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Women Empowerment in India

Updated on December 21, 2015
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IRSHAD CV is an economics student. He likes to deal with Indian economy and related affairs.


"I am measuring the development of the society on the basis of achievements acquired by the women community" Dr. B.R . Ambedkar (founding father of Indian constitution)


India is one of the largest economies and one of the greatest democratic nations in the world. But generally, when we compare all the nations, India counted as a developing or a little bit developed country. India already achieved growth and maintaining it at a good rate. Indian economy considered within top 10 positions among other countries. But development is not achieved till now. It remains as a wide and distanced goal of India.

The ‘development’ refers to the various kind achievement like equality among caste, religion, gender, rural and city and along with good standard of living and the satisfying capacity of necessary needs like food, cloth, shelter etc.

Now, India is at the second position in terms of population. Apart of this, the number of women is more. So, the women empowerment is very essential, because of the existence of men domination and low literacy rate in women etc.

Why Women Empowerment

As mentioned above, Indian women community is one of the greatest women communities. The management of them will be more difficult. So, it is very difficult to achieve social, political, economical and other development of the nation without a developed women community. When we analyze those countries, they achieved development like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etc. we can observe that the equality between men and women in opportunity and in all other respects. That is they are enjoys gender equality. Generally in such developed countries women are educated, employed and also leading the society.

At the same time Indian society is entirely different, we can see the male domination in the society. Commonly they are facing constraints within a boundary and limits. And also it may leads to ensure the disparity between men and women. But it is not good for any nation since the women section should be empowered, then only India can overtake its challenges and by to achieve not only the growth but also the development of India.


The government of India conducts many programs for the purpose of empowering women. But in reality it is not easy to establish something in such a difficult and diversified community. Because India is a big country united with diversities like languages, religions, states etc. So, the women empowerment is a wide goal of India. Indian government is facing many barriers and obstacles to establish women empowerment throughout the country.

One of the most important challenges is that, many violence and crimes arising against women. Some reports saying very bad things. For example a report reveals that, in India a new crime arises against women in every seven minutes. To ensure the development of women, the government should take immense action against those persons who are conducts crimes and other illegal activities against women. Many other social evils are reporting about the crimes against women. Even in the 21st century female infanticide is increasing. It is not good. By this practice it establishes male domination and widens gender inequality between men and women.

Child marriage and dowry system can be seen in the country which sees women as like trade goods. These kinds of evils are the greatest evils existing in Indian society against women. It should be removed from the country to enhance the women empowerment. Another greatest challenge facing by the Indian women society is the law literacy rate compared to male literacy rate. Even many Doctors, Engineers, Researchers and other professional are woman, it is not in the case of rural area. When we take rural or very remote area, we can observe that the presence of many illiterate women. It led to pull down Indian women community to its backwardness.

How to Overtake these Challenges

Since women empowerment is very essential for all countries to achieve its development, the country should find out how these challenges to be solved. Women empowerment says about the empowerment of women community, there are many ways that can be followed to overtake these challenges or obstacles.

In the old era of India, women considered as a symbol of respects and they played a vital role in the society to build the golden culture of India. After the 17th century many women lead India. There is no doubt in the leadership quality of women. Traditionally they managed family and other matters, even in trade. The Indus Valley civilization was the best example of a developed women community. During such civilization era there were active of women participation in trade and other social activities.

There after many women leaders governed Indians like Sultana Raziya, Rani of Jhansi, Sarojini Naidu, the iron lady of India Indira Gandhi etc.

But, the important of women empowerment become very necessary in this fastest modernization era especially in developing and under developed countries. This is because such countries cannot build a developed society without the development of women community.

One of the important things can be do for women empowerment is to educate them, and giving awareness about their right especially among rural women. The parents have the prime duty to educate children. If any exception occurred the government should take immense and suitable actions to educate them. Education is the greatest and primary way to empower women society. Another way is that. Women participants or representatives in social economical, political field must be encouraged. Such kind of freedom to women section will lead them to achieve overall growth and development of women community. Reservation for women including in Lok Sabha, State Legislative Assembly, and other government posts etc. implemented by the government of India and some states is a good step to improve women quality. But it should work properly. For this education is very essential. Since the dependent women are considered as not empowered, they should in need of freedom. Then only they will improve and by the country also.


Women empowerment is one of the big issues facing by India like other challenges of poverty, unemployment, energy crisis etc. Indian women community is a big women section. So, they should be developed. Then only India can achieve and enjoy the honey of development. Now, Indian women society is developing with the overall development of the country. The latest census reported the women literacy rate is around 66%, at the same time it was in below 10% in 1951 census. It is a great achievement. But we are facing many challenges. So, the government of India should take strategic steps in women empowerment. Then only India can be a developed nation.


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    • icv profile image

      IRSHAD CV 2 years ago from India, Kerala

      Thanks EsJam for your valuable comments.....

      I agree with you that, women are facing many problems. Education can be used as a best tool to defeat the problems..

    • EsJam profile image

      Essie 2 years ago from Southern California

      Hello Icv,

      Your hub on this subject was captivating!

      I have read at a few autobiographical books written by women in your country, dealing with the human trafficking issue. It brought an awareness to me, not only in your country, but others, include my own.

      It is good to see the rise the significant strides in education for women since 1951!

      I like the way your presented your Hub! Thank you for such an informative article. I voted up! Also, I would very much like to thank you for joining me on HubPages!


    • icv profile image

      IRSHAD CV 3 years ago from India, Kerala

      Thanks pegCole17 for the comment. Latest cencus repots showing a adavanced figure than the previous data. But sti there exist so many problems... It will take time to improve the conditions of women since the country is passing to achieve development

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Hello Icv, It sounds like India is on the right track in educating women with the statistics you've shown. Improvement in the literacy rate from below 10 percent to 55 percent now is quite an accomplishment. If women make up around half of the population, then to ignore the talents and skills of these women is wasting half of the country's assets. Bravo to you for showcasing this effort and many hopes for better futures for all.

    • icv profile image

      IRSHAD CV 4 years ago from India, Kerala

      Thanks for reading. Our world can attain inclusive development only when women are treat better.

    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      icv, Your posting this Hub is very timely. The happening last year at Delhi and elsewhere in the country calls for more empowerment of women to find out solutions to the perpetual problems that women have been facing for long. Thanks for sharing your views. Voted up.