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Updated on October 14, 2011

A good friend

A good friend, who is always there, is more important to some people than their family.

But most friendships endure strains.

A new job or a move can force friends to live hundreds of kilometres apart.

Once separated, they are forced to find new friends in the new environment.

But the process can teach one to recognize one’s true friends.

A friendship that is firmly established will defy any storm that may come along its established turf.

Friendship needs to be cultivated.  No matter how slow the growth of your friendship if the maturity is constant, even if the growth is slow it will go far.  Like a sapling when left alone it will become a giant that defies the burning heat of Summer
Friendship needs to be cultivated. No matter how slow the growth of your friendship if the maturity is constant, even if the growth is slow it will go far. Like a sapling when left alone it will become a giant that defies the burning heat of Summer | Source

There are two types of friends.

A good buddy is someone you meet for a beer or a work out.

A friend for life, on the other hand, can rank highly and sometimes turn into an adopted relative.

Friendships vary from simply providing company to those where people share their inner lives and support each other.

People might have different friends for different pursuits, focussing on just one specific interest, you can be in a friendship without giving it your full attention.

But joint experiences and memories remain important foundations for friendships.

When friends do not live in the same city, telephone calls and email replace personal contact.

We have a lot of communication options, but it also reduces the opportunities to nurture friendships, so it is important for old friends to meet up from time and renew their relation.

Real friends will become obvious in tough situations.

After all, friendships are about quality, not quantity.

Someone with a lot of contacts will usually find that many of these relationships remain superficial. Some people think they should have 10 friends.

But they rarely find someone who sticks by them when things are rough.

A friendship is absolutely impossible without a certain amount of emotional attachment.

Good friendships show themselves at points that would complicate other relationships that become apparent in everyday relations.

Honesty is essential for good friendships are defined by openness.

Friends have to be able to discuss anything.

Tolerance and a willingness to disagree are also important.

Friendships are also defined by solidarity and security.

But friendships have to be mutual.

Anyone who calls a friend in the middle of the night for support has to be ready to accept those calls as well.

If the give and take between friends does not balance out, the relationship will run into problems.

stable and long-lasting

Friendships have to be propped up continuously but that makes them stable and long-lasting.

Friendships turn into dependence, but in a positive sense.

One is always checking what one owes the other.

But repayment does not always have to be in kind.

A person with a high sense of self worth will demand more from a friendship.

A less confident person will often become suspicious,

if he gets too much out of a friendship.

Nevertheless, friendships between different personality types are completely possible because good friend can complement one another, and sometimes they actually do replace family.

Some singles will use friendships in lieu of having a partner, our society is, in large part, made of unstable couples.

In this respect, friends are even more important. Young people especially need relationships as a model for later romantic relationships.

Relationships also help them achieve independence from their family.

The importance of one’s friends depends on the intensity of the family relationship.

The smaller the family, the more friends fill the role of relatives.

One benefit of friendships is that they exercise less social control on a person than relatives.

Friends are much more tolerant. If not, one might want to break off contact.


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