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Valentines day Love and Happiness

Updated on February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is the day to celebrate love and shower your significant other with gifts, kisses, and all the love in your heart. For those who have found the love of your life; be grateful, appreciative, and never take that love for granted. For those of you who have the love of your life, but are not married, explore if you need this person in your life and don't take that other person for granted. For those of you who are hoping and desire to experience true love; stay optimistic and keep hope for your perfect person (75%+ of needed qualities) is out there.

To experience love and to be a great partner for the person you love there are two things that you need.

  1. An understanding of what it is to be happy.

  2. A true and deep understanding of love.

Happy? Are you? Why is being happy so important?

You can never be prepared to love someone else properly unless you first have inner peace within yourself. While you do not have to go around laughing all day long, you should have an inner joy and happiness within you. The light of happiness is a warming quality that draw others to you. Your joy and happiness is not just essential to attract others but it's a desire of what you need in your life. Happiness with yourself, appreciating yourself for the person that you are, and being a light in the world is a natural high. Self-love will allow you to appreciate yourself, life, and others around you. Love is everywhere and comes in so many forms besides a relationship. Remember that!

Do you understand what love is? It isn't lust. It isn't taking or selfishness. It isn't based on attraction? It is the desire to give, trust, hope, make effort beyond comfort, and place someone's needs on the same level as your own. It is all of these things. It is present in good times and bad times. Love is loyalty, respect, faithfulness, accommodation, and is loaded with good intent. Love is not something you fall in and out of but a soul that you commit to while partaking on a journey. It's growing old together and not only accepting the qualities you love about someone but also accepting their faults because love allows to accept and accommodate for these faults. It's being free to show affection and shower with love because you care about that person. It's about being his/her biggest fan and support.

When you consider love, consider these two crucial elements. So if you are are not in love with someone, I encourage you to fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with your family, your cousins, a foster child, your friends, and everyone else that you experience. Love is an experience you must first give yourself.

Happy Valentine's day to those of you in love.

Happy Valentine's day for those who have love.

Happy Valentine's day for those who experience happiness and understand what love means.

Remember: Love is an action word.



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