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Vampire Slayer Part I - Fidelity

Updated on December 6, 2013

Shelly Is A Hero

When it came to the end of the world, we needed more Shellies.

She woke to the throbbing headache that had been pounding for several minutes before she opened her eyes. As she gazed up in a stupor, she saw whiteness surround her.

There was sand and loneliness around her as she pushed her arms up to propel her head up. Yes, the enemy won this time. Shelly could see smoke in the far distance and smelled its embers under her nose.

Since the experiment, all of her senses became super-sensitive. She could smell the onions from In N Out Burger twenty miles away. The stench of vampires was on her radar before they could get close enough to attack. It was as if a chance on science created a problem and made its own solution.

"What the..." she muttered as her head started to keep pace with the swinging of her brain. She felt like it was a hangover from partying the night before, but it was all too real to remember this sense of disarray was caused by being hit in the head.

The last thing I remember is trying to fight off the vampires.

Shelly was an expert at martial arts, had super powers of strength from her experimental dosage and had an uncanny ability to heal from wounds. So why was she so unexpectedly groggy this morning?

Then she remembered the same effect when Greg came to visit. He had also been injected with the experimental testing solutions they encountered as they visited the facility that offered them big payouts for becoming human Guinea pigs.

Shelly knew her only weakness was her sexual drive. And Greg was the missing link in her new found fortune of super-human strength. The connection they shared before the experiment was beyond intense. Once Shelly realized that her body was practically invincible and could perform outrageous acts of strength, Greg disappeared.

But every time he came around, it was the same experience: Shelly became powerless when her heart was involved.

As Shelly lifted her head up in the sand dune, she remembered the fight from the previous night. Guns were fired, keeping the vampires from approaching further. But it wasn't enough.

Were her girls still safe? How did she survive? Why couldn't she remember the events that led up to her confused, head-throbbing morning?

It came in an epiphany... but was it real?

Then a rush of events clouded her thoughts, She remembered last night. Greg showed up with his skillful gun-shooting ability and killed several of the blood-sucking enemy. It turned her on, but mostly on her mind, she wanted to scold him for all the wrongs he did to her and her girls.

Love has no boundaries.

Just as Shelly was about to let Greg have it for bailing on them in their time of need, he dropped his weapon and planted a huge kiss on Shelly's lips. She felt the blood drain from her head and build heat in her abdomen.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you and the girls. You're all I've thought about since I left. Please don't shut me out, Shelly. I need you like you need me," Greg muttered in a whisper as their bodies pressed close together.

He wrapped his long fingers around her ribs and noted that she'd lost weight since they last met. He knew he waited too long to make his presence, but it came at the perfect time as Shelly was out of steam when the vampires attacked full force.

"You blew it," Shelly sighed seductively, waiting for Greg to once again penetrate her most vulnerable fortress.

"And I'm not talking about tonight. Why can't you be here when I need you?" She uttered with the last breath before he took her completely.

Shelly remembered the earth-shattering vibes they gave off on the desert sand just before she lost consciousness. Why was it that she felt immortal with her lab-created strength, yet this idiot could steal her heart with a mere few words? Certainly, the modern science that converted her into a vampire slayer had not made her stronger to the advances of a guy who would try to steal her heart.

Shelly then realized that some enemies are overt while others are covert. The smart ones go for the heart, while others take the easy way out. The ones who make her weak were the ones she truly had to worry about... for herself, and her girls.

Monogamy isn't dead

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Meeting an old friend. | Source
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The past, present and future discussed. | Source


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