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6 Strong Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Updated on June 19, 2019

There are many reasons why relationships fail and there are a number of people trying to explain why they do. I haven’t read anyone’s post on this, I experienced it first hand and I will share with the world in this article. My relationship failed due to a number of things and I will just mention a few. Don’t just read, if you see any in your relationship, fix. The longest time I dated a lady was two years and the shortest time I did was a week, so I conclusion, you are at the right spot at the right time, learning from the experienced. Enough said, here we go…

1: Lack of Attention

When the relationship is new, it gets heated up day by day. Your cell phone is always nearby, a distinctive melody is set for your special contact number and a cute wallpaper is set too. All this I did, I never missed a point on them. I used to reply to her texts in seconds and sometimes I would take a minute thinking what really to say. I couldn’t just text anything! With time I started to get used to her and I would reply her after I was done with what I was doing. She would call and I wouldn’t take her calls because I would be with my friends. She would change her hairstyle and I would not even notice. The worst moment was when I lost my phone in the bus and that was it about her until I got a new one after a week. I began to forget her! How on earth can you forget you girlfriend? This was my first ingredient of my recipe for relationship failure. Ladies love attention and as a man check whether you are giving her enough unless you want her gone.

2: Saying Things I Did Not Mean

No matter what, never say anything to your girlfriend that you “don’t mean”. This was my mistake because whenever we had a misunderstanding I would blast her with things I knew she would never forget. I used to tell that I did not care if she would go and I knew I did not mean it. Sometimes I would tell her that she is the reason my life is stuck. Regrets followed me after every disagreement. When you love someone, try to always think before you speak. Don’t just say anything that you would wish you had never said. I said many terrible things to my ex, things I would never say to my enemies and my relationship came to a halt, she had enough of my ‘I’m sorry (s)’.

3: Comparison to Other Ladies

Ladies are generally insecure. If you bring in a competitor, she will boil. My relationship with my girlfriend ended because I used to compare her to her friends, my friends’ girls and worse my ex-girlfriends. She always cried when I did so and she would hate all those ladies all the more. I thought that would make her wake up and do more for me but I was a fool. She left me. If you want a lady to stay, make her stay. Tell her she is the best, that she is better than your ex-girlfriends. If you don’t, someone will take care of her and trust me getting her back won't be as easy as you won her the first time. Be angry and say all but never compare you lady to her friends. If her friend is better why don't you go for her? Just asking.

"If her friend is better why don't you go for her?

4: Lack of Forgiveness

No one is perfect and you have to expect from time to time, your girlfriend to commit mistakes. Mistakes are incurable diseases! Whenever my girlfriend would commit a mistake I would snap and throw it to her face. I used to make her feel her bad as a way of taking out my pain and I would harbour that for long, reminding her of it from time to time. I just couldn’t forgive her. The painful thing about failure to forgive is that in no time you will commit the very mistake and the day you do, she is gone. Forgive your loved one her imperfections and you will notice change in her. Some mistakes are to be overlooked, addressing everything every time kills quenches love. Do you enjoy watching you girl walk on eggshells?

5: Taking Long to Work on the Things she Pointed Out

Obviously there are certain things that your girl will always point out that you should fix. You can’t take long on those. I did not just take long, I ignored them. She complained of my weight, my clothes, the way I used my money and the like. Each time I had to start doing what she asked I would procrastinate and eventually a demon would tell me that she found as I was and I won’t change. Everyone can change! Don’t be stubborn to fix what’s for the betterment of your relationship. Most guys have tummies that their girls complain of, they smoke and drink knowing that that their girls don’t like it. Any girl who has a stubborn boyfriend who is not willing to change the not so good character has the right to find the willing one. How is that gentlemen?

6: An “I don’t Care” Mentality

That’s the last one, PRIDE! This is when you now reach the last stages of your failing relationship. It’s at this time that you are so negligent and beyond being loved. No one can stand a guy with pride, I mean even guys. This kind of mentality makes one insensitive and impossible. You see, I started caring less, when I did mistakes it wouldn’t bother me what my girl will say. I did not care if she would leave, I did not care if should be mad, I did not care if she would cry. Man! Who on earth would stand such a man? She left. If you don’t want to lose your lady remember this little advice…everything matters.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Desmond Goitsemang


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