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Understanding a Bitch

Updated on March 12, 2016

Isn't it hard.. To understand women? I mean what the heck right? Like for example when you get them mad they say "go away!" but really it means they want you to be sweet and cuddle with them and all. It's crazy right? How their so freaking confusing and super duper moody. Well, as a woman I can only say that, the only reason's why we're like this is because.. A) We're on our shark week B) we're not feeling very well and need comfort C) overthinking about something and last but not least D) you did something very wrong

I know I know yes indeed we are a pain in the ass. But surely we know how to treat a man right. Damn right. We're caring and very sweet, specially if we know that a guy is really serious about us. Yes we're confusing and it takes time to memorize our moods and the things you have to do when we are in a current mood. But, don't worry you'll get use to it someday.. All a woman wants is to feel loved and to feel cared for. And when she is in her uhm shark week.. well.. buy her chocolates, candies, pizza :) surprise her and most of all cuddle with her and tell her how much you love her and love being with her.

When a woman starts yelling at you for no darn reason at all.. Don't yell at her or make her feel like the thing she's saying is wrong.. All though it is.. Us woman like to always be right at everything. I know annoying right? But, once we know we're wrong we'll stop and won't say anything at all.. Kindly ask her what's wrong and if she keep nagging you and won't stop that mouth from yelling then just hug her out of nowhere. Okay? I hope somehow I helped, HAHA


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