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Unusual Valentines Gifts For Him - 5 Best Original Valentines Day Gifts For Men

Updated on June 19, 2011

Whether you like it or not, Valentines day is a day for romance; a day, if you are so willing, to share and to boast your love for another. Some of us hate the fact that all of this love is condensed into one commercial holiday; some of us love the idea that there's a day that's just, well, for romance. Whatever type of person you are you can't deny the fact that, whether you like the day or not, you have to celebrate it.

The problem with Valentines day, and this why many people dislike it, is that the gifts that are given are given be everyone; the media, companies, everyone has made Valentines day such an event, that it's hard to find an original Valentines day gift.

Luckily, for you. and for me, I've compiled a list of the top 5 most unusual, most unique, most original, Valentines gifts for him. These are gifts that we, as men, would love to receive; we like the idea of getting something unique to the rest of the world - at least I do.


5 Best Unusual Valentines Day Gifts For Him:


Personal Valentines Day Puzzles

One of the coolest Valentines gifts that you can get for men - or anyone for that matter - is a personal puzzle. A Valentines day puzzle for him is the perfect unique gift; this is because, no matter what, no matter how many people decide to buy this original Valentines present idea, each and everyone will be unique to the both of you.

What do I mean?

The best part: you can use a picture of the two of you and turn it into a puzzle. That way he - or she - has to put the puzzle together to see the picture. If you want to be even more creative than that then I suggest creating some kind of message, or love letter, that, once put together, sends a nice message.

A Valentines puzzle is one of the best unique Valentines day gifts for men.


Name A Star For Valentines Day

What's more romantic than naming your own star? There are millions upon millions up millions of stars in the cosmos. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means there are enough stars for everyone. For a small price you can name your own star and forever, at least according to us, it will go by that name.

This is one of the most unique gifts for Valentines day and one of the best Valentines gifts for him. What's more manly - what's a better to show your love - than getting a star named after you?


If they have always wanted to surf get them surfing lessons and a surfboard.
If they have always wanted to surf get them surfing lessons and a surfboard.

An Experience

An ambiguous title isn't it? When you're thinking of unusual Valentines day gifts for him you, sometimes, have to think outside of the box. And sometimes, when thinking outside of the box, you have to be completely selfless (it is valentines day so that should be a given anyways).

What does the man in your life want to do? What's on his bucket list (this could work for girls too)?

A great, original, Valentines day gift is getting him (or her) a gift that really gives them a great experience. If they've always wanted to fly, get them flying lessons; if they want to learn scuba diving, then get them scuba diving lessons. I think you get the idea.


Gadgets For Valentines For Sale

A Gadget For Valentines Day

We, as men, like technology. We love a cool, new gadget that we can lost in, that can be are form of escapism for a moment (not from you, of course).

A more unique Valentines day gadget gift is also known as the most realistic golf simulator in the world. Compatibale with PC, Mac and Playstation 3 (you might need to buy one of these too), you'll get a golf game that will analyze your swing, as well as let you play on a varity of course.

Sometimes something cool is romantic.


You Don't Need This List... Be Creative!

Honestly the fact that you're searching the internet for unique Valentines day gifts for him is a little sad... I mean, really? You couldn't think anthing yourself.

Only kidding. I do have a point to all this.

Sometimes the most original - and the most unusual - Valentines day gift for him isn't something bought, or something grandeur (like naming a star) but something that is entirely original by you. Write a song, draw a picture, invent a drink, make a short film, drive them to where you had your first kiss... make it something intimate that no one else knows about or will ever know about!



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      Veronica Roberts 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      This is a great hub! I hope that you don't mind - I put a link to this on my related hub. =]