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Types of Lies People Tell

Updated on April 25, 2009

                                     Types of Lies People Tell


Lies might have been part of human life since language appeared. Although they are something people frown upon, they are not all vicious. According to the purpose to tell lies, they can be divided into three types: beneficial lies, spiteful lies, neutral lies.

Beneficial lies usually mean to help. They are told out of kindness and people benefit from them. They help avoid hurt, sadness, insult, and impersonality. A peasant lied to the Nazi army that no Jews were hiding in his place; parents lie to the children that their beloved grandpa is living happily in heaven. These do cheat the listeners, but the liars ought to be praised instead of being criticized.

Spiteful lies mean to gain benefit and hurt people. They may come in the form of deceit or rumor. As for deceits, they are mostly made by liars to gain benefit. Lawyers lie on the court to help his criminal client win the lawsuit; sellers lie to their customers to talk them into buying the fake and shoddy products. These liars just benefit from the lies and get reputation, profit or toleration. In comparison, rumors are more vicious. Liars make them to revenge or pull their rivalries down. These happen a lot in politics, business and entertainment world. A politician and his party may make rumors that the rivalry in involved in sexual scandals or corruption; an enterprise tell the media that their competitors use a forbidden additive to their products; a famous star expose to the public that another star has a bastard raised somewhere. These lies are mean and should be condemned.

Neutral lies are meant nothing and are much simpler. When asked about private things, people may avoid answering the truth by telling a lie. This does no harm to both sides and is a protection to privacy.

So lies are generally divided into three types

People all tell lies, on different occasions. Maybe what they need to do is just tell less spiteful lies, then life may become better.


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    • profile image

      RV 3 years ago

      A Beneficial Lie? Those come back and bite you in the ass. You may think its of benefit, but who is anyone to decide what is or isn't beneficial?

      A Neutral Lie? Instead of lying about a 'Private Matter', why not just say "It's None Of Your Business?

      Here's some reality for you... tell enough lies and you often end up having to lie again to cover up for the original lie you got caught on. So some good advice to anyone who might read this... Just tell the truth.

    • profile image

      v rocks 5 years ago

      People who lie obviously are cowards and ain't worth having around in life. I can't stand a dishonest person.

    • profile image

      bob 6 years ago

      yo moma

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      Recently the white house granted 222 companies including unions a waiver from the provisions of the Healthcare reform bill. The Healthcare bill in its present form excludes all uions. Even though President Barak Obama stated that unions will not be exempt from the bill.the president apparently didn’t read the bill either as did our elected officials who voted on the 2600 page bill.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa

      On Nov.5th President Barak Obama, Mrs. Obama , the Obama children and an untroge will leave Washington heading to India supposedly on government business. Air Force 1and 2 plus 40 other planes will take the Obama’s to India for a 3 day trip. The entire hotel of 570 rooms will house the group.

      The cost to the taxpayer must be in the $ millions. As the President once said on the campaign trail regarding the economy and unemployment ‘’ I know your hurt ‘’

      For all those going to the polls on Nov 2nd one must seriously consider their vote for the best candidate on the ticket. As a reminder of what the president said before being elected in 2008 ,‘’change we need’’, ‘’in 5 days we will transform the republic ‘’ and ‘’yes we can’’.

      It has been 23 months since President Obama took over the Whitehouse with a super majority Democrat controlled Congress. We are still waiting for the jobs he promised. The Obama administration has spent $ 800 billion and still no jobs. The big awakening will be on Jan.1,2011. Taxes will go up for everyone since congress did not act before leaving town. Business’s healthcare cost will rise 30% to comply with the new healthcare bill. The economy will get worst and unemployment will go up. The 2011 budget has even been presented to congress even though it was to be completed before fiscal year 2011 started on Oct. 1,2010. Reports say that the deficit in 2011 will be another $ trillion ( SHOULD THE DEMOCRATS KEEP CONTROL ) following $1.4 trillion in 2009 and $1.3 trillion in 2010. Somehow the people need change in Washington do you agree.

      On nov. 2nd get past the propaganda, seek the truth and vote the bums out.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      ’Cut back government spending’’

      Who can recall when Congress was grilling the automobile industry executives for the use of company private jets when the companies were going broke. President Barak Obama and Congress made the executives give up their jets to save money. The Answer to the automobile industry was for the taxpayers to bail out the auto industry for $ billions and save union pension funds.

      When will Congress step in and stop President Obama from traveling weekly on taxpayer owned jets. Obama is the Chief Executive of the largest employer taxpayer owned, non for profit, entity in the United States. The Obama run government entity has multi year deficits of $ trillions in the past 23 months. On the campaign trail President Barak Obama says ‘’ I know your hurt’’ referring to the people. The cost for the President to leave Washington each and every time runs in the $millions. Does he really understand how much the nation needs jobs.

      Why would anyone give Obama and this Congress more time to wreck the nation? The Bush tax cuts will end on Dec.31st.On Jan. 1 ALL the peoples taxes will go up.

      On Nov2nd vote the bums out. The people need to take back the government ASAP.

    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 7 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Thanks for putting this issue clearly in perspective. These are good ideas to focus on.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


      ''Liars make them to revenge or pull their rivalries down. These happen a lot in politics''

      President Barak Obama on the campaign trail for Democrat candidates.

    • thailandtravel profile image

      thailandtravel 7 years ago from Thailand

      I agree with your's tell. but I think the lies have more 2 type : lies for myself and lies for others(this may be the one you love).

      Sorry,If I write it's not that well because I'm not very good know English.

    • profile image

      Uppercrust 7 years ago

      Between the idea and the reality, between the emotion and the act, fall the shadow of lie

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon


    • AJHargrove profile image

      AJHargrove 8 years ago from USA

      Have you ever looked into the science of reading lies by watching microexpressions?

    • profile image

      3cardmonte 8 years ago

      well said, unforunately many of the people I know tell only spiteful lies.