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Unbelievable…but true

Updated on September 26, 2011

From a distance they seemed to be happy. Smiles traced their faces, and tears of happiness followed their giggles. Talkative as they were, life had been a mist to them and every little thing seemed to cause a problem in their busy minds. The more they thought about it, the less sense everything seemed to make. Showered by the thoughts that never belonged to themselves, and fatigued by the disdained flickering of hope…those smiles slowly began to heavy upon their lips and no longer could they endure its pain.

Sanctioned by the world that always seemed to ruthlessly tear their hearts apart, and overlooked by the families that always loved to see as their root of hope rapidly grew into a branch of prosperity and success. All they ever wanted was someone who would listen, who would understand…who would share their hopes and turn their agonies into glints of a memory that no longer existed but in the distant past. Alas when that man appeared, he was hushed and casted off where he had but the birds to listen to his released anger. They thought that by silencing the angered people they were creating peace, but little did they know that their anger was beginning to alter into hatred, thus spreading its venom even more.

I always seemed to wonder why we always think that it’s best to silence ourselves and others from the mere truth that lies across our minds. We refrain from asking because we are afraid, frightened from the inevitable future that we see ahead clearly as the blueness of the sky. We caused ourselves misery; we created a drama out of our thoughts that if we looked clearly…were just thoughts. We hid ourselves and stood silently in the crowd scarcely ever knowing what was happening around us. What was our business hardly, ever was then…and what was far from it, was. Could we have but expressed ourselves candidly, could we have but let a hint slip from our sealed lips…could we have but said a word, a nod or even a reproachful thought! The world would have moved a deal faster and easier had we been more candid in our expressions. Yes, A great deal faster.


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    • profile image

      Kudu Johnson 6 years ago

      Beautiful article. You're an extremely talented writer. Keep them coming

    • profile image

      Susan Jones 6 years ago

      Simply beautiful.