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Unique Gift Ideas For The Mistress, Bit On The Side, or Younger Girlfriend or Toyboy

Updated on July 18, 2013

Unique gift ideas for the other woman, bit on the side or the mistress.

Gift ideas for men or woman whom are the 'hidden' partner in a relationship, or just an embarrassment.

Many single people hide their partners from family and friends for a variety of reasons. Some because they may have a drink or drug problem, and some because their hidden partners have been sexually active and been ridden more times than a train.

Mistresses are a different story. Many mistresses can play on a single thing that is missing from a relationship, and fill that void. This then usually makes the man, or woman, falsely loving this new hidden partner. Other mistresses have fallen in love and just hope that one day the man will leave their wife for them. Usually a false hope.

Mistresses, also known as vixens, cows, female dogs, and a variety of other names which cannot be repeated, are usually blamed for marital breakups, but it does take two to tango, although dancing is usually not on their mind.


The Ideal Gift Idea.

Most wives would love to give the other woman in their relationship some poison for Christmas or a Birthday. But not necessarily this kind of poison.

Giving perfume to a 'hidden' partner may also be a dangerous venture. What happens when a person goes home and their wife or girlfriend hugs them and smells this scent on their clothes? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Prior to purchasing perfume for another person, think very carefully. Or choose the same perfume as both the women or men wear in the relationship. Simples.

Click on the smaller images for full adultery selection of men and womans scents.

For The Toyboy

The Little Rascals. ? ? ? ?

Toyboys, sometimes referred to as gigolo's, jail bait, or names which cannot be mentioned on this site, always love to receive aftershave. Most older woman buy their toyboys aftershave that they themselves like, not necessarily what their tiny lovers like.

Elder woman do have an obsession with their toyboys, rather like having a pet dog that fits into their handbag. They love to play with them, brush their hair, and take them out to expensive restaurants.

But because their bark is worse than their bite, they never really let them into the family home, ever.

Younger men love the experience of older woman, and when bought after shave, will always wear it to meet their illicit lovers. It does make them feel important in their woman's lives, even though they are normally about as important as last weeks newspaper. Will they ever learn?


To Hide All Their Secrets.

Angel design for a mistress, a strange and rather twisted outlook.

Handbags are possibly more important to a woman than a man, and they usually have at least for or five for every relationship they have had in their lives.

Take a look inside a woman's wardrobe, their will be loads of handbags which are never used, but they must have them.

BUT....Never look inside a woman's handbag for several reasons. 1) You may never come out alive, 2) You may never be seen again, 3) You may not like what you find, 4) You may be disturbed for the rest of your life.

This little number is from Victoria Secrets collection, and is usable everyday for every situation, including putting their pet dog in.

Please click on the smaller image to view full selection available.




If They Can Read

Like all gifts on this page, they can be sent to different address's. E books are brilliant for all concerned. If you think your partner is cheating, sending them an eBook titled 'Deadly Deceit' may cause some worrying moments and times of sweating on their behalf.

If the book is for a toyboy, maybe their lovers will read it for them at bedtime.

Or buy the hardback version and let them look at the pictures.

Most relationships with three or more partners in, inevitable come to a disastrous end. The main ones to suffer more are always the children. So for their sake, be as amicable and upright as possible, it is already a harsh world for kids out there, don';t make it the same at home for them.

Please leave your cheating experience comments here.

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    • NachoNiki profile image


      6 years ago from Denver

      This is hilarious! Thanks!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      wish i met a girl who deserved all this stuff, i continue to meet whores


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