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Types of Love: Looking Through Indian & Greek Mythology

Updated on February 25, 2019

LOVE is an intense emotion. We love being in love. We love the idea of love. At some extent we live for love.

Inherently we connect LOVE with romantic only. It's love no doubt. But We love our parents, we love our friends, we love our neighbors, we love our pets. And don't we love this world?

Indian and Greek mythology have shown us that there are various kind of love. And each is equally intense and beautiful.

Almost similar in some aspects

As we go through these mythologies in this particular aspect there are a number of similarities. They talk about the love which is devoted to this world, they show us the love which we have for our friends and they describe the love which is physical.

These two mythologies indicate different types of love with different name but somewhere they say the same thing also.

Bhakti: Devotional Love

In Hinduism "Bhakti" means emotional or spiritual devotionalism. It's a way to get "moksha" or salvation. So it's the highest form of love. This love could be for your God, it could be for the eternal world. This love lead towards the way of Nirvana. It makes you free. And it's the ultimate and absolute.

Agape Love

In Greek culture, Agape love refers to ultimate love. It doesn't see any discrimination. It involves the love which is highest in form. It is unconditional. It is the love which God has for us and vice versa. Agape love gives us the opportunity to love this whole universe. It has no boundaries. It surpasses

Maitri: Generous Love

Sanskrit word "Maitri" means generous compassion towards others. This generous love make us feel sympathy and empathy. We feel this love when you help a random person or support our friends in their difficult times. It's a practice to be kind hearted.

Philia Love

Greek mythology describes a powerful emotional love between friends which is Philia love. It's affection towards fellow people. It's a brotherly love. This love make us helpful and kind towards people.

Kama: Physical Love

"Kamadeva" is Hindu God of human love and desire. "Kama" means physical longing. Kāmasūtra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life, attributed to Vātsyāyana. So basically it is physical desire and love. It involves physical intimacy and craving for each other. In Hinduism it is neither forbidden nor ultimate.


Greek god Eros is the god of sensual love. It is physical and carnal craving for each other. This love evokes sensual desires. This love includes lovers who will have erotic feeling towards each other.

Little Bit Different Kind of Love

As both the culture have similarities. So it does have some kind of uniqueness as well.

Indian mythology introduces us a love which is playful and at the same time another love which is to being in love with your own self.

Greek mythology also shows us what should we call the love which we feel for our family.

Shringara: Romantic Love

According to Indian mythology "Shringara" literally means adornments, and in love it means romanticism. It involves flirting in couple. This is the love in which lovers shares cute moments together. It's kind of prior to physical love.

Atma Prema: Self Love

In Hinduism "Atma" means self and "Prema" means love. Today we are very much familiar with this term. Self love is to being in love with yourself. If you can't love yourself then how could you love anyone or anythinng. It's not being selfish but being self respect full. The love which you will feel within yourself, you will give the world same.

Storge Love

In Greek mythology, Storge love is the love which a parent feel for his or her children and vice versa. It's a natural instinct. This kind of love family shares with each other. It's affection between familial bond.

Let's Love the Love

So there are lots of love out there. Let's grab it as much as we can. And let's share it as much as we should.

© 2019 KAMKAR


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      Arena Dey 

      2 years ago

      wow such a great thing to know

      . I am ager to know about

      More .


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