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How Some Movies Can Affect Your Love Life

Updated on January 18, 2014

Effects of Intimacy and Love Making Scenes in Films

(1)The complex: Watching love scenes in movies,can give you a feeling of inadequacy, incompetence, and helplessness. Trying to live up to those professional actors, (and probably failing) can give you a short term, long term, or life long inferiority complex.

(2)The addiction: Movies that portray high degrees of love making and intimacy couple with deep eroticism can get you hooked on it, causing you to want and need it regularly and desperately . At this point, it becomes hard for you to control, instead the reverse will be the case.

(3)Impairs your judgment: it can make you unfairly and obsessively, judgmental, with regards to your physical view of others, especially the opposite sex.For lovers, if they do not possess physical attributes in tune with these actors, they’ll fall low on your scale. If your own lovers are not as sexually adept as the actors, then things start to get sticky in your relationship. Unfortunately,this can affect relationships of any length.

Negative Results of Watching Sex in Movies

(1)The crashing lows: every high has an eventual low. Of course viewing sex in movies on a regular basis, can sometimes shoot you to extreme sexual heights, but it can also let you crash so low afterwards, that it leaves you feeling empty and depressed.This is one of the bad sides of these types of films on the human mind.

(2)No way out: These type of movies can keep you in an aroused state for up to 65% of your day. This can get you distracted and frustrated, when there’s no proper or immediate outlet.

Consequences of Seeing Deep Eroticism on Television

Take a peek,get the facts from this guide.When not properly controlled,these films can have an adverse result on an individual.

We are not simply talking about the act of sex itself,but the movies that portray the act and the effects it can have on our sexual health.


(1)The shooting highs: Eroticism on television may bring about a feeling of sexual arousal. This can be good for your health, and these type of television clips, can shoot your mind and body to certain heights of arousal, that you probably couldn’t achieve on your own.

(2)Imagine that: Good sex, has a good deal to do with your imagination. These kind of movies. can improve your imagination sexually, and help turn you into a better lover.

(3) Seeing is believing: watching these films can embolden you sexually, eliminate that shyness that can ruin sex, and make you believe in your own body and its abilities.

Deciding Your Sexual Views

Get to know your sexual views.It can be very helpful.
Get to know your sexual views.It can be very helpful.

What Helps You Sexually

Do movies help you sexually or hurt you?

See results

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