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Vampire Slayer Part VI - Tenderness

Updated on June 27, 2014

The Lust Bunny

Sex waiting.
Sex waiting. | Source
Going with the moment.
Going with the moment. | Source

After a long day, what better relaxation than lust?

Shelly arrives to base only to find her hot stud waiting.

While Shelly knew that Greg was off limits and provided only limited support (both emotionally and physically), there were other men who showed up in her life.

Namely, one man in particular showed up in her life at just the right time. He was aloof and strong, but had a weakness for Shelly's aura. She didn't have time for games and romance but when lust came rearing its head, she could listen attentively.

Arriving at the gate was Mr. Lust.

Shelly was tired and spent from a long day of challenges and just wanted to give into her pillow. But before she entered the gates of their secret compound, Jack was waiting with his hard body leaning against the rails.

"What brings you here, Jack? It's a long way from home for you," Shelly said with a smile cracking along her lips.

"I heard you were in need of a man," Jack replied, suddenly flexing his body in a way to show his ripped pectorals through his shirt. Shelly's eyes followed the flow of his muscles flexing and relaxing and found herself lost in lascivious thoughts.

Damn him. He knows I can't say no to his hot body.

With a step forward, Jack wrapped his arm around Shelly's small waist and immediately planted a long, hard kiss on her lips. She responded by lifting her hands up to his face and caressed his jaw, feeling every inch of his beautiful features. She could not resist the urge to throw him against a wall and let go of all her inhibitions.

Truth be told: Shelly longed for a man to take her forcefully. She was stronger than any mortal man, thanks to her scientific alteration, but in her deep thoughts, Shelly wanted a man who could face her strength and supersede it. She wanted to be taken-- hard-- all night. Jack was her man.

He grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled her head to his mouth. "I want you, princess," Jack whispered to Shelly as they locked lips and felt the passion of two worlds colliding. After all, Jack was several years younger than her, but his energy could parallel that of the Vampire Slayer.

Before they could reach a place of shared intimacy, fate once again came to visit. This time, the result was unexpected.


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