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What Does It Take to Be a Strong Woman?

Updated on July 23, 2022
DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling Certified in Creation Therapy

Strive to Be a Virtuous Woman

What Does It Take to Be A Strong Woman?

There are many excellent examples in the Bible of godly women who were accomplished. The women of the Bible are strong and quite diverse. There are many women in various roles to be admired. Eve; the wife of Adam was the first woman. She was taken out of Adam to be alongside of him as his partner. Sarah; the wife of Abraham had a child way beyond menopause, Miriam; Moses sister, Ruth; a godly mother in law, Hannah; the mother of Samuel, Esther; who married the King and saved her people, Deborah my namesake; a woman judge who was a leader of many. Then there is Mary; the Mother of Jesus, Elizabeth; the Mother of John the Baptist, Lydia; an astute business woman, Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus who Jesus raised from the dead; they were two very close friends of Jesus. Then there was Priscilla the wife of Acquilla, they were a husband and wife ministry team that held Church within their home and were never mentioned separately.

The Bible contains many wise inspiring women and many inspirational stories surrounding them. What made them wise was how they trusted God an incorporated His principles within their daily lifestyles. How in this 21st century does one make those same principles inclusive of one’s lifestyle? To many the Bible is a collection of historical facts that don’t necessarily apply in this day and time. If one were to look closely you will see that they too were leaders, business women, homemakers, well traveled, queens, wives and influential movers and shakers. The Bible has a plethora diverse godly women.

Be A Noble Wife

Proverbs is a book of wisdom and ends describing a virtuous woman that was quite resourceful: “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life… One must read this in its entirety to comprehend the many attributes, wisdom, skill as well as great compassion that inhabited her being. Contrary to what is often thought the Bible does not promote one to be an unhappy unfulfilled doormat nor entirely domestic. Woman in the bible were successful manufacturers, importers, queens, prophetess, ministers, seamstress, realtors, managers, designers, mothers and wives.

Please hear me with your spiritual ears! For those of you who are single, it’s important to know a man doesn’t complete you. Nor do you complete him. God Does! If you are a single woman you must consult the Lord to help you navigate through the land minds that will readily attempt to get you off track. There is a posse of men just waiting for you to let down that gate. You are somewhat vulnerable in the area of companionship. I also realize that the world has provided many alternatives to support sex outside of marriage. But this is not the Lord’s Way. Be careful not to let your unsatisfied physical desires cause you to compromise your principles. Casual sex has it perils; is it worth the risk? In the meantime work on being the best you! You really want a man that will value you for who you are and respect you enough to make that commitment if he wants to enter you.

Enjoy Being A Lady

I am not talking about manipulation here. Don’t give parts of yourself away. If you have it is never too late to change. Confess & Repent! No you don’t have to crawl in a hole and look unattractive. Enjoy being a lady! Just make sure when you go out, don’t put yourself in a position where you might buckle and compromise yourself. The reality is 55% - 60% of marriages end in divorce. So you want to really find someone who wants to go all the way; in a relationship.

Marriage is honorable in the eyes of God. So don't commit to marriage unless you are committed for life. Marriage is a Covenant Agreement between you, God and your husband. Each marraige is different. Your marriage will be whatever the two of you make it together. It is important to know God is omniscient. Keep GOD in the Center of your marriage. Therefore, He knows everything about everyone so always consult Him first.

What kind of marriage do you want?

Well, If you want a King you want to also be Queen. Everything you need you can discover in the Lord. Together you want to work together to build a happy home. You want to be willing an humlble enough to serve one another. Marriage consists of working together and being there for one another. Remember your vows... You want to make sure that God is welcomed in your home. Christianity is a daily lifestyle. Your greatest legacy is the life you live honoring God! Remember God is omnipresent!


Please don’t even consider someone who is already married… Danger! Danger! You are out of order and out of the will of the Lord. You should want a man that shares the same life principles and values you embrace. The Lord will often send the right person to you. Who excites you and you excite him. I am not just talking about physically. Your spiritual excitement for the Lord should always be a top priority! When both are attracted to one another you want to grow and go through life and commit to building a lasting satisfying marriage partnership. It takes one strong woman and one strong man two become a STRONG ONE! “What GOD has joined together let NOT man put asunder!”

When you honor and respect your marriage vows you honor & please GOD!

It is important that as a woman of God you create a loving, healthy balanced, stable and fun environment in your home that is conducive to spiritual growth and natural development. It is very important to keep a playfulness about you and yes this should continue as you age! You want to age gracefully. But not restricted only to the home. This can and should extend to your business environment as well. God wants us to enjoy life. He wants you to take time to “smell the roses as they say.” Yet, live responsively and still find delight and gratification in life. He wants you to have HIS JOY that is not contingent on what is happening or not happening. You can become a conduit of that JOY!

Many women work alongside countless co workers, continually adjusting who they are in order to be accepted. Often insecure, unsure and full of anxiety. They are not sure of who they really are? They have simply learned to operate under a veneer of hardness that protects and or serves as a barrier between the harshness of life. This is not always the case. More often than not there is a necessary survival mode one must operate within in order to climb the corporate ladder. Sometimes this can be laden with much moral compromise. There is nothing wrong with owning your own buainess, being a manager or climbing the corporate ladder. Having a good job or career is good.. Just make sure you are not sacrificing your inner peace nor compromising your morals as you rise. Take your principles along with you!

Many women are very competitive, and at times some have a cultic group kind of mentality. Their expectation is for the group to think like they think or fall in line with what they want. It is good to be able to work togegher. But, Learn to be confident in who you are. Be wise yet open minded because we can learn something even from a child. Be alert and objective. And be willing to stand on your own if and when necessary. Don't conform but be transformed by the renewing of your mind with the Word of God.

For some women all too often a dependency on others rather than building a relationship with the Lord becomes the priority. Loneliness and neediness then becomes the motivator to relate to others. There is nothing wrong to desire friendship, fellowship, success or companionship. But one must never want people approval over the approval of God! Losing your unique self; which in fact everyone innately possesses in the process is not worth it. Often the personality is developed only to simply alter or adjust and conform. So,don't be aor become chameleon. “Approval addiction” for some often becomes the norm. Rather than coming from a place of self and inner fulfillment. The approval of others are ardently sought to fill and unquenchable void…

Please see Becoming A STRONG Woman Part 2 for more……

What A Friend

What A Friend
What A Friend
Each and every moment of Elder Ogans’ “What A Friend” carries its own strength and style – creating a composite experience just bursting with musicality! The decision to begin with intimate keys and a subtly grooving pass at the familiar hymn pays off brilliantly, with the transition into fuller instrumental support at 01 landing perfectly and segueing easily into the more percussive feel at 48. Excellent work from the bass player throughout, easily finding that supportively understated tone and a prominent place in the pocket. Likewise, Elder Ogans’ relationship to the pocket is equally as impressive, keeping it tucked in through the simple revelation of the hymn’s most recognizable melody at 46 and subsequently expanding into an impressive solo sequence. Playful passing of the spotlight back and forth between keys keeps things grooving along and leaves listeners feeling refreshed and revitalized. Really stellar work!

Women on the Path

© 2009 Elder DeBorrah K Ogans


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