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Communicating With The Paranormal, Are You Willing To Listen ?

Updated on March 20, 2015

Have you ever wondered about communication with the other side ?

I have had both the pleasure and excitement of communicating with my loved ones and or friends who have passed on to the " other side ".

This was as exciting as it was scary . However there are as many fakers out there as there are real people who can do the "real deal ", and actually communicate . I am one of them .

This is not the gypsy with the crystal ball, this is the real deal experiences and I would like to teach you how to recognize those skills within almost everyone and signs when someone or something is around you.

Many communication attempts by loved one's who have passed on go without notice or are ignored and that's so sad for them. Many people are afraid of the " unknown" so they will turn as they say a blind eye, not wanting to admit that they actually say or heard or felt that.It's so much out of their comfort zone of understanding that they just won't admit it.

When a person passes on , sometimes their soul goes on and crosses over a few days before they actually pass on. Thus often , they are with you the time you actually receive the bad news. It's up to you to recognize or be receptive to the signs of their acceptance.

Number one thing you need to do is .. Open your mind to what I am trying to teach.

there are several signs when either a loved one . friend or even a pet is near.

1) The room may get really cold for the duration of their visit. Their have been times where I have asked them to go away for awhile, I'm just to cold but let them know they are welcome to return another day.

2) There maybe a kinda stale or off the norm odor around but only in the room they are in.It can be present in only that room of the house as that may be their favorite area to visit.

3) You may see items move ever so slightly or even ( if they want to have fun with you , the item that you saw last might show up somewhere else when you know you didn't touch it ).Or you have spent the last half hour searching for an item which suddenly is laying on the table where you looked at least 6 times. Or suddenly you notice it in your hand . Things like that nature.

4) Anything from a flashing light to a annoying fly or bug that seems to just not want to go away. They usually are gone once you bring out something that could potentially hurt them .

5 ) Ever make a wrong turn that you think was by accident and you ask yourself why would I do that ? Well sometimes its because someone is in the car with you and made it happen. They think its funny cause they can make you do that.

5) Physical contact, touching parts of your body or feel a blowing at you. Always say Hi if you encounter any of this so they know that you are aware

6) NEVER EVER be afraid to open your mind and accept things for what they are.

Makes You Think

Encounters I have experienced

Here are some encounters I have experienced

1) I have smelt my mothers perfume several times. And have felt her presence many times also. She gets frustrated because her grand kids won't listen to me when I try to say what she wants them to know.

2) When my girlfriend comes by I know its her by the calming kind of summer evening breeze feeling it leaves me.I feel her waving and telling me things . She was always a comedian and we shared her humor even she was at her worst. She left this world with no remorse and has taken the pleasantness with her.

3) My husbands spirit stays more at the front door of the house, kinda assessing what's happening. I know its him by how the animals react. A dog will only react to his loved one where a cat will react to all spirits in the area.

4 ) There was a young man who was killed in a car accident about a mile from my home and his spirit visited me on several occasions , blowing on my face was his thing, apparently he was trying to find out who was able to recognize a spirits presence and who cannot.I went to my spiritual reader and she explained all about him.

5)There was an incident whereby my son at six years old came into my bedroom and woke my husband and myself to ask us who the man in the coat and hat was that was sitting on our stairs. Of course we go up there and nothing to be seen. However over the next few weeks he was sighted by myself and my husband at different times.

6) A few years ago , I was at staying at a friend of mines place . Someone in the night turned the heat up to 30 C two nights in a row and on the third night on my way to her washroom I saw a man in a purple shirt and grey pants.

7) I have over time lost a cat and two dogs . In each instance they returned on the nights of their passing's . The cat walked over my head as I was laying in bed and was purring in my ear. The first dog sat beside the bed and panted the way he always did, making the second dog made his appearance two nights later and jumped up beside me where he always slept, nudged me and was gone.

Was this a dream or ?

I am going to tell you about the afternoon I was lying on my bed on my stomach in a half awake, half asleep state.

There is a feeling of a twirling wind that goes around my feet and legs lifting my legs as shown below. Then the same energy of wind raises the front of my body and now I am completely out of my bed and being hurled against the wall. Thinking that this is going to really hurt ,I brace myself but am gently placed against the wall.

The next thing i am back in my bed and a dream where by someone has put me in a brown station wagon and like a sling shot i am pulled to the back of the car and hurled to the steering wheel, Same as before I am stopped just before hitting the wheel. My spiritual reader says that the wall scene was not a dream but the station wagon was, It was my sub conscious trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

The reader also shared that it was a male energy telling me that I would be protected.We did not know what from at that point .

About two weeks later my van went into a ice induced skid and I was being hurled toward a snowbank that looked pretty mean but as I get there the van stops and gets gently placed beside the snow bank with no damage to my van and no injury to me !

first the legs then the front end.
first the legs then the front end.

Dreams Are Not Always What They Seem

The world of paranormal is interesting

In July of 2012 , I went to my spiritual reader in hopes of understanding something that was going on with me , That got knda thrown out by the wayside and she began describing my husbands demise and when and how but the most bizarre thing she could of described was the fact that he would die under something green. Well that something was a green blanket my son gave my husband in the hospital and yes he died under it. She did not know he even had that blanket .

Once again with an open mind you may discover these phenomenons to be both interesting and scary .

You may learn at the same time the skills to read peoples minds and see their thoughts . I do it all the time but sometimes I can't piece my thoughts together fast enough to interpret the meaning until the event has happened

Seek a spiritual church near you for further support and understanding. They will teach you channeling and understanding your own intuitions or predictions . All of us probably experience some premonitions at some time or another but these kind of churches can help you understand and use them to help yourself and sometimes others .

Channeling the sprits

To learn more about channeling the spirits and further developing the ability to communicate with the other side I urge you to visit this web site .

Cut and paste this into your browser

REAL Sleep Paralysis, Scary Dreams, Night Terrors, Dark Shadows, Paranormal ACTIVITY Explained!

In Summary

You only live once .. Think about what I have been saying and try it . You might surprise yourself with what you learn .If you like that and feel like moving on to another level of understanding you could possibly develop the ability to read into the minds and lives of others. I like doing that. Its pretty interesting what you can pick up on when a stranger sits down next to you.


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    • Sherry Hinchliffe profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Manitoba Canada

      While some people view communication with those who have crossed over as evil or even sacreligious , I totally disagree. I was taught that all of the good people in my life who have passed on go to heaven and heaven is sacred so... How can communicating with those people be evil ?

      This would be a good forum discussion I'm thinking.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      An interesting way to view the world. Be blessed!


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