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Visit ' world the Other'

Updated on January 15, 2016

Visit ' world the Other'

YOU do not have to be too quick to think mystical when reading the title above, because this article is not about the horror of the atmosphere in the cemetery, kuntilanak, pocong, and tuyul. Anyway, I'm not a horror movie buff then tersugesti with all these circumstances. Moreover willing to spend the time to write down on a row of ghost named and classified by the man himself. You do not have to worry, I was not mystical.

"Another World" is just a term I use to describe the state of the virtual world and what happens in it. Not the real world, nor is the world as it exists in your mind. Because consciously or not, the virtual world now have taken away the real world a lot of people.


The discovery of a wide range of social media such as facebook, twitter, Line, et al, it has presented a new face in communications technology. Various kinds of convenience was offered. Today, people no longer need to spend a lot of credit only to convey information or connect with many people. Enough with the Internet package, through all social media, it is not only needed to be communicated, but that is not necessary either be delivered.

Examples scattered. When visiting social media, then we will find a variety of its magic behavior. There were reports that he was hungry. Whereas notify others will not make it full. There are nausea, dizziness, rather than treatment, but instead write status. Maybe it can reduce the pain. If it was willing to seek treatment, he reports again at the hospital.

Angry or upset at people is also written in the virtual world. Sentence expletive scattered. The name of the inhabitants of the zoo animals was issued. Dogs and pigs are often the target. In fact, it actually shows the "class" of the actual person.

Not only that, we also do not need to ask how and where the person concerned. All have been reported. Question: how are you, what are you doing, again where, upset or not, is no longer needed. All you have done that, even to people who do not feel inquire. And one more thing that is also crucial, we will also know about the rites performed or prayers being said.

How to detect it simple. If he fasted, it will write status, 'God, this service may last from dawn until sunset call to prayer rang out. If you want to pray he wrote: two cycles before. Although he might sleep again after you finish writing the status. If asked something to the Lord: O Allah, grant aid for thy servant. Show me the way out to the problem that I am facing. As if God also has social media and answer in the comments: Calm down, I will grant your wish. Completing all persoalanmu.

No need to bother finding statuses such, because it almost every day you can find. Perhaps such status will indeed be found among young people. But that does not mean people who are already considered old in numbers also never do the same thing. Due to being a wise man is not determined by how old the person's age, but how far the understanding that he has.

Interestingly question: Is it wrong? Is not that right fully account holder? Correct. It is the full right of each individual. Furthermore, social media is a form of communication technology development. It was created to facilitate. But any sophisticated these developments, sage and filtering it stays there myself. Do not get too far.

Imagine, what's on your mind when seeing the crowd the market, for example, suddenly someone appeared to pray, complaining, cursing, and so loud? Maybe you and the crowd when it also will consider it weird and labeled those who do are stupid. But not in cyberspace. Free someone shout, complaining, cursing, and perform other absurd things, and it is not considered a folly.

This is what I mean by "another world". A world that can make a person become the "other" in behavior between the real and the virtual world. In the real world do not, but in cyberspace allowed. What is happening to her all-out sale. Until the interrogative sentence is no longer functioning. Missed had started from explicit to implicit. About the problems of his life, troubled gulananya, until the turmoil he felt. Though very special people who are still functioning of the interrogative sentence.

Two different sides

In a study of Communication Sciences, in the virtual world can indeed show two different sides to him. There are still being herself by showing something in accordance with his personality. There is also a rebel, became another of him. Indeed, we can not judge people only skin deep. There are many layers of personality that we do not know. And usually it will be known when the time to communicate with him, meet, even staying at his house. There we will know a little more about her personality.

But the problem is, not all who become friends in the virtual world have the opportunity or the time to know more closely with us. Visited our homes just to simply know our personality. Therefore, it is good to show something important. Mean 'good' here is not to show the good that has been done. But rather to how to maintain oral, manners, and norms in merit. We can not judge people only skin deep, but other people can not judge without passing into the outer skin first. It's important to keep both.

This paper is not to give advice to the reader, let alone quasi taught. This article is also not to say that as if the author has done the most correct. Because sometimes my status in social media is not important-it is important to read. Then what is meant and to whom these writings?

This paper is intended for us to be personally more special. Appreciate every inch we got a good personality. Then written to whom? If there is no benefit, then the author is the first beneficiaries. Because the least of weak faith, benefit for the author is a reminder for him. Gratitude, if this is also beneficial for others.

Let's respect ourselves!


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