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Voodoo Love Spells Do They Work

Updated on February 15, 2012

Voodoo Love Spell

Love spell is no doubt the fastest and easiest way of finding love. Meanwhile, there are different types of love spell, of which voodoo love spell is the most popular. In this very article, I am going to explain in detail, what voodoo love spell is, starting with the explanation of voodoo, its origin, applications and how it operates. Before I move on, I want to make it known here that even though voodoo love spell had been proven effective; it has also suffered several criticisms, which usually come from practicing Christians, and other religious sect, who believe that it is against their religion and belief.

What is voodoo?

Firstly, what is voodoo? To make you understand what voodoo is all about, let me take you back to its origin. Voodoo is a kind of spiritual worship that originated from the West African country called, Togo. Voodoo therefore, is a kind of worship of the dead or ancestors in Togo, as a way of creating a relationship between human and the dead for certain purposes like: healing, magic, protection from harm or danger, love, increasing success, etc. But since the past six to seven decades, voodoo has taking a wider scope, and is now being practiced not only by the people of Togo, but the entire world, through belief. There is a particular festival in Togo, in which voodoo is the center point.

Why Do I Need A Voodoo Love Spell?

With the present global economy situation and population increase, it is no longer easy to find love, especially when one is in dire or urgent need of romance or love. Therefore, for most people to increase their chances of finding love they employ love spell, of which majority are voodoo love spells.

In some African tribes, voodoo spells are employed by husbands to restrict their wives from sleeping with other men, how? The spell will be caste on the woman, so that when another man who isn’t her husband sleeps with her, they will stick together and remain inseparable until her husband arrives and apply the antidote, and after applying the antidote to separate the woman from the other man, the man must die, and in some, the woman do, depending on how the husband wants it. This very voodoo love spell is used to control infidelity amongst couple or lovers in these tribes.

There is also another form of voodoo love spell which when used by say, a guy, must attract any woman he desires when he touches or hold her. Some come in the form of body spray, perfumes, etc, and once a person applies them, whoever he or she desires must give him or her full attention. There are numerous forms of voodoo love spell that work perfectly, and I can’t go on and on explaining each and every one of them for now, maybe in my next edition of this article coming soon.

How Does Voodoo Operate?

Before now, I strongly believe that you already know that there are spiritual forces controlling the affairs of this world? If you are unaware of this, let me in a nutshell let you know that the world is filled with several spirits (good and evil), hovering around, and hence, when you are able to appease any of the spirits, by offering it the things it need (praising, ritual sacrifices, worship, etc), it will do just whatever you ask from it. This is just the simplest way to make you understand how voodoo works.

Therefore, those that practice voodoo, appease the spirits of the dead, and haven appeased them, those spirits respond to whatever demand the voodoo practitioner asks from them; be it love, luck, success, protection, revenge, etc.

I want to also expose a hidden secret here, and what is that secret? Almost 99% of West, East and Central African leaders make use of voodoo for protection from harmful attacks coming from their numerous political opponents. Some go as far as using voodoo to influence all those (cabinet, etc) working under their government, late President Idi Amin of Uganda employed this form of voodoo throughout his regime as the Ugandan president and dictator. The voodoo do a lot for them; it alerts them of dangers ahead, reveals their enemies to them, prevent bullet from penetrating their bodies, help them to vanish when the danger cannot be averted or too sudden, etc, it also helps to put confusion amongst groups or people planning against them, etc, etc. This is just a few of what voodoo can do. And honestly, if Osama Bin Laden had a powerful voodoo, or a member of the voodoo practitioners, America wouldn’t have been able to kill him because he would have gotten a sign before time and disappeared or when they suddenly got to where he was, he would have vanished or resisted bullet penetration. The popular Adolf Hitler was also using a different form of voodoo, that was why he was able to survive the bomb that exploded before him when a coup d’état was plot against him. Anyway, let’s leave those issues for now, and focus on our topic: voodoo love spells, do they work?

From my above explanations, I don’t need to convince you again on whether voodoo love spells work or not, because they do. The only problem is your belief, do you believe in voodoo?

Why Then Do People Criticize Voodoo Love Spell?

For instance, Christians criticize not necessarily because it doesn’t work but for the fact that God made it known in the Holy Bible that He is a jealous God, and wouldn’t permit any of His children to worship or bow to any other God besides Him. We are also familiar with how God punished Saul (the king of Israel) in the Bible, for consulting a witch to help him speak with Samuel.

In conclusion, the criticisms of voodoo love spell, isn’t necessarily for the doubt if it works or not, but for the fact that people have different beliefs which discourage the practice of voodoo for any purpose.

Do You Believe In Voodoo Love Spell?

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