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Valentines Gifts for Him and Her

Updated on January 28, 2014

Valentines day is a magic time of year for lovers, celebrating that special bond that a couple share with presents, dates, flowers, and other romantic gestures. Unfortunately for many fiding unique gifts which have personal meaning can sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming. If you are not blessed in the gift buying department you may feel that you are going to let down your significant other with a poor quality or substandard gift. Remeber, sometimes a simple gesture will seem the most heartfelt, but if your compulsive consumer urges are just refusing to give in, here are some gift buying ideas for both men and women....

Choosing the Ideal Valentines Present for Her

As we all know, Valentines Day is one of the most romantic times of the year. The television is filled with love stories and the best rom-coms, each shop window is adorned with hearts and flowers and your girlfriend, wife or partner is getting more excited by the day. For many people, this is a time of great stress - choosing the perfect present seems more difficult every year! Fortunately, by keeping a few clear ideas in mind you will be guided to choose something she will love, no matter what the budget.

First and foremost, think back over recent conversations with your lady and carefully consider whether she has been dropping hints that you've missed. If your partner is hoping for something specific, she might have mentioned it one evening, have shown you the advert in a magazine or pulled up the website to let you see. These are clear clues! Buying something that your partner has hinted at wanting is the easiest way to make sure she is happy with her gift.

However, if there are no clues to be found, start thinking outside the box. Chocolates and flowers are the stereotypical Valentines gift for women but there are lots of much more exciting options available today on the internet and the high street. Find something more meaningful that lets her know you've really put some thought into it. If she likes animals, a piece of artwork of her favourites, a candle holder in the shape of an owl or a book of animal facts might make her smile appreciatively. If she likes her jewels and shiny accessories, a jewellery box or display stand might be perfect. Take the time to think about what kind of person she is and the gift ideas will naturally follow. Let her personality guide your shopping list.

Alternatively, coming up with something creative could be a perfect option. If there isn't time to make plans to meet and go somewhere, why not cook a favourite meal and make sure the house is tidy. Lighting a few candles will also help set the mood, and create a special environment to give her your present. The most important thing about Valentin's Day is to remember that it is a time to show each other how appreciated they are, and how lucky you are to be together. Getting the right present is just one part of that overall celebration, and making the effort to celebrate in style will go a long way to making your lady feel loved.

Valentines Day Ideas For Him

Valentine's Day might be all about hearts and flowers for women, but there's no reason not to make sure the man in your life feels loved and appreciated too. It can be more difficult, though, to find a Valentine's Day present for him that isn't too 'cute' and that they will really appreciate. Here are some ideas that might help in the run up to the big day.

Firstly, think about your man's interests and hobbies. A present which is useful and relevant will not only let him know that you listen and are interested in what he likes, but he will be more likely to get use out of the item - and every time he sees it, he will think of you. A musician might appreciate some cool wall art and a new CD in a style that is similar to his favourite. A book lover might appreciate something to read and some arty bookends for his shelf. Once you start thinking outside of the box, there are infinite possibilities. If your boyfriend or husband takes a drink on his commute, a hot cup to keep his coffee in whilst on the move will be both practical and thoughtful, or a wine connoisseur might like a good bottle of red with an ornamental bottle stopper.

Photographs and artwork always make good gifts. If you have a photograph of the two of you together, perhaps from Christmas or a fun holiday, print a copy and get it framed to give as a gift. Photo frames are inexpensive but available in a range of styles to suit his tastes, be that angular clean lined modernism or something more decorated and stylised. Wall mounted photo frames with multiple slots are becoming more popular, allowing people to showcase lots of photographs at once with the overall effect being very striking. If you've been together a long time and have plenty of pictures, these make great art pieces for the home and are a lovely thoughtful gift.

Don't forget that as with any holiday, it is ultimately the thought which counts the most. A box of small treats including his favourite snack or chocolate bar will show him that you remember what he likes and really do care, even on a tight budget. Homemade cakes and sweet things that aren't made very often also feel like an indulgence. A storage tin decorated with vintage logos or his sports' teams colours can be filled with sweet treats for him, and the tin to be reused afterwards is also part of the gift. There are lots of options for making sure the man in your life knows how appreciated he is - it's a simple case of working out what he likes and letting that dictate the present shopping.


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