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Unforgettable and Forgotten

Updated on December 25, 2012

Unforgettable – An Owe to dating life

Like my skin you are bonded to my heart and soul

My mind recalls your words and records them in my heart

The scent of your body lingers

The feel of your touch invokes passion and love


The sound of your voice

Causing excitement and a melody in my heart

The touch of your lips on mine

The feeling of love and home when you hug me

Holding hands feeling cared for and led through all storms


Your unique viewpoints and perspectives

Your care – affection- attention

Your wit and humor that tickles me

Your intelligent mind and thoughts


Losing love for you in a candle lit oasis

Realizing we were never meant to be

Perhaps I’ve never met you before

For what is encountered and presented is so rarely true

Erasing you from memory and heart



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