was for him. He was a thug for sure, but one of the most romantic kind hearted thugs I knew. (Only to the ladies though). ;) I had always been attracted to thugs but decided to leave them alone after a bad bout with an ex. Tyrese would be my first in 10 years. We fondled each other for a few more moments and without any words except the music playing through his trucks Bose stereo system we sped off into the city night. The street lights and attractions were seemingly pointing us in the right direction. We agreed to never go to the same spot twice, we never knew who was watching us and the goal was to always be low-key. I had grabbed my overnight bag from Shana’s car before we left the bar. I was ready. Straight up prepared. Rolling with Tyrese I knew I had to be prepared for anything.

We were stopped at a red light when I noticed Jason’s car pull up on the side of us. It was a habit of mine to watch the side view mirror anytime I rode passenger. I spotted his car right off the bat. Tyrese’s windows were tinted so I knew Jason couldn’t see me. I could see him though, and the woman I did not know riding passenger. Funny thing is I felt no pain, and I was not hurt by seeing him with another woman. Instead I nudged Tyrese and said, Check him out. We could both see Jason feeling on the woman’s thigh. That’s crazy, Tyrese said, and imitated what Jason was doing. I was tickled. I loved his sense of humor. When the light turned green we burned rubber and put them in the review.

Because of his direction I knew exactly where Tyrese was headed. The Northside of town. I sat back, relaxed, and slid one hand into my pants, and motivated Tyrese the whole ride there. Telling him out moist I was and how I really wanted him to do me. He was all ears and encouraged me to tell him more. When I tell you I could have ran a Grammy for the sexy lines I threw out at Tyrese in my most seductive call girl voice. Only difference between what I was saying and what an actor gets paid to say, I was dead serious, and he knew it. A turn of events had just occurred by seeing Jason with the woman in the passenger seat of his car. I had my proof and my justification. Tonight I was going to make things solid between Tyrese and I, we were already close but I wanted to take it a level higher.

Tonight though, we were going to paint that bedroom red. I was going to give every ounce of my good loving to Tyrese. He deserved it more than anyone else. He showed out the last time we hooked up, but this time I was going to show him what I was working with. He liked that. An ambitious woman. I was just what he needed. Tyrese had nothing to gain or lose by being with me and sharing these moments. He ran his ship tight and no one ever questioned his authority. He was a boss in every sense. I loved that about him. In any other circumstance we were a perfect match. How could I be wrong for loving another man when my own husband was out there doing his own thing? I mentally justified my actions as we pulled up to the Hyatt. Tyrese was not a cheap man. Another plus. We walked hand in hand to the entrance. In my imagination, I could hear the whirs and whizzes of the paparazzi cameras. Together we were greatness. I could feel it. Room 417, the desk clerk said as he handed over 2 keys. Tyrese used his manners thanked the clerk and we were headed to the elevators.

When we got in the elevator no one was on board. Mirrors engulfed us as soon as we stepped in. I loved mirrors. Again we wasted no time with kissing and enjoy foreplay on the short ride up. Tyrese damn near unzipped my pants right there on the elevator. I laughed and joked with him about indecent exposure. Yeah alright he replied. We stopped at the fourth floor, I lead him by his chain in the direction of our room. Strutting my stuff the entire time. The liquor in my system had settled well and I was ready to put on a show. I like that, Tyrese said encouraging my outlandish behavior. How much baby? I asked egging him on, as we approached our door. I put my back to the door and faced him while he used a free hand to unlock the door. I’m bout to show u, he kissed me and we gained access to 417. Oh yes, it was definitely about to go down! I put the sign on the door for the passerby’s to see: DO NOT DISTURB, then closed and locked the door to our private domain…"

To be continued ….


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