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Using Female Fantasy Characters

Updated on October 10, 2013

Jane Eyre


Feeding Men's Fantasies


Men want something different. They want romance and fun also. You can give it to them. There is no reason that you should not be able to attract his attention also. Many women have found the secret to getting a man's attention. They are visual creatures and they go by what they see.

Sometimes in order to get a guy's attention you want to act like someone else. It is not really being deceitful. You are just doing something different. It is actually done a lot. Women may not even realize they are doing it. Women usually adopt a different persona in order to make a good impression. Some just take it another step or even a few more steps farther.

You may just want to be especially nice. That does work as well. It could be just a bit nicer personality that you use than is usually there. Men like to see women that are happy and are having fun. They can also be drawn to someone in trouble. It all works out well if he likes you. He should of course like you for what you are. But there is no harm to making yourself a bit better and more appealing.

The Goddess Iris

A princess playing Iris, the Goddess
A princess playing Iris, the Goddess | Source

Using Other Characters to Enchant Men

Some girls go farther and use another character. It can be a part of their personality. Maybe everyone else does not see that part. You could think of it as being a slight difference or improvement in your usual way of acting. You might not use it at work at all. That is part of what dating is. It is so that your date can come to understand different parts of your personality. This part that is different could be really different from your usual personality.

Girls grow up playing different characters and roles. For some dating is just an extension of other games that they play. It is a special game and it is important.

It could be done without you even realizing it. Say one day you wear a very nice looking white, ruffly blouse. It is not what you normally wear. A guy sees it and likes it. He may see it as being a part of your personality. You are not normally really that type of girl. But it does not really hurt if it looks as if you are. You can wear something different after all. It makes you look more fun maybe and more bohemian in a way.

Then he can also find out about the real you. Having different parts to your personality does not do any harm. Do be careful what type of character you use. That is it may surprise you what could happen.

Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman | Source

Role Playing Games and Conventions

This is one natural way to use different characters. At Star Trek conventions there are many fans that dress up in Star Trek uniforms. It is a natural way of meeting people with your same interests. The comic book industry has its own convention also.

Another similar idea are different games that play out in person. There are games where you dress up as medieval characters. There are also other events where people do role playing for historical wars and events and act them out.

The Mermaid Parade in New York City is an example of an event where everyone dresses up as their fantasy characters. There are similar events in other cities.



Examples of Characters


For example, in order to convey the idea of looking like an angel you will dress yourself as the part. Blonde or light hair can be used. It helps if it is curled. Darker hair can also work for looking like an angel. You want to use light makeup and so it gives you a really angelic look. Light pink colors can be used but also the darker ones. Then finishing it off with a sparkly powder will make you get noticed.

Some girls just naturally look like angels. You may already have been told that you look like one.

Then you want to get some dresses or other looks that contribute to the angelic look. They can be white or pastels. You can also use other colors that could fit in. If you need to get some pictures of angels as examples.

Marilyn Monroe met Joe DiMaggio because he had seen her picture and thought that she looked like an angel. Nothing could change his mind. She also starred in "Bus Stop" where the cowboy character thought that he had found an angel in her.

Jane Eyre

Then say you want to pretend to be Jane Eyre, you try to think like her. She had a difficult upbringing as an orphan. She was not a frivolous person. She was very serious. She also was very caring and a good person. You want to dress as a prim and proper person. Also she did want to look nice. I think she was innately a romantic type.

Surfer Girl

For a surfer girl type it would help to be by the ocean. You love the ocean and want to go out surfing. Think Gidget in the movie of the same name. She wanted to be one of the boys and go surfing. You want to have a real beach girl look. It is a simple look, but very becoming. Anything that is a California beach look can be used. It could be a dressed up surfer look or a dressed down one with ripped jeans look.

Rock Chick/Groupie

A rocker chick will have really cutting edge clothes. There should leave no doubt in someone's mind that you are a rock person. Black clothes are one of the best looks. It gives you the right look right away. Then you want to accessorize it with jewelry. You can use belts with bullets and studs, etc. Your hair should be wild looking. You can use the colored dyes if you want to. Black hair and really blonde hair are looks that stand out for this. Remember that the music means something to you. You need to walk with the music and when you dance feel the music.


Real Life
Jane Eyre
Elisabeth Bennett
Scarlet O'Hara
Anna Karenina
Surfer Girl
Miss Havisham
Rock Chick
Eliza Doolittle



Playing a Character

A little goes a long way when you are doing different looks. You don't want the guy to think that you are just being ridiculous or laughing at him. It should be a really easy way of acting.

Staying with the type is better. You don't need to keep it up all the time. It should be fairly subtle. After the guy knows you, he will get to know you better. He will remember you by the first impression.

If it sounds as if you are not being honest doing this then it might not be a good idea for you. It is just for fun to try out different ideas. The different characters can all just be a part of yourself.

Actresses are used to playing a character. So they know what they are doing. It comes easily to people in acting. Just remember to be real also.

There are many more characters to inspire you besides the ones mentioned. Use your imagination. You can use any books or movies that you liked I have attached a link with more characters on it. It includes all of the latest characters.

Elisabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice


Characters from Novels

Novels are filled with characters that can give you examples for what to do. You can act like your favorite character. You don't need to carry it too far.

Many women love reading romance novels. It is what we all dream of. The way to get romance is to act like one of the heroines. The heroines got their men by acting like themselves. You can act like yourself also. Just remember what your heroine would do also.

Some women's favorite characters from books are Jane Eyre and Elisabeth Bennett from "Pride and Prejudice." Scarlet O'Hara is another of women's favorite characters from books in "Gone with the Wind."

If you get tired of one character, you can go ahead and do another one. Scarlet O'Hara may not be getting you very far with your choice. It did not work out with Ashley. But Melanie Hamilton might work for you just fine. She was able to project a type of goodness that attracted people.

Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham from "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, said to have inspired many fashion designers
Miss Havisham from "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, said to have inspired many fashion designers | Source

Man Magnet Outfits



Notes on Playing a Character

If you do use a character for inspiration, I don't mean that you really become the character. I don't mean for you to pretend to actually be a teacher. That is unless you already are one. It is just to assume the persona. That would be such as wearing glasses and dressing rather strictly. It is not so that you say that you are a teacher when you are not. There are of course, many more characters to choose from.

You can just pretend to be Cathy and get your own Heathcliff. That is from the "Wuthering Heights" book.


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