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Vin Dicarlo's Pandora's Box Review | Vin Dicarlo Secrets Exposed

Updated on September 30, 2011

Vin Dicarlo Secrets Exposed | Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box System Review

Greetings, I know you were thinking the same thing as I was. When I kept seeing a lot of ads for this Pandora’s Box System by Vin Dicarlo popping up all over the web, especially when I came across an article entitled “3 Questions that turn her on”. With a title like that... who in there right mind wouldn't be curious enough to see what is all the hype all about.

Well for starters in Greek mythology, Pandora's Box held secrets, plagues and demons. It also held hope for a paradise where men and women could get along together. Vin DiCarlo evolved from a PUA (pickup artist) background, and the PUA philosophy is sort of a chauvinistic, macho philosophy that are mainly into meeting and sex with lots of beautiful women. Plus a history in female psychology, this "attraction" guru authored the book entitled “The Attraction Code”. Finally dug up the key that unlocks the secrets to a woman's mind, body and heart. Guess he felt it was a fitting name.

While researching understanding women and how to seduce women all over the web, I noticed titles like, “Pandora's Box Scam”, “Open Her Box”, “One Minute Mind Reading” and “Vin Dicarlo 8 Types of Women ”. You wanna know what the funny thing was? That all of the "scam" articles have been saying the exact same thing. That this system was the greatest thing EVER for us guys in the history of dating advice for men, and what women find attractive.

Pandoras Box 8 personality types


Pandoras Box System | Open Her Box

So what are the benefits you ask?

I couldn't possibly sum up all the benefits in this little review... they are too many to name. What I can give you is the important stuff. Let me give you the breakdown of the system and how it works. The 8 types of women described in Vin Dicarlos Pandoras Box System are The Cinderella, The Playette, The Hopeful Romantic, The Connoisseur, The Modern Woman, your Private Dancer, The Seductress and The Social Butterfly.

The guru Dicarlo himself teaches us guys:

  • How to engage in flirting with each different type of women, and there preferred ways of flirting
  • The differences how you approach any women
  • Being able to tell, just by her body language how interested she is in you
  • Also what are her turn-ons and turn-offs by each personality type
  • Not to mention, what each type of women is sexually attracted to and cannot resist
  • The exact maps of the female mindset and psyche, giving you the knowledge of what every type ultimately wants in her ideal guy
  • How to easily make the right sexual advances to the right type of girl
  • How to identify each personality type of woman quickly and easily
  • How to ultimately gain an instant advantage over other guys, for her affections based on the knowledge of these "8 types of women."

One Minute Mind Reading Gets Her Everytime


The Pandora’s Box System takes all the hard guesswork out of the reading and picking up these women, by deciphering and analyzing all the 8 different types of women. Catering to each type and there tastes. With a simple 60 second minute mind reading quiz he includes with the program, videos, along with the written material (pdf's) on each type. It will enable you to quickly identify which a woman type, and how to apply the techniques to each of them.

Once you realize this... That's where all the fun begins, because Vin has a structured method of teaching this stuff that makes it really easy to absorb. Creating a concrete game plan for dealing with each type of girl. You'll also become aware of how many girls you messed up with in the past, just because you handled them the wrong way.

The only down side to the program is that, it's a lot to memorize on the first try, which I am sure it'll come with time and practice (seems like fun). In addition it may be hard when meeting new girls to figure out her type instantly. I mean it seems like you have to start the conversation and quickly pick up the clues. Guess that's why he called it the “One Minute Minding” technique. Lastly I remember Vin saying something about them not knowing the long term physiological effects on a girl. TOTAL DEVOTION!! (now that's heavy!) Just as long as you have good intentions... all is well. Other than that this should have been out a lot sooner.

So in conclusion with my take on Vin Dicarlo' s Pandora's Box Review. The key to success with any women really lies in understanding what type of woman you are dealing with. This is the most accurate scientific approach, I've seen in learning how women think. Hey it works even if you’re bald, fat or ugly. (Hint: it’s not looks) As soon as you can offer the woman what she’s looking for she’ll literally be begging you to spend every free second of her time with you! Not only will you be happy with the results, but so will every girl you come into contact with. It's definitely a fun program.

I would highly recommend investing in Vin Dicarlo' s Pandora's Box that's just my opinion.

Imagine just think, if you were able to read a woman's mind, how big of an advantage you would have over the other guys?

For a more in-depth analysis please visit Pandoras Box Review

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    • profile image

      Lori 3 years ago

      Tim - How can i contact you? Can you post your email address? The same thing happened to me with another of Vin Dicarlo's publications.

    • profile image

      Rob 3 years ago

      Hi, I really want to buy Pandoras Box but I don't have a credit card!! Is there anyway to purchase with Paypal? I read another review (over here that says you can buy it without subscribing monthly. So surely you can buy it without a credit card? Please let me know if you know!

    • profile image

      Amy 4 years ago

      I hacked into this system and he is wrong on a lot of things. I am a woman and know what's wrong with pandora.

      He keeps talking about how society is putting pressure on women to get status. It's not society it's freedom, for the first time women can go to college and earn high power jobs. No one is making us. If women didn't care about status, then why are there more women in college and professional degree programs.

      Any woman is a realist will never be completely devoted to you, she goes for equality. She will never dump her career for you, she cares about status too. Also, realist does like to be taken care of, if you don't pay for her on the date, she will blow you off. If you expect her to buy everything she will cut you lose. She likes when men open doors for her. She hangs out with winners.

      You can't put all 8 woman in the same catorgory sexually. One social butterfly might like something, then another may hate it. I am a realist and I found everything he suggested offensive.

      Another thing about sex he talks about, he makes sex is all about the guy. If you aren't pleasing the girl, she will dump you.

    • profile image

      "Dallas" 4 years ago

      If you don't think Pandora's Box is scam, you must not believe in bullsh*t. Most 8 women "personalities" are sexual, which are lies. There exist more "personalities" than that! Plus, all Vin uses the 3 questions that turn her on is to get laid by women that he dumps shortly after!

      TL;DR - An evil mind reader. Don't buy crap from him and let him rot in hell for all I care.

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      Glad I read Tim's comment. You're a saviour, sir.

    • profile image

      Tim 4 years ago

      DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT THE company Makes its Money on Credit Card FRAUD, NOT content.

      Anyone refused refund or overcharged By Dicalo Or Altare Publishing, Please contact us as we are filing small claims charges currently and contacting attorneys for class action suit against this company.