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Unclear relationships are often created by the lonely people ...

Updated on March 24, 2016

In any relationship, not always possible to name a relationship, not always can define the boundaries between friendship and love with the narrow boundaries that we set for it a the name "ambiguous relationship". This relationship once walked through, with any luck, it will start the couple's love, of the sweet and happy, but, unfortunately, it will be the turn of two acquaintances into two that is unfamiliar with sad memories, the memories attached to nostalgia, are difficult to heal wounds.


Unclear relationships are often created by the lonely people, by those who crave once interest or concern for someone, by people who have had scars without courage love again, rescue buoy is for those who are protruding in life ... so can summed up this relationship that is created by people who are not brave enough.

Because not brave enough to face the loneliness of yourself, with the way the car went on alone, with her sitting at a café where the bar sipped familiar, with her as a day to enjoy life by day, when alone with those undergoing special holidays, so when someone appears asking, little attention was enough to hook me again.


Because life is too harsh, amid fighting game with its protruding suddenly have someone come to hug me in your heart, listen to the complaints of the patient and gives us advice as excuse enough to do we keep them but not to own them deep into our lives. Just as we need them, this relationship needs to know is that in this life there is also not a stranger to my relatives concerned, someone worthy of our sincere concern.Because bearing scars from old love affair without the courage to forget, to let go, so we need someone to the side to fill gaps in the heart, needed a shared and felt the pain with I need someone who appeared alongside lend me your shoulders when he needs to.

so on, who are not brave enough to look to each other, comfort each other, care for each other by an unnamed emotion, by definition difficult relationship. Until one day the relationship needs a name that is clear, we again run away just because not brave enough to love, not brave enough to admit their love for each other, not the other person brave enough to step my heart. And then, after the escape that I accidentally left in each one wound not say in words, leave the regrets, only memories buried deep in my heart to know that just a light touch is enough ached Pain. Want blame can only blame that because we are not brave enough!

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