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Unique and Fun Bridal Shower Gifts

Updated on May 9, 2012

The bridal shower is an old, old tradition, giving a bride's friends a chance to celebrate her upcoming marriage with her and to “shower” her with gifts. Usually the bride and groom have registered at stores for the things that they need or would like to have in their life together, and these are often a good place to start. But why not try to give something that's more original? Amid the onslaught of kitchen tools, home décor, and even lingerie that has become the standard gifting fare, something that's a bit more personalized will be appreciated. Here are a few ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

Gift Cards

This is somewhat common already, but don't just give gift cards to the stores where the couple is registered. The restaurant that they went to on their first date, movie or theater tickets, or admission to a festival or event are great ways to gift with a more personal touch than just something you found on the Bed, Bath and Beyond registry

A Day Out

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful and hectic. Ask your girlfriend for an afternoon out, with all wedding discussions being banned. Make sure that you only schedule if it absolutely works for her schedule-- you would hate to add more stress by taking up a critical afternoon. But just have fun together! Get a pedicure, go rock climbing, attend a concert, or get lost in a book store. Plan a day that truly will be a break for her and an enjoyable way to spend time together.

Household Basics

The traditional newlywed's tight budget is far less common than it used to be with many couples waiting until they're older to tie the knot and often having a double income. But if that's not the case, consider helping the new household get established with some of the more mundane, everyday things. A laundry basket full of cleaners, rags, and paper towels, or a collection of cooking spices can be incredibly exciting for the bride who is trying to get her house set up on a shoe strings budget. It might not be the most glamorous gift but if it's truly needed your thoughtfulness will be every bit as appreciated as the crystal vase or china settings.

Offer to Pet or House Sit

We all know what comes after the wedding-- a honeymoon! If the bride or groom, or even both have animals that will need taking care of, offer to do it for them as a gift. This removes a huge expense and helps them avoid having to arrange all of the mundane details. You can also make sure that the house or apartment that they come home to is sparkling clean!

Memory Book

This idea should probably be done only for close friends because it's rather personal. But why not document the love story that is and has been unfolding before you? You can even get the groom in on the action, sharing insights and filling in the blanks that you may not have with both stories and pictures. The bride may be able to help you also, but try to do it as much on the sly as possible. The time and effort will be much appreciated! The book can be pretty, whimsical, practical, direct, or whatever suits the tastes and personality of the couple. You can make it like a scrapbook, or more along the lines of a journal depending on the resources available or your own inclination.


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