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Is Divorce the Answer on Valentines Day?

Updated on January 29, 2014
Marriage Travels With The Rainbow -  Love In the Beginning Grows to the End
Marriage Travels With The Rainbow - Love In the Beginning Grows to the End

I’ll take pleasure reassuring the day almost at end, when I can crash upon my bed my head so deep within.

My pillow clenched my thoughts subside my body seeks the rest, my dreams will soon take over me and I’ll receive the best.

The swing the trees the butterflies my body swoon so high, it’s there that all the voids are met the attention I desire.

You see me in a different light as my body takes a dive, its there your love empowers me and makes me come alive.

Through the blue air surrounding us with birds within our midst, your hand takes mine and pulls me in the emotions awake I miss.

We fly all day than rest awhile giving in to our desires; I breathe you in as you take hold and set my heart on fire.

Your eyes surround my bare skins at the peaks of the mountain tops, than suddenly without warning our pleasure abruptly stops.

Disturbed by beats of two hearts in passion, still throbbing for so much more, awake am I alone just me, feeling hollow to the core.

The wine is good and tasty now. I think of how it came to be, to crush the whole emotion like the grapes that helps me be.

I’ll stomp my feet and turn away come back in the same quick spin. Is this the day you'll understand me or shall I dream of sleep again?

There I’ll get some pleasure, it’s there you caress my breasts, it’s there you touch me tenderly and there I get the best.

Your attention is overwhelming, touch is oh so real, it’s strange how things can change in a dream how you make me feel.

When we're there you devour me with intimate love, your words expressed within a romantic dream flying high above.

The reason that I’m sleeping, well I feel you notice me here, awake I cry for attention, shout out with hidden tears.

When sleeping it’s so different, we swing from tree to tree, your eyes touch mine, my heart rings chimes, its there you notice me.

While awake it is too different, you sit from couch to couch, you hug the dog and play with her as if she were your spouse.

I climb out to the tree tops and swing from every branch, knowing it's not forever that you refuse to have me dance.

I walk the life I think I shouldn’t be and get tied up in the weeds, but if I lived outside gardens would I be more at ease?

I walk the life I think I shouldn’t be and get tied up in the weeds, but if I lived outside gardens would I be more at ease?

Older now and tired of dreaming. What could have been has vanished, it's always been the two of us and every day we've managed.

We truly love each other despite times of passion's empty past. It’s today we have to think about for it could be our last.

So, thanks for every smile, thanks for being there, thanks for all your humor to get us through despair.

You're all I ever needed, ready to please me here and there, through it all you truly care and love me as I do you EVERYWHERE.



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    • More Than Words profile imageAUTHOR

      Pamela Bogwald 

      5 years ago from Oak Ridge, NJ

      So PaperNotes how are you and your husband. Is Valentines day still taboo for you?

    • PaperNotes profile image


      7 years ago

      My husband and I, ever since we got married never celebrated any Valentines day. Honestly, though I joke about it with him that he never took me out on a date, I personally prefer just staying at home and cuddling while watching a good film with him.


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