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Types of Women - And which types you should never date

Updated on August 18, 2012

"She's just not my type."

Have you heard that before? Or better yet, have you said that before?

At some point or another I think we have all uttered such sentence. But what does it really mean? Do human beings really come divided in types, such as cars or cellphones do?

I wasn't too sure, so I thought and thought, and arrived to the conclusion that there are several characteristics that, when bunched together, can definitely make us a type of person, especially when it pertains to the difficult, yet so enjoyable, world of dating.

Let's examine a few types of women, and see if you can figure out which one is your type. Or if you're a girl, see if you can find which type would best describe you.

Material Girls look for money
Material Girls look for money

Types of women: Material Girl

We are all familiar with this one. She is always present in chick flicks and especially in soap-operas. She is the villain and every guy falls for her because she is more beautiful than Aphrodite.

How to spot her
Her appearance is usually a big give away. She is always well dressed and usually wearing expensive brand names all over her body, from her anklet to her shampoo. The material girl will only pay attention to you if you are wealthy or if you look like you are wealthy (keep in mind that she might run away the minute she finds out you're not really wealthy and drowning in debt).

She might be all over your Mercedes-Benz, or drooling all over your new and expensive Salvatore Ferragamo shirt.

Should you date her?
It all depends. Most level-headed guys would say no and run for the hills. But if you are just as materialistic as she is, then maybe you two deserve one another.

The Smart type is fond of books and learning
The Smart type is fond of books and learning

Types of women: The Smart Girl Type

Things get a little bit trickier when we get into the brains arena. Why? Mostly because the Smart Girl type can be divided in sub-types. Let's see a few.

The Smart and Super Feminist type

This is the girl that is involved in making women equal to men (which thank God we are not, but that's a whole different subject. For more on that click here). They are constantly putting men down and using their smarts to make them feel lower and dirtier than trash.

They will usually scoff at any man who even dares think about dating them or who might find them the slightest bit attractive. As they say, they are not to be judged by their appearance and calling them beautiful is just an insult to them and their sex.

How to spot her
Because these girls are so involved in trying to be equal to men, they usually don't care much for their appearance. Their hair is usually left to airdry and very few of these girls will even think about dying their locks.

Their clothes are not the trendiest, and will usually be spotted wearing faded, ill-fitting and outdated jeans.

Should you date her?
This one is not up to you. She won't let you date her, so there.

The Smart and Not-So-Extreme Feminist

This is a girl who stands for her rights and knows how to do it. She is well-read, knows a lot about a lot, and is not afraid to show you she is better than you.

How to spot her
Unlike her poorly dressed counterpart, the not-so-extreme feminist type is more likely to blend in and wear fashionable clothes. Because she blends in so well, it would be hard to sport her merely based on appearances.

To really know whether you are talking to a Smart, Not-so-extreme feminist you must engage her in conversation, meaningful conversation. If your conversation is not interesting she will let you know off the bat. She will not put up with shallow and mediocre chatter. She has no qualms in letting you know exactly what's wrong with you and why you are not at her level.

Should you date her?
Definitely. She's a girl you can learn a lot from, or if you're the intellectual type, she will be one who listens and actually understands what you're talking about.

However, getting a date with this girl will not be an easy task. You need to show her you are as smart, if not more, as she is. Otherwise, you're as good as gone.

The Smart and Timid type

This is the girl who has spent her entire life reading books and has had no time to develop a social life or social skills.

How to spot her
She is the book worm at the library. Her clothes reveal that she hasn't had a wardrobe renovation since the 90's. In fact, her appearance may very well be the same as the extreme feminist, but for very different reasons. The smart, timid girl dresses like that because she hasn't been out in society long enough to know what's cool and because she is too immersed in her books to notice her appearance.

Engaging in conversation with this type might prove difficult, mostly because she won't know how to respond at your attempts to dialogue. She might either ignore you out of fear, or answer in silly, childish, giggly ways.

Should you date her?
This type is usually very sweet and will appreciate your efforts to break her out of your shell. She wants the interaction, she just doesn't know how to get it. If you introduce her to the world, she will be forever thankful, and once she learns to engage in conversation, she will keep you interested for hours on end.

The Easy type will usually wear provocative clothing
The Easy type will usually wear provocative clothing

The Smart and Introverted Type.

She is smart, she loves learning and she dislikes social interaction. Her best friend is usually a book and laptop (or a newer version, such as an iPad). She is not looking for social interaction, unless it is with someone she cares to talk about.

How to spot her
Her clothes are much more up to date than those of the smart and timid type. She is usually found with her nose inside a book, or writing something in her notebook. Engaging her in conversation is easy, but keeping her interested is another story. Since she is not looking for conversation, she will not stay engaged unless you have something of interest to share with her. If you don't, she will make up some lame excuse to leave.

Should you date her?
Absolutely. Just make sure you know how to keep her interested, or things won't work out. She is a very interesting type, who is also very polite. If you are not smarter than her, she will help you grow. If you are smart, you too will have long, engaging conversations.

Types of women: The Easy type

Okay, so this is simple. She's easy and everybody knows it. Everybody.

How to spot her
Her skanky clothes will tell you everything you need to know about her.

Should you date her?
Not unless you want an STD.

The Annoying type is annoying
The Annoying type is annoying

Types of women: The Dumb and Annoying Type

They are dumb and annoying. They will fall for any attempt at conversation, often making you regret you ever tried to talk to her. Her voice is nasal, her interests are absent, and her neurons don't connect.

Should you date her?
Only if you want to feel smart.

There are many, many more types of girl, which I shall cover in another hub. For now, think about these types and which ones you are, would like to be or would like to date.



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    • Silver Q profile image

      Silver Q 5 years ago

      Hi zsobig!

      Thank you for reading! I definitely agree with you. Every person is so unique that it's hard to just bunch everyone in a category. This hub is mainly based on the generalities I have seen and on many girls I know that seem to fit into one category. :)

      Thank you for your comment!

    • zsobig profile image

      Sophie 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Wow, very nice hub - and I can say this even if I am a woman :).

      There are many true statements in your article, based on this I would be able to categorise many women.

      Still, I have to say not everything is black or white, so there are many in-betweeners :).

      Otherwise, very nice hub, voted up and interesting!