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Updated on March 14, 2011

Nowadays, many single mom lived and supported her families independently and successful. However, there are many research proved that the woman still need the man to survive and live a happy life.

The first reason is the balance of nature, as in the Bible Genesis (2:18) The God Creator said; “ It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him”, the suitable partner is the woman who was Eva, and God created for Adam in the Eden garden.

Many Eastern Medicine doctors and practicians also believed that keeping the balance between yin and yang, hot and cold in the human’s body is the most important factor in keeping a good health, any reason make change in this balance will surely make people sick.

The second reason is the order of nature. Nobody can denies the fact that the smallest unit, which created to every matter in the Earth, is the atom; it is formed by the electron as well as the proton, which represent for the negative particles as well as the positive particles of the universe.

The smallest unit of a society or any community is the family, a family, in the normal meaning, is no different than the unite between a man and a woman and their kids.

The last important reason is the reproduce of the human, only the man or the woman itself can not produce for his/her offspring; but both need each other to produce the next generation. We can imagine the tragedy will happen in the earth if the human can not produce theirs offsprings to live in this world.

In conclusion, yin and yang always has to come together in keeping the balance or the order of the universe. So, the woman need to come together with man in keeping a normal or happy life as many people said that, “ The man is the half of the woman as well as the woman is the half of the man. Nobody can live with one half of body itself; both need each other to survive.”

Many people chose a single life or devoted their lives to higher causes or purposes as many priests or monks did for their calls. I respected that wise dedication. I only represent in here my point of view as a humble Hubpager, who need more opinions from other Hubpagers in the Hub community.



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    • profile image

      bimpe 6 years ago

      No anthony she won't, I'm independent and if tho its once a month i miss not having a man, even tho I'm fine without them, that one time is sufficient reason to NEED ur specie.

    • profile image

      Anthony 7 years ago

      This is crap. Women do not need men to survive. My wife would be fine without me. She is an independent and strong woman.