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Updated on August 29, 2012

Keeping it real

Welcome readers, this article can and does apply to men or women in relationships. Now the saying keeping it real over the last decade or so has sky rocketed. Although one must ask themselves does anyone keep it real? And if they do what classifies as keeping it real? When it comes to dating either online or in person before you proceed you need to know the answers to these questions. Most people depending on who your dating don't totally keep it real with you. Remember those arguments you had about stuff he/she never told you and suddenly you just walked onto a battlefield? Well keeping it real is not as easy as it is said. When you first get to know someone keep in mind their is ALWAYS something they are hiding from you. What does that mean for you? DON'T THROW ALL YOUR CARDS ON THE TABLE! For things to really work in your favor you need to hold back until you have the full story. So keeping real means be able to know when to be straight forward and when to shut up and look around you. It's not easy for women most times to be straight forward but i can tell you this if your not straight forward with him then your not giving it a chance. When i say straight forward I mean telling him what you need and want upfront. Men typically are more honest in this way but men don't put all their business for you to see immediately. This really isn't a bad thing, because like men women need to have limits on what we tell too.

Strong vs Weak

Have you heard the saying only the strong will survive and the weak will be destroyed? This is very true even in relationships. If you are weak all the time you will keep meeting and falling for men/women who can see your weakness. Then its all down hill from there. You have to be strong if you plan on dating because dating isn't easy. Be honest with yourself if you don't want the burden of being a full time boyfriend/girlfriend then just say it. Feelings will come and go. If the other person can't handle that then let that be there problem. In life you can't show how weak you are and expect to be taken care of. You have to focus on YOU. No one will give you self esteem, that's why its called SELF esteem. You have love yourself no matter what others think. If you just want to have sex and friendship then you do it because it makes you happy. If you want to have a full time relationship with someone you do it because you are happy and ready for it. Strength is one of the many gifts that was given to us but its up to you to use it and make it grow.

Keep your heart

When I say be strong I don't mean lose your heart. I just mean to keep your heart in the right place so the wrong hands don't reach it. Be smart when it comes to dating and remember that not every relationship will work out. Sometimes its better just to accept your differences and keep it pushing forward. You have to know your limits but don't be so strong that you never give it a chance. You don't want to get to a point where your so strong that you don't even know where your heart is. That can happen and when you do find it, it could be too late. So when its good roll with it and be thankful for the great times. When its bad then accept the punches and do what you must. Always keep it moving because if your same spot you was 3 years ago with no changes? Ask yourself what are you not doing?

final words

No matter if your man or woman you need to be strong in what you choose to do with your life. Take it from me, I made a lot of mistakes but I moved up from them and continue to do so. In relationships its best to play it smart then to get played. If your dating online then you really need to be 10 times stronger than the average relationship. Simply because you don't have the comfort of being able to see each other whenever you want. Goodbye is always right at the end of every conversation. If your dating in person again be strong but keep your eyes and ears open. Hear every side not just one. Their is always two sides to a story. So don't put that blindfold of love on until you know for CERTAIN you will not be lead into a battlefield with this person with no weapons to defend yourself. In time you will find that you be able to be true to yourself. And that's what keeping it real is all about. Take care feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page if you wish.


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