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Victories For The Future

Updated on January 31, 2010

My Victories I Would Like To See In The Future


The victories that I look forward to are simple ones and in time we will have them and I look forward to the day these victories happen.

·A cure for HIV virus and AIDS is found and used

·Homophobia is no more and Homosexuality is accepted fully

·Homosexuality is taught to people like Heterosexuality is

·Suicides over gender are no more

These are the simple little victories that I would like to see in the future and hope that they happen soon to avoid any more upset and tragedy from occurring and a society of acceptance and free from bigotry and racism of gender, race, religion and colour.

Though people will say that society is already free of these things, they are staring at it through rose tinted glasses because if you take a good look around then you will see the real picture appear before you.


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