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Understanding The Meaning Within The Meaning

Updated on September 11, 2009

What you really mean!

 I have been writing explaining the traits of a male VIRGO. I have always had the ability to read people quite well. I always see the hidden meaning in what is said, or written. I received a reply from a reader, pertaining to my article about male VIRGO'S. I could tell that he was young, depressed and he blames others for his traits.

The email screen name he used was Samurai Of Chuck Norris Demise. I would be afraid of this guy, what he is saying is that he wants to save himself or others from the sword or knife. It is my opinion that he is a slow ticking time bomb. He describes himself as emotionally cold, controlling, withdrawn, and distrustful of others.

I would say that he is quite capable of harming himself, or others. What people say and what they write and the words that they use very important. I was on a dating site last week, reading profiles and this user emailed me. He claimed that he does not get many replies, he stated that he was a retired attorney, but by reading his profile and how he wrote I could tell he was disturbed, not in a good way.

I did reply and commented that I was sorry that he lost all of his savings in the Bernie money scam, and his reply was very strange. He replied that all that goes through his brain are pictures of naked women. My reply was wrong answer, and I deleted that web site.

It is not difficult to  figure people out, they make it quite easy. If a man talks about his divorce, and puts all the blame on  his ex-wife he is lying. If a man tells you that he never got along with his mother and father, dump him. If a man calls you after a date to see if you got home, it really means that he is calling to find out if you went home.

If a man or a woman can not look at you when they are speaking to you, they can not be trusted. Or if their eyes are moving side to side, they are lying. A person that asks too many questions, is not curious but has a secret agenda for you later on. People pick their victims, and they are very good at it. Both men and woman do the same thing. If a man wants to know if you are available he will say something that will make you answer whether you have a husband or a boyfriend. They never ask directly, it comes in a circle of questions.

I remember this lady in New York did not trust her husband, as she  had found him cheating many times. He would leave for work very early in the morning, and what she did was to give him his black socks, inside out. He never noticed when he would put them on. She would check when he came home, and if the socks were right side, she knew he had taken them off. I find this a extreme case, but this lady found and confronted every woman that her husband was fooling around with.

Did you ever go to an interview, and you are a few minutes early? You announce yourself  and wait, and wait, and wait. It is a form of control, a game played. I will not wait longer that 5 minutes. I do not want to work for some one who plays mental head games. Sometimes as you are starting your interview, the person interviewing is rushing you through, not interested at all. That person made their mind up before you ever got into their office. You were not the right "look" that they had in their mental mind, regardless of your qualifications.

It so much easier to say what you mean, direct and to the point. I practice this way of living and it does cause some unrest. I have no ulcer's, no stress because I do not suppress anything I feel. I read people and I know that I am correct.

The eyes are the mirror into the soul, and if the eyes are empty, their soul is as well. There have only been a handful of people that I have met, that at a first meeting have smiled and said I like you.

People need to take the time to read between the lines, and it will make life so much easier.





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