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Unique Bridal Shower Decorating Details with Flowers

Updated on April 26, 2012

planning a bridal shower using flowers for the theme is very unique

unique bridal shower decorations using flowers are one of a kind events
unique bridal shower decorations using flowers are one of a kind events | Source

hosting a unique bridal shower for the special bride in your life can be even more special with flowers

Bridal showers are celebrations or occasions that are anticipated as part of the long line of events leading up to the big day. Helping the bride and groom celebrate the exchange of vows by hosting a bridal shower is a wonderful way to show you care. As a bridal shower host the success is in the details. Getting the details right can make or break a party.

A majority of weddings take place in the summertime. Having the bridal shower a couple of months before the big event are a great idea. This means that hosting and planning a bridal shower usually takes place during the springtime. Take advantage of this time of year by using flowers as a unique bridal shower decorating detail. If a bride has a special place in her heart or personality for flowers this will definitely create a bridal shower that guests and the bride find more than impressive.

Springtime is when almost all flowers are in bloom with their beautiful colors and details. Whatever flower needed or required is not difficult to find and competitively priced. As a host use this special decorating detail to make the occasion more than remarkable. There are tons of unique bridal shower decorating details with flowers that are fairly easy and inexpensive.

These are unique bridal shower decorating ideas and details using flowers which are extremely useful.

Go with the wedding colors

A lot of hosts will elect to go with the bride’s wedding color scheme. Generally at this point in planning the wedding and surrounding celebration the colors have been chosen. If electing to simply go with the wedding color scheme, a mixture of flowers can be utilized for the bridal shower theme.

Decorate with flowers using the bride’s personality

Consider the bride’s personality when using flowers for decorating bridal showers. Choose her favorite flower and go with it. If she doesn’t have a favorite try and imagine what type of personality the bride has to match a floral decorating theme. Is she a rough and tumble sort of girl? Get a rough and tumble sort of flower.

As a host match the flowers with her birthstone or month. This idea can be a little tough, but certainly not impossible depending on what type of personality the bride has.

The number of flowers to use

Depending on the number of guests you have at the shower may make a difference in how much can be done with flowers as unique bridal shower decorating details. A small shower in a small forum can have a lot of floral decoration at an inexpensive cost. However, if you have a large gathering in a hall attempting to fill it with floral bouquets may take the majority of a decorating budget.

The amount of space to fill, what type of flowers are being used and the decorating budget will all affect the number of flowers used. Even one large bouquet for the bride’s table space works okay as a wedding shower decorating idea.

Outside bridal showers using flowers

Usually the outside bridal shower using flowers as part of decorating is difficult. However, bridal showers that are held outdoors can also have flowers as part of the embellishments. There are wonderful parks and other settings where flowers are plentiful and can be merged into trimming details.

If there is a friend or relative with an outdoor space already full of flowers consider having the bridal shower in this setting.

Flowers do not have to be an expensive decorating investment

Although any flower can be used for the bridal shower theme carnations are a wonderful idea. Carnations are one of the most inexpensive flowers in the marketplace and can be any color imaginable. White carnations can be colored easily by simply setting them in a vase of food color and allowing the cut flower to absorb whatever color is poured into the vase. For an example, instead of paying an additional dollar per red carnation purchase white carnations and set them in a vase of red food color and allow them to change to red over a couple of hours.

Shop around for bargains on flowers. Many flowers purchased through a supermarket floral service versus private florists can save a huge amount of money. Even picking flowers from nearby gardens of friends and relatives is an inexpensive and personal gift to provide to your bride for a bridal shower.

Cut and clipped flowers placed in decorative inexpensive vases can even be party favors for guests to take home with them.

In conclusion

Flowers are plentiful and fairly inexpensive depending on what types are used and how they are incorporated in the bridal shower planning decorating details. They can be used a little or a lot. Flowers can be used as part of the decorations and coordinate with a color scheme for the bride. These can be matched to the wedding colors or pick the bride’s favorite color or flower. Imagine roses, tulips, carnations and even cactus. Flowers are beautiful as a unique decorating idea for a bridal shower. Use them to make a difference and make the party stand out.


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