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Green Wedding Reception Table Centerpieces - Ideas That are Inexpensive and Eco-Friendly

Updated on November 11, 2016

Green and Unique Wedding Centerpieces Sure to Wow Your Guests

Not My President Shirt

This past summer I had the luxury of attending one of the big fairs up here in Vermont. Despite the heat, fun was had by all! While touring the 4-H club exhibits, I was really excited about the way in which flowers had been arranged by the kids for the floral arrangement category. I'd like to share some of the ideas I saw there which would really work to make your floral arrangements unique and great conversation starters.

Themed Weddings are a wonderful way to express yourself and ensure that your guests have an incredible experience full of unique memories. Beach themed, Carnival themed, French themed, Circus themed, farm themed.... the list of possibilities go on and on. Theme weddings also allow you to get creative and make your own decorations and wedding favors and this can make planning and paying for your wedding more fun and more affordable!

If you are happy to do things differently and want to have a green wedding, well then, read on because one of the following ideas may be just want you never knew your wedding needed!

1. Rhubarbs! Rhubarbs? Rhubarbs!

The wonderful world of Rhubarbs. Rhubarb pie. Rhubarb cake. Rhubarb cobbler. Rhubarbs in a vase. Rhubarbs in a vase? This sounds strange, yes - but at the fair's floral arrangement contest I saw stalks of Rhubarbs in long, clear glass vases. The red in the Rhubarb stalks was really evident and bled into the water a bit. The visual it created was absolutely striking and so different! Really a lovely idea. This would be a hit for a wedding that strives to set either a modern, minimalist tone or a down-on-the-farm country wedding feel. Sure to be a conversation ice breaker at the wedding tables!

2. Garlic Scapes? Yes, Garlic Scapes!

Drawing on the unique idea of rhubarb stalks in a vase, garlic scapes in a vase will also strike a lovely floral arrangement. Grown your own and clip them just before the wedding! (hint, use both garlic scapes and rhubarb stalks and make certain to serve dishes containing both garlic and rhubarb!)

3. Vase made of Rhubarbs?

For the country or farm green eco-wedding, this floral arrangement would surely be a hit. Make a vase covering out of Rhubarb stalks, a rubber bands, and fresh seasonal flowers. This website, a floral inspiration blog, has a beautiful picture of their idea if you scroll down just a bit.

4. Simple as Fruit in a Vase.

Apples in simple, tall glass vase or deep bowl in the fall. Lemons or limes in the summer. Cranberries in the winter. Affordable, lovely- and with so many different color options available in the world of fruits- easy to match your wedding decor!

5. Milk Cartons and Pringles Cans, oh my!

For the funky and eclectic wedding, why not go for that reusable, sustainable kitschy look that using recycled materials in your wedding decor will provide? Tall and somewhat skinny pringles cans, with their colorful quirk, would make happy, sustainable vases at your wedding tables - and would look especially funky when filled with freshly cut wildflowers. As another variation on this sustainable theme, save your milk cartons and fill them with wildflowers....ooh la la! Voila: Charming Eco-Friendly Funk!

I hope these ideas were thought provoking. If you are interested, I have written more articles about weddings:
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For more from Bluewaitress, visit her frugal living mom blog and Fourth of July Fun for Kids !


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    • profile image

      kristina (Same Sex Wedding)  7 years ago

      What a nice ideas! Recycled materials like milk cartons and pringles cans are very usable and unique to use as favors. Many designs and styles can be made by these.Just be artistic and unique you can come up with a beautiful favors.

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      Interesting! I especially love the milk cartons/pringles cans idea. Thanks!