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Valentine Rose Messages

Updated on February 13, 2018
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Deborah is a research enthusiast! She takes special interest in the world's ancient mysteries.

Floriography is the language of flowers. Choosing roses to be given as a special gift to that special person, is a practice nearly as old as civilization itself. Roses have a language of their own, their color, shade, state of bloom, and number, all bear a significant meaning. Floriography was once a way to communicate to someone without letters or words. In the Victorian era, an entire message of love could be composed with roses.

It is possible to send a gift on Valentine’s Day that bears a significant message rather than simply giving a generic bouquet of roses. As special as receiving roses is, an encoded message may be attached to the roses as well, that expresses the thoughts of the sender. Following are deciphered meanings of roses’ shade and number given. A roses color determines the tone of the message one wishes to communicate. Floriography was not always used for romance, but this list includes meanings from the romantic context of the language of roses. Keep in mind that meanings may vary according to place and time.

Valentines day is a holiday of romance. Roses has become one of the most romantic gifts of this holiday.
Valentines day is a holiday of romance. Roses has become one of the most romantic gifts of this holiday.

Red Roses

Red Roses

The Color of a rose carries the most significant meaning to a message. The red rose is the most romantic color of, the rose. Red roses signify passionate love and the shade of red expresses a kind of desire.

  • Amaranth red- Long standing desire

  • Cardinal Red- Sublime desire

  • Fiery red- Flames of passion

Every shade of the red rose, expresses a kind of desire.
Every shade of the red rose, expresses a kind of desire.

Purple Roses

The purple rose is the most magical rose of love to give on Valentine’s Day. Purple roses express enchantment.

  • A purple or lavender rose means -“Love at for sight.”

Blue Rose

If someone is inclined to paint roses, the practice of painting roses has become popular in flower shops.

The blue rose is found in mythology and legend. The blue rose is associated with the unattainable.

  • A blue rose given means - unreachable or unrequited love.

Blue is a flower shop’s most popular color. If one feels crafty they may paint a white rose into blue.

The blue rose means unattainable or unrequited love.
The blue rose means unattainable or unrequited love.

Number of Roses

The number of roses conveys a message as well. The Most famous bouquet of roses is a bouquet of the number twelve. To give twelve roses is the ultimate declaration of love. Roses given from the number one to a hundred is significant in a message. This list is for the number of roses given in the most romantic context.

  • Twelve roses –“be mine.”

  • Two roses joined together- engagement, coming marriage. It is a good gift for a fiancé.

  • Two roses entwined together- can also mean, “Marry me.” If one wishes to propose on Valentine’s Day, the number two is perfect.

  • Thirteen roses- secret admirer….. can sometimes be given anonymously

  • Eleven roses- “you are truly and deeply loved”

  • Twenty Four roses- “I belong to you”

  • Fifty roses- unconditional love

Eleven roses means "You are truly and deeply loved."
Eleven roses means "You are truly and deeply loved."

Other Messages of Love

Each color of a rose holds meaning. However variations and combinations of color will send a message of love. Other flowers and customs will be associated with roses to express romance.

  • White and coral rose together is- “you’re heavenly and I desire you.”

  • Two roses or a bouquet of orange and yellow together means passionate thoughts.

  • Coral rose- “Speak your desire”

  • A rose worn over the heart means love.

  • Tea roses- “I’ll always remember you.”

Roses or flower alternatives

  • Jaquemint rose- “I am true.”

  • Half bloom rose- Timid love

  • Rosemary- “Your presence revives me.”

  • Rosebud Moss- confessions of love

Rose petals, like the red rose, means passion and love. Petals are a romantic addition to a candle light dinner or love letter.
Rose petals, like the red rose, means passion and love. Petals are a romantic addition to a candle light dinner or love letter.

If you feel like being creative, you may use the language of roses to convey your own message. You may give twelve purple roses or mix a bouquet of fifty roses that are red and orange. The most romantic message that can be given with a simple gesture is to hand someone a single rose in full bloom. To give a single rose means, “I love you.”


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