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Violence Against Women

Updated on January 12, 2014

October is the month for domestic violence. There are several types of crimes ranging from battery (violence upon another) to murder having females as a common victim. Domestic violence occurs with great frequency, and sadly many offenses go unreported. Women are more and more often becoming victims of violence and thus should be prepared.

Know your rights as a victim

Marsy’s right provide the victim with the right to request prosecution, Any potential victim to a crime has the right to self defense and use reasonable force to stop the crime against one self or another. Reasonable force is any degree of force needed to stop the offense.

Because you never know it is going to happen

How frequent are violent crimes?

Crimes are at a peak moment. In fact, the 2011 Uniform Crime Report of the FBI estimates an increase of +1.0 in forcible rapes, mostly against women. Larger cities tend to report bigger numbers of violent crimes. In fact, in large cities forcible rape increased +1.0 when the same crime decreased -8.7 in cities under 10,000 population. Even small cities are not safe. Murders increased +2.0 in cities under 10,000 population when larger cities decreased by -7.5.

One quick way to prevent crime, defend against it! Also, if you become a victim do not hesitate to report the crime right away. If citizens begin to defend themselves, this will create a deterring effect on offenders. Also reporting crimes might aid the police gather information about crimes in the neighborhood, days and times that more crimes are committed, give warnings to citizens and patrol high crime zones.


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